Digital Marketing

Reach consumers via email, display, and/or social media advertising.

Reach Consumers through Digital Channels

We can help you reach new prospects or existing customers through any combination of email, display, and/or social media advertising. Connecting with consumers through multiple channels can be a powerful way to build brand recognition and boost response and conversion rates. Our Digital experts make it easy by managing your campaign from start to finish.

Full Service Agency Approach

Based on your objectives and budget, our Digital experts will configure an individualized media plan to reach consumers at the right time through their preferred channels. Our full service solution includes all of these components:

  • Strategic planning
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Creative optimization (optional design services)
  • Landing page review
  • A/B testing
  • Campaign deployment
  • Campaign analysis and refinement
Our data-driven approach allows us to learn from each deployment and make refinements that help improve results over time.

Popular Packages

Here are some of our most popular campaign packages, custom packages based on your budget and goals are also available. Campaigns start at $995, contact us to learn more.

Package Base $995 Mid $1,995 Large $2,995 Plus $4,995
Email Impressions 15,000 35,000 60,000 100,000
Display/Social Impressions 60,000 105,000 180,000 300,000
Total Impressions 75,000 140,000 240,000 400,000
Base $995
Email Impressions15,000
Display/Social Impressions60,000
Total Impressions75,000
Mid $1,995
Email Impressions35,000
Display/Social Impressions105,000
Total Impressions140,000
Large $2,995
Email Impressions60,000
Display/Social Impressions180,000
Total Impressions240,000
Plus $4,995
Email Impressions100,000
Display/Social Impressions300,000
Total Impressions400,000

Contact us with a description of what you’d like to accomplish.
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