Data-Driven Marketing Campaign Nets $100K

A digital finance company with an innovative financial product that’s an alternative to payday loans, turned to USADATA to help them fast-tracked their customer acquisition.

Using a data-driven approach, we were able to identify individuals with the highest likelihood of using their product. How did we pull this off? Let’s take a closer look.
  • First we analyzed their current customers by overlaying more than 350 categories of data to their existing customer base.
  • Next we determined which characteristics were most predictive in finding new customers.
  • From there, we scored the universe of prospects and chose the ___ with the highest likelihood to purchase for a direct mail campaign.

The results were astounding!

  • 2.3% response rate
  • 138 applications submitted with a 75% approval rate
  • $130,00 net profit

This case study is not unique – everyday USADATA assists companies facing this challenge. Don’t waste your time and money contacting people that aren’t cut out for your products and services.

USADATA’s strategic combination of data analysis, enhancement, and targeting is the best way to reach your next best customers.

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