The Printer Inc.

December 5, 2018

The Business Challenge

When the Iowa‐based print company The Printer, Inc. (TPI) was searching for a new data provider, it had specific business needs. As an IT‐centric print company that provides hybrid (conventional and digital) print solutions for relational database‐driven marketing programs, TPI needed a strong partner with sophisticated online tools that were powerful, easy‐to‐use, and reliable. They were working with an important client — a major satellite TV provider that offers both business‐to‐business services and business-to-consumer services — who was creating high‐volume marketing communications campaigns throughout the country. Knowing the stakes were high, they had to choose wisely.

Dave Rittman, VP of Sales for The Printer, Inc. (TPI) determined that there were few providers that could handle that kind of volume. After a successful initial contact, Rittman was confident that USADATA was the one, and USADATA won the business thanks to its online data portal, the Leads Platform. Jon Rapkin, SVP, USADATA explains, “The Leads Platform is a standalone, turnkey option for organizations wanting to offer their clients or users the ability to order mailing lists and sales leads through a site with their branding. It’s a no‐maintenance solution, hosted and maintained by USADATA.” These capabilities proved to be answer for Rittman and TPI. Rittman says, “The [Leads Platform] was absolutely critical to our relationship. Our previous supplier was just less versatile in providing that solution or interface for us. They couldn’t supply the tools, the technology or the data.”

Experiencing USADATA

Working with the Leads Platform ‐‐ which has proved to be easy‐to‐use, convenient, and incredibly versatile for TPI ‐‐ meant, above all, that the printer, and its top client, would access reliable, quality data. They were able to choose their lists to meet specific demographic and geographic criteria. They were able to target variable data content to customer profiles at a 1:1 level. And they were able to pick available households whose budgets would afford the satellite TV provider’s specific products and services. Rittman was impressed, “The database is good, and after using USADATA, I trust that they’re going to do their homework as far as what data compiler they’re going to align themselves with. I can offer their data to my clients with confidence, and I trust that they’ll keep my business interests at heart.”

And while the web portal served TPI’s daily needs, Rittman was happy that his new data partner also offered a dependable human behind the scenes. He praises his USADATA Account Director saying, “It’s imperative to have access to Mike on the phone. He knows the business; he’s open and honest; he’s a good partner and is very responsive. We talk to him a couple of times a month, maybe, when we have a special requirement.” Mike Francois, Account Director, is just one of a full staff of Data Specialists and Account Directors who can assist clients and recommend the right mix of databases and filters that best serve the needs and goals of the user.


Now, almost two years after TPI found USADATA, the printer has pulled over 4.2 million sales leads from the Leads Platform for over 50 national marketing campaigns. It has extended access through the web portal to over 4,000 TV satellite dealers throughout the country, who access the system with a secure login and can manage and execute specific campaigns in their local districts. And while TPI initially pursued the relationship specifically for their satellite TV client, it now utilizes it for approximately 20 clients in total, primarily in the gaming industry.

Rittman says, “It’s a quality resource that eliminates intermediary requirements and is cost‐effective.” In an uneasy economy, such cost‐efficiency is the bottom line for TPI and for its clients. The Platform has minimized TPI’s administrative cost for exchanging information [manually] with USADATA, has dropped its cost‐per‐piece, and has allowed TPI to maintain its clients and grow its client base. Rittman is grateful saying, “Had it not been for the web portal tool, we would not have been able to maintain that book of business. What I’m finding is that most of the major list houses will boast about their online solutions. But USADATA’s is by far the standout.”

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