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We support more than 175 colleges and universities nationwide with data and digital services to boost enrollment and to more easily manage alumni databases.

What are the most common challenges in the education industry?

Data Accuracy

Data accuracy sets the stage for success. Data is collected 24/7 through e-commerce transactions, request forms, registrations, and inbound calls and emails. This raw data needs to be refined in order to assure you are reaching current and potential students in the best way possible.

Determining the Persona of Your Database

Having a comprehensive understanding of your database is key to boosting enrollment for your institution, programs, and events. Prospective students give contact information throughout the college search experience. What you do with that information is what matters. Sending the correct message through the correct medium is vital in making conversions.

Flagging Best Look-Alike Prospects

Learning who your students are is key to find potential students just like them. It is important to learn why your students are different from other institution’s students. This will allow you to have additional insight to market to them more effectively.

How to Combat Common Challenges in the Education Industry?

Education Institutions can save time and money by updating undeliverable addresses (postal and email) and flagging and consolidating duplicate records.

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Fill gaps in your database, provide greater segmentation, expand your communication reach, and deliver more relevant content. Education Institutions have the ability to gain valuable insight into their student database and pinpoint which students are most likely to pursue further education while being able to deliver more targeted products, offers, and other marketing messages to their database with greater success rates.

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With applied analytics, we are able to deliver advanced marketing mix and propensity models to help maximize your marketing budget's return on investment. We analyze your current student, program, and/or fan base, overlaying more than 3,000 data elements and provide:
  • Comprehensive reporting on their demographic and psychographic composition along with which categories they index higher
  • Lead scoring on the universe of available prospects to flag those with the highest propensity to enroll or purchase tickets
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We help universities boost enrollment (undergrad, graduate, continuing education, online), sports and event attendance, and for other programs by connecting you with your best audience through the right combination of:
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Display
  • Direct Mail
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