SIC Codes: stuvwxyz

SIC Code Industry
23990204*Saddle cloth
24999912*Saddle trees, wood
79991205*Saddlehorse rental
59419907*Saddlery and equestrian equipment
34299912*Saddlery hardware
31110104*Saddlery leather
76990907*Saddlery repair shop
37519904*Saddles and seat posts, motorcycle and bicycle
31990105*Saddles or parts
34990107*Safe deposit boxes or chests, metal
60999909*Safe deposit companies
42120402*Safe moving, local
17999938*Safe or vault installation
34990108*Safes and vaults, metal
173104*Safety and security specialization
17310400*Safety and security specialization
31990305*Safety belts, leather
50849912*Safety equipment
50990300*Safety equipment and supplies
509903*Safety equipment and supplies
32310405*Safety glass: made from purchased glass
72180205*Safety glove supply
73890210*Safety inspection service
39650203*Safety pins
87339903*Safety research, noncommercial
59990103*Safety supplies and equipment
50630214*Safety switches
87489909*Safety training service
01190302*Safflower farm
20769907*Safflower oil
22111113*Sail cloth
79991410*Sailboard rental
55510300*Sailboats and equipment
555103*Sailboats and equipment
55510301*Sailboats, auxiliary (powered)
37320209*Sailboats, building and repairing
55510302*Sailboats, unpowered
79991115*Sailing instruction
37310108*Sailing vessels, commercial: building and repairing
55510303*Sails and equipment
23949904*Sails: made from purchased materials
28120104*Sal soda (washing soda), sodium carbonate (hydrated)
51490307*Salad dressing
20460206*Salad oil, corn
20799908*Salad oils, except corn: vegetable refined
20990705*Salads, fresh or refrigerated
34339903*Salamanders, gas or distillate oil burning
87420305*Sales (including sales management) consultant
51129908*Sales and receipt books
59999922*Sales barn
87439904*Sales promotion
28330106*Salicylic acid derivatives
38299915*Salinity indicators, except industrial process type
09129910*Salmon, catching of
20910329*Salmon, cured, nsk
20910330*Salmon, dried
20910331*Salmon, pickled
20910332*Salmon, salted
20910333*Salmon, smoked
20910334*Salmon: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
14790303*Salt (common) mining
14790300*Salt and sulfur mining
147903*Salt and sulfur mining
51490308*Salt, edible
2068*Salted and Roasted Nuts and Seeds
206800*Salted and roasted nuts and seeds
20680000*Salted and roasted nuts and seeds
20689900*Salted and roasted nuts and seeds, nec
206899*Salted and roasted nuts and seeds, nec
20529914*Saltine crackers
51691106*Salts, industrial
73899945*Salvaging of damaged merchandise, service only
44990103*Salvaging, distressed vessels and cargoes
27829904*Sample books
31619906*Sample cases
38290510*Sample changers, nuclear radiation
73190203*Sample distribution
38210122*Sample preparation apparatus
52110506*Sand and gravel
131103*Sand and shale oil mining
13110300*Sand and shale oil mining
34710208*Sand blasting of metal parts
329902*Sand lime products
32990200*Sand lime products
14420100*Sand mining
144201*Sand mining
35999915*Sand riddles (hand sifting or screening apparatus)
50329907*Sand, construction
31490102*Sandals, except rubber or plastic: children's
31439904*Sandals, men's
30210203*Sandals, rubber
31449904*Sandals, women's
35899907*Sandblasting equipment
17990504*Sandblasting of building exteriors
35469905*Sanders, hand: electric
37149907*Sanders, motor vehicle safety
35539912*Sanding machines, except portable floor sanders: woodworking
35549908*Sandpaper manufacturing machines
14299911*Sandstone, crushed and broken-quarrying
14119908*Sandstone, dimension-quarrying
59620102*Sandwich and hot food vending machines
51499910*Sandwich supplies
36340116*Sandwich toasters and grills, electric: household
58120313*Sandwiches and submarines shop
20990706*Sandwiches, assembled and packaged: for wholesale market
96319908*Sanitary district: nonoperating, government
95110201*Sanitary engineering agency, government
87110100*Sanitary engineers
871101*Sanitary engineers
26560000*Sanitary food containers
51130307*Sanitary food containers
2656*Sanitary Food Containers
265600*Sanitary food containers
49530302*Sanitary landfill operation
2676*Sanitary Paper Products
267600*Sanitary paper products
26760000*Sanitary paper products
4959*Sanitary Services, Nec
495900*Sanitary services, nec
49590000*Sanitary services, nec
49599900*Sanitary services, nec, nec
495999*Sanitary services, nec, nec
26210106*Sanitary tissue paper
50749901*Sanitary ware, china or enameled iron
50749902*Sanitary ware, metal
51690402*Sanitation preparations
28420404*Sanitation preparations
28420400*Sanitation preparations, disinfectants and deodorants
284204*Sanitation preparations, disinfectants and deodorants
14990108*Sapphire mining
22210410*Saran broadwoven fabrics
28249913*Saran fibers
22820207*Saran filament yarn: throwing, twisting, winding, etc.
