7 Smart Email Marketing Tips

Ready to try email marketing? Following some best practices, email marketing can be a great way to gain brand recognition, improve conversion rates, land new customers, and grow your marketing return on investment.

However, it’s is not as simple as sending a message and getting the click-through. Like any marketing initiative, your email campaign must be thought out, tested, tracked and tweaked. If you’re new to email marketing, here are seven of the best tips and tricks that will shorten your learning curve and help you see success – faster.

7 Smart Email Marketing Tips — Learn seven email marketing tips to target, optimize and execute campaigns effectively.

1 – Get to know your email marketing provider.

An Email Marketing provider will offer solutions to help you acquire new customers and increase incremental business. They should have the expertise to help increase the overall effectiveness of your campaigns. Before you work with a new provider, take the time to learn about their process, and how much hands-on help they’ll provide. Three questions you’ll want to ask are:

What is your process for gathering opted-in prospect addresses and what options are available for me to target the exact audience I need?

Are your lists double opt-in? Double opt-in email mailing lists means that prospects have not only have opted in to receive email offers, but that they’ve also confirmed this to be true. This helps keeps your email out of their spam filter and front and center in their email inbox.

Can you help me optimize all elements of my campaign to make it more effective, or is there an additional charge for support?

2 – Can your email message pass the spam-filter test?

You may think that you’ve written a fantastic promotional email message. But beware – certain keywords may sink your email deep into a spam filter. Your creative and structural elements also need to be optimized to account for best practices to improve deliverability of your message. Consider working with an email marketing provider who offers email diagnostic services. You’ll instantly learn what’s wrong with your message, and have a consultant at the ready to help you make it nearly spam-filter free.

3 – Make taking action a snap.

People won’t wait for a slow-loading email to open or hunt for how to take action. When someone opens your email, you have a quick moment to grab their attention and not let go. Make sure your email loads quickly, that your creative and messaging matches your product or offering, and that you tell your recipient exactly what action you want them to take.

4 – Change is good.

Think your last email campaign was successful? Imagine seeing a jump in click-through rates – simply by making a minor change. Tweaking a subject line or layout can transform your conversion rates from so-so into spectacular. Test different versions of your creative, change the message, offer or imagery, and check your metrics. Learning what resonates with your target audience means that every new email you send is more likely to meet customer needs – and you’ll see the conversions you crave.

5 – Know that in email marketing, three times is a charm.

You may want your readers to immediately jump on your message the first time you send it. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. Similar to radio advertising, it takes some additional email nudging to help people get to know you, understand your business, and respond. Sending your email three or more times enhances your chances for success. Remember that although a customer may not have taken action on an email, it does not necessarily mean the message had no impact. You have the opportunity to present your message in a prospect’s inbox with their undivided attention which is a powerful branding opportunity.

6 – Use direct mail to supplement your email marketing campaign.

Why put all your promotional eggs into an email marketing basket. One often-overlooked email marketing tip is the use of multi-channel promotions (like email coupled with direct mail) to improve your response rates. A one-two email and direct mail punch approach not only reinforces your message – it also shows your desire to win that person’s business.

7 – Pay close attention to your landing page.

Are you sending qualified prospects to a lead generation form full of fields asking for excessive personal information? Or sending them to your homepage where they’re faced with excessive copy and lots of unrelated choices? We would advise against this. You want to make it easy for your readers to take action – not stop them in their tracks. Here are some things to check:

Have you included a clear and concise call to action (buy a product, download a white paper, or contact you for information)?

  • Is the landing page customized for the email message?
  • Does your landing page reinforce your offer?
  • Is there “too much” copy that your readers have to wade through?

Implementing a new email marketing campaign is a powerful step towards gaining new customers and increasing your sales. If you follow the tried-and-true email marketing tips and tricks, you’ll see increased click-through rates and enjoy faster overall success.

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