Theater Company Generated 80 Direct Sales Using Multi-Channel Campaign

April 25, 2019


Theatre Company, a professional performing arts theatre organization, was looking to engage audiences and increase ticket sales for their play, Fiddler on the Roof.
To achieve their goals, the theatre company turned to our full-service marketing solutions for help.


We utilized our rich database of offline, online, and mobile data to customize a hyper-local target audience for the theatre company. The custom audience included individuals located in two major Alabama counties with an expressed interest in theatre and performing arts. Then, we delivered a multi-channel campaign to reach the targeted individuals across the media platforms they frequent most – email, mobile and desktop – with personalized offers for discounted Fiddler on the Roof tickets.


Post-campaign, we ran a match back analysis to measure our performance. The point-of-sale data showed that there were 80 direct sales (16 email matches and 64 postal matches) from our multi-channel campaign efforts.

With powerful, hyper-targeted audiences and optimized multi-channel campaign delivery, theatre company was able to drive brand awareness and increase show ticket sales.

Broadway dancers 80 direct sales

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