Data-Driven Solutions for the Home Delivery Services Industry

We help home delivery services companies clean their databases and gain demographic and psychographic insights on their customers for deeper customer segmentation and optimal audience targeting.

What are the most common challenges in the Home Delivery Services industry?


Data Accuracy

Data accuracy sets the stage for good business decisions. Data is collected 24/7 through e-commerce transactions, request forms, registrations, and inbound calls and emails. This raw data needs to be refined in order to assure you are reaching customers in the best way possible.

Customer Understanding

Having a comprehensive understanding of your customers is key to achieving business goals. Prospective clients give contact information throughout the customer experience. What you do with that information is what matters. Sending the correct message through the correct medium is vital in making conversions.

Customer Acquisition

Learning who your best customers are is key to finding potential customers just like them. It is important to learn which sectors you have strong or weak market presence in and why your best customers are different from less active customers. This will allow you to have additional insight to market to them more effectively.

How to Combat Common Challenges in the Home Delivery Services Industry?

Save time and money by updating undeliverable addresses (postal and email) as well as flagging and consolidating duplicate records. This ensures you are sending offers to the correct postal and email addresses for more accurate deliveries.

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We can append demographic data to each record in your database to provide you with enhanced customer insight, greater segmentation, and the ability to more effectively communicate with each individual customer based on their household and life stage. We can furthermore append additional communication channels (i.e. email addresses, postal addresses) so you can reach current and prospective customers in more ways. For example, if you are looking to target vegetarians who have an interest in food home delivery, we have a selection for that!

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With applied analytics, we are able to deliver advanced marketing mix and propensity models to help maximize your marketing budget’s return on investment. We analyze your current database and overlay more than 3,000 data elements and provide:
  • Comprehensive reporting on their demographic and psychographic composition along with which categories they index higher
  • Lead scoring on the universe of available prospects to flag those with the highest propensity to purchase your services
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Our full service, data-driven process improves the performance of your campaign to help achieve goals and KPIs.

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