USADATA Expands SL360 Technology Infrastructure

USADATA, the leading provider of marketing data and technology in the cloud, announced today it has expanded its SL360 SaaS technology infrastructure to meet the rising customer demand for easy-to-use marketing and data services. USADATA’s SL360 product suite helps businesses reach new prospects via traditional and digital direct marketing channels, and gain valuable database insight, segmentation, and an expanded communication reach through data enhancement services.

Specifically, USADATA has increased its data center capacity for enhanced speed and performance, and built out a larger SaaS Onboarding team to facilitate product usage from day one. Those enhancements, combined with its current rapid development cycle driven by customer needs, are providing an immediate boost in transactions and are increasing expectations for 2017.

“We have the privilege of supporting businesses of all sizes and across all industries. The common theme we hear from clients is the desire for technology to make marketing easier to execute and to improve returns”, said Jon Rapkin, General Manager at USADATA. “Our expanded data center and onboarding team have quickly improved the SL360 user experience and generated a boost to our Q4 transactions, making a 50% growth goal for 2017 attainable,” Rapkin continued.

Client feedback has echoed this. “USADATA is providing us with quality data as we continue to reach new prospects every day. We love how user-friendly SL360 is and their Onboarding Team has exceeded our expectations. Everyone on my Marketing team is pleased,” commented Nancy Meyer Helfrich, Marketing Director at Typeworld Unlimited.

“I began using SL360 because of their high-quality data, but quickly became a repeat customer because of their user-friendly interface and fast and accurate file suppression services. My organization is frequently working on a tight timeline, and SL360 always helps us hit our deadlines, whether we’re using the application ourselves or receiving assistance from their highly responsive customer service team”, stated Gianna Constantine of HomeWorks Energy, Inc.

“We pride ourselves on providing the best combination of data, easy-to-use technology, and consultative support,” said Sally Hammell, SL360 Onboarding Manager at USADATA. “Our expanded Onboarding team will help provide customers with a more relevant user experience based on their individual goals, areas of interest, and industry”, added Hammell.

SL360 has simple workflows that help businesses of any size take advantage of data services previously reserved for Fortune 500 companies. Some of SL360’s most popular services include mailing lists, digital campaigns, data enhancement, and data hygiene processing. Businesses may visit to sign up for a free account, learn more about the product and its features, and to view a video demo.


USADATA provides direct marketing and data services through its easy-to-use SL360™ software-as-a-service technology and expert team of Data Specialists to help businesses find new customers and expand customer relationships more easily and cost effectively. USADATA’s SL360 technology is mobile-compatible with easy APIs that can connect to mobile apps and CRM applications like

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USADATA offers marketing and data services through easy-to-use SaaS technology products to help businesses execute marketing more efficiently and effectively.