Enrich your Customer Data

How often do you refresh your customer data?

Companies without data quality initiatives in place typically see duplicate rates between 10%-30% and are limited in how they can segment customers and communicate with them. We can help!


  • Data Enhancement / Data Append

  • Data Hygiene (e.g. Address Correction)

  • Deduplication / Record Consolidation (via Unique ID)


We offer more than 3,000 categories of data including demographics, interests, brand preferences, unique IDs, and more!


  • Add greater segmentation to a CRM database

  • Communicate more effectively with customers around their interests and life stage

  • Consolidate duplicate records

  • Gain customer insight or create customer profiles

  • Open additional communication channels

  • Fill in database gaps

Clients can enrich their data in the following ways

  • Automatically through easy APIs or Secure FTP

  • Self-Serve on demand with an SL360 account

  • Full service with the help of our expert team

Exceptional Outcomes

A large Sports Franchise uses our Lifestyle and Interests Data to better understand their fanbase and target sponsors

A nationwide footwear retailer appends a unique ID to individuals to identify and consolidate duplicates records

A financial services company appends demographics to analyze their current audience and better target new prospects

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View a free report that shows the accuracy of your audience's data compared to industry norms and the potential cost savings and revenue boost you can expect by refreshing your data.

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