Multi-Screen Targeting Provides Significant Conversion Lift Over Stand-Alone Channels

December 5, 2018

A leading multinational consumer products company has worked with USADATA on a number of email campaigns. When USADATA suggested running an integrated multi-channel campaign, the client suggested that a test be run before altering its marketing plan and budgets. USADATA ran a test over the course of 4 weeks, targeting 1 million individuals with email and mobile display messaging.

Stand-Alone Multi-Channel Lift
Display .24% CTR .41% CTR 70%
Email .82% CTR 1.02% CTR 24%


Stand-Alone Multi-Channel Lift
Display 173 260 50%
Email 197 238 21%


The audience was divided into thirds, with one-third receiving only email messages, one-third receiving only mobile display messages and one-third receiving both email and mobile display messaging. In each of the 4 weeks, a new offer and creative were applied, but each audience segment remained consistent. The audience that was messaged with the integrated approach was far more reactive than the others. Significant lift was seen on email and display click-through rates, as well as overall campaign conversions.

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