Match & Deploy

Matching Your Data with Ours

Match and Deploy campaigns enrich existing postal and email data by matching it with our rich consumer database through our Marketing Automation Technology.

We take postal addresses provided by our clients and match them against our extensive online database of postal addresses, verified email addresses and mobile device IDs to build accurate lists of targetable prospects.

Match And Deploy For Email Only

We deliver to the most relevant consumer segments – all at verified email addresses. Through this process, we typically see a delivered percentage of 97% or more.

Our dedicated email deliverability team and industry-leading technology work together to send your email campaign with the highest inbox rate possible.

Match And Deploy For Display Only

We deterministically link rich consumer data with unique mobile device IDs to have a comprehensive understanding of your target audience.

This way, we can target personalized ads directly to their fingertips. By delivering ads to where the consumer is engaging most, we increase campaign impressions and conversion rates.

Match And Deploy For Email And Display

By enhancing existing postal data with our extensive database of verified emails and mobile warehouse of over 400 million device IDs, we match and deploy hyper-targeted campaigns for both email and display.

In addition to delivering an email campaign, we provide full-service display campaigns to reach the same consumer on every channel, including desktop, mobile, social, native and video.

Analyze The Results

We monitor that the campaign is effectively delivered. By tracking the email campaign in terms of open, click-through and conversion rates to continuously drive campaign success.

Focus your dollars on the right audience, best email delivery, full-service display campaigns and superior customer reach the same consumer on every channel, including desktop, mobile, social, native and video.

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