Data-Driven Marketing in the Retail Industry

We help retail companies clean their databases and gain demographic and psychographic insights on their customers creating a better customer experience and optimal audience targeting.

What Are the Most Common Challenges in the Retail Industry Today?


Data Accuracy

Retail companies collect raw customer data 24/7 through several mediums including online forms, mobile apps, POS systems, and social media. Customer data that is incorrect, incomplete, or has duplicate records will prevent retail companies from providing the best possible customer experience and can lead to a loss in business credibility, productivity, and efficiency.

Complete Customer Understanding

Understanding your customers is key to providing them with a memorable customer experience resulting in strong customer relationships and new sales through positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Performing data enhancement on your current customer database allows you to gain new insights on your customers, enabling more relevant marketing and loyalty programs to present timely and relevant offers.

Customer Acquisition

Learning more about the demographic and psychographic composition of your customers allows you to provide them with a better experience and find more prospects just like them. It is important to know which sectors you have a strong or weak market presence in and why your best customers are different from less active customers. With the knowledge of the attributes your best customers possess you will be able to better target and market to prospective clients.

How to Combat Common Challenges in the Retail Industry?

Save time and money by updating undeliverable addresses (postal and email) as well as flagging and consolidating duplicate records.

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Fill gaps in your database, provide greater segmentation, expand your communication reach, and deliver more relevant content. Retail companies can gain valuable insight into their customers while delivering more targeted products, offers, and other marketing messages to their customers with greater success rates.

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With applied analytics, we can deliver advanced marketing mix and propensity models to help maximize your marketing budget's return on investment. We analyze your current database and overlay more than 3,000 data elements and provide:
  • Comprehensive reporting on customers demographic and psychographic composition along with which categories they index higher
  • Lead scoring on the universe of available prospects to flag those with the highest propensity to use your products
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Our full service, data-driven process improves the performance of your campaign to help achieve goals and KPIs.

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