How One College Saved Thousands Cleaning Their Data

When planning and promoting an event via direct-mail, the mailing list is just as important as the campaign message. Duplicate or outdated contact information means more undeliverable mail, and wasted marketing dollars!

USADATA, a data and digital marketing company, recently worked with a private liberal arts college to promote its campus theater’s upcoming season.

The school provided both a brochure and an internal mailing list for a direct-mail marketing campaign. USADATA suggested running the college’s mailing list first through its suite of data hygiene services to ensure maximum deliverability for the campaign. The college could never have predicted the results.


The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Out of 78,438 total records…
    • 19,603 were duplicates
      (25% of the entire database)
    • 9,027 had moved to a new address
      (11.5% of the entire database)

After the file underwent a round of deduplication, the remaining records were run through NCOA (National Change of Address) processing. At this point, USADATA found that out of the 70,000+ contact names and addresses on the college’s file, over 30% of the file consisted of duplicate or outdated addresses!

Considering the amount this college was prepared to spend on the postage and printing to mail their brochures, tens of thousands of marketing dollars were saved that can now be allocated elsewhere.

When planning your next direct mail campaign, do yourself a favor and make sure your data is fresh!

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