5 Data-Driven Recommendations for these Uncertain Times

1. Get a Free Data Diagnostic

The Data Diagnostic is a free report that shows the accuracy of your existing postal, phone and email data compared to industry norms. It furthermore shows the potential cost savings and revenue you can expect by refreshing your data. This is a great starting point for determining a course of action for cleaning and enhancing your customer data.

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2. Enhance your Customer Data

Append demographics, interests, and consumer behavior data to your customer database for greater segmentation and the ability to more effectively communicate with your customers on a one-to-one basis. We can also append additional contact information (email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers) to your customer data so you have more channels to communicate with them.

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3. Clean your Customer Data

Throughout the year people change jobs, names, and homes which results in millions of changes in consumer information. Refreshing your customer database will help you save money by avoiding undeliverable and duplicate records. We can update your customer data with the most current contact information and help you preserve consumer privacy by flagging underage, deceased, and records appearing on various Do Not Contact files.

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4. Identify your Best Audience Personas

We offer a series of reports that deliver a comprehensive demographic and psychographic profile of your best customers and reveal which characteristics they’re more likely to have relative to all adults in your territory. With this analysis we’re able to score the universe of prospects available, share how many are available in any area, and (when the time is right) help you connect with them through any combination of mail, email, social media, and display ads.

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5. Automate the Enrichment of your Customer Data

As your business captures data through website forms, e-commerce transactions, email, or incoming phone calls, wouldn’t marketing to that individual be more effective if you knew more about them and their household? Of course. Using easy APIs or batch processing, we can verify, clean, and/or enhance your customer data instantly for more effective communication and selling.

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