5 Tips for Creating Compelling B2B Direct Mail Campaigns

Business mailing lists offer a powerful way to reach prospective clients and generate sales leads. In fact, according to a study by Marketing Charts, 78% of executives and marketers claim that integrated, branded, and personalized direct mail is a highly effective channel. If you haven’t tried direct mail, why not give it a try?

Here are five tips for creating effective B2B direct mail pieces that generate powerful sales leads:

1 Choose the right list
Chances are you already have a robust in-house business mailing list comprised of current clients and past prospects. Think that mailing to your in-house database isn’t effective? Think again! Typically, a mail list of customers and prospects who know you and have previously responded to your advertisements will generate double the response of an outside list.
Before mailing, consider working with a business mailing list company that can help “clean” your list (providing you the most up-to-date addresses.) This will help you improve your campaign ROI, reduce your undeliverable mail rate, saving you money. You should also determine if it makes sense to supplement your in-house database with a business mailing list of new potential clients. A mailing list company can review your requirements, help you choose the right business mailing list, and exclude the businesses you already have in your house file.

2 Get past the mailroom
Even the best business mailing list can only go so far. A direct mail piece only has the potential to generate business if it’s seen by decision-makers. Like email spam filters, many corporate mailrooms weed out “junk mail,” keeping unsolicited mail from cluttering the inboxes of executives. To get your direct mail piece past the mailroom shredder and onto the decision maker’s desk, use these simple steps:

  • Address to a specific person, not just a job title.
  • Use a standard size envelope, when feasible, and avoid the use of peel and stick labels to give an appearance of personal correspondence.
  • Include language like “Requested Information Enclosed” so it looks like the addressee is expecting it.
  • Use a postage stamp instead of bulk rate or metered markings.

3 One size does not fit all – personalize your message
Wondering if you can send the same direct mail message out to everyone on your list? Probably not a good idea. Past customers won’t need the same message or pitch as potential clients who have never dealt with your company. Plus, companies in different verticals may have different concerns and needs. For optimal response, personalize your marketing message to its intended audience. Yes, this may require various versions of the same direct mail campaign. Yes, that may seem overwhelming. However, segmenting your messaging by specific audiences is worth the time and investment. The more relevant the message is for your intended audience, the better your response rate.

4 Talk in terms of customer interests
Your product or service may have the latest technology with the most comprehensive suite of features and functions. Don’t fall into the common trap of listing every selling point; what resonates with you may not be what resonates with your prospect. What’s most important to your prospect isn’t your product or service; it’s how that product or service improves their life.
Talk in terms of their interests to generate a higher response rate.

5 Make it easy for prospects to contact you
Ever receive a direct mail piece that didn’t include a URL or phone number? It may sound like a “no brainer,” but many companies fail to provide complete contact information. Make sure to include your phone number, URL, and email address. And if people contact you, please make sure you get back to them right away. Many direct mail marketing sales leads have been lost because the company forgot to follow up.

Cultivating B2B leads through direct mail can accelerate the growth of your business. You’re able to easily keep in touch with current clients, as well as prospects. The process of purchasing a business mailing list and writing direct mail copy may seem daunting at first. However, once you’ve mastered the basics — and you’ve found a targeted business mailing list — you’ll find that the long-term revenue benefits are worth it.

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