How a Non-Profit Used Data to Boost Donations by 200%

When it comes to fundraising, researching qualified donors and building awareness is a top priority.

USADATA, a data and digital marketing company, recently worked with a private liberal arts college to promote its campus theater’s upcoming season.

Here’s how we did it step by step:

  1. We cleaned the postal addresses in the organization’s donor file to help them save money on undeliverable mail.
  2. Email addresses were appended to current donors through a permission-based process so the non-profit had an expanded, cost-effective channel for communicating with donors.
  3. We overlayed more than 350 demographic and psychographic categories of data to each individual in their donor file to determine which characteristics their donors were more likely to have compared to all adults in their territory.
  4. We scored the universe of available prospects based on those characteristics.
  5. We executed a multi-channel marketing campaign using a combination of direct mail and email to reach their highest scored prospects and current donors.

The success of this program was unmistakably the result of USADATA’s scientific, data-driven approach combining data, analytical, and multi-channel marketing best practices.

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