USADATA Helps DSO Accelerate Patient Acquisition

January 13, 2021


A leading DSO needed to improve the Return on Investment (ROI) of new patient acquisition for hundreds of dental practices in its network. The DSO had not yet not taken advantage of proven digital media such as email, social and programmatic display. Each of the hundreds of campaigns would require local practice-specific branding.


USADATA developed a series of scalable solutions to meet the DSO’s requirements for offering multi-channel digital marketing campaigns customize for each local practice. Our BluFalcon platform was deployed to facilitate optimized campaign selection and attribution reporting for each practice. The logos and images of each practice were collected and used as input to proprietary “asset merge” technology which automatically creates all the ad sizes and email templates. An aggressive plan was implemented to test, analyze, and optimize new options based on patient demographics, proximity to practice, the impact of different offers, dentist photos and animated ads.


Results surpassed all expectations. After an initial pilot period, USADATA rolled out the BluFalcon platform across the entire organization. Over the course of the next 6 months, as more options were tested and analyzed, the ROI increased by more than 2x and the cost per new patient appointment decreased by 64%. In a 9-month period in 2021, about 17,000 new patient appointments were generated.

53 new patients

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