22810210*Saran yarn, spun: made from purchased staple
20770206*Sardine oil
20910335*Sardines: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
34959902*Sash balances, spring
34420102*Sash, door or window: metal
52110205*Sash, wood or metal
22111214*Sateens, cotton
48999905*Satellite earth stations
48419905*Satellite master antenna systems services (SMATV)
36639909*Satellites, communications
36129902*Saturable reactors
26210912*Saturated felts
20990500*Sauce, gravy, dressing, and dip mixes
209905*Sauce, gravy, dressing, and dip mixes
30890215*Saucers, plastics
20990504*Sauces: dry mixes
20350209*Sauerkraut, bulk
20330404*Sauerkraut: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
59991202*Sauna equipment and supplies
36340313*Sauna heaters, electric
50740211*Sauna heaters, except electric
24529907*Sauna rooms, prefabricated, wood
51499908*Sausage casings
20130303*Sausage casings, natural
35560504*Sausage stuffers
20150906*Sausage, poultry
20130000*Sausages and other prepared meats
2013*Sausages and Other Prepared Meats
201300*Sausages and other prepared meats
201399*Sausages and other prepared meats, nec
20139900*Sausages and other prepared meats, nec
20130300*Sausages and related products, from purchased meat
201303*Sausages and related products, from purchased meat
20119907*Sausages, from meat slaughtered on site
20130304*Sausages, from purchased meat
6036*Savings Institutions, Except Federal
603600*Savings institutions, except federal
603699*Savings institutions, except federal, nec
50720302*Saw blades
3425*Saw Blades and Handsaws
342500*Saw blades and handsaws
34250000*Saw blades and handsaws
34259900*Saw blades and handsaws, nec
342599*Saw blades and handsaws, nec
34259901*Saw blades, chain type
34259902*Saw blades, for hand or power saws
24110304*Saw logs
24210202*Sawdust and shavings
24991304*Sawdust, reground
24210200*Sawdust, shavings, and wood chips
242102*Sawdust, shavings, and wood chips
35410602*Sawing and cutoff machines (metalworking machinery)
50840304*Sawmill machinery and equipment
35539913*Sawmill machines
2421*Sawmills and Planing Mills, General
242100*Sawmills and planing mills, general
24210000*Sawmills and planing mills, general
24219900*Sawmills and planing mills, general, nec
242199*Sawmills and planing mills, general, nec
354602*Saws and sawing equipment
35460200*Saws and sawing equipment
35410600*Saws and sawing machines
354106*Saws and sawing machines
34259903*Saws, hand: metalworking or woodworking
35460202*Saws, portable and handheld: power driven
35410603*Saws, power (metalworking machinery)
35539914*Saws, power: bench and table, except portable: woodworking
38410416*Saws, surgical
39310309*Saxophones and parts
34469902*Scaffolds, mobile or stationary: metal
24991604*Scaffolds, wood
76991812*Scale repair service
38290511*Scalers, nuclear radiation
35960000*Scales and balances, except laboratory
3596*Scales and Balances, Except Laboratory
359600*Scales and balances, except laboratory
359699*Scales and balances, except laboratory, nec
35969900*Scales and balances, except laboratory, nec
50469907*Scales, except laboratory
35450108*Scales, measuring (machinists' precision tools)
23950307*Scalloping: for the trade
72990104*Scalp treatment service
35539915*Scarfing machines, woodworking
35310510*Scarifiers, road
22530204*Scarves and mufflers, knit
23390104*Scarves, hoods, headbands, etc.: women's
51360106*Scarves, men's and boys'
51370411*Scarves, women's and children's
23920404*Scarves: table, dresser, etc.: from purchased materials
22730506*Scatter rugs, except rubber or plastic
79220602*Scenery design, theatrical
79220502*Scenery rental, theatrical
79991509*Scenic railroads for amusement
275909*Schedule, ticket, and tag printing and engraving
27590900*Schedule, ticket, and tag printing and engraving
27549915*Schedules, transportation: gravure printing
27520701*Schedules, transportation: lithographed
27590901*Schedules, transportation: printing, nsk
10610401*Scheelite mining
23970000*Schiffli machine embroideries
2397*Schiffli Machine Embroideries
239700*Schiffli machine embroideries
82119905*School board
15420406*School building construction
4151*School Buses
415100*School buses
41510000*School buses
50210109*School desks
82110401*School for physically handicapped, nec
82110402*School for retarded, nec
253101*School furniture
25310100*School furniture
50499906*School supplies
59439903*School supplies
87420409*School, college, university consultant
8299*Schools and Educational Services
829900*Schools and educational services, nec
82990000*Schools and educational services, nec
82999900*Schools and educational services, nec, nec
829999*Schools and educational services, nec, nec
36740106*Schottky diodes
39440316*Science kits: microscopes, chemistry sets, etc.
50490100*Scientific and engineering equipment and supplies
504901*Scientific and engineering equipment and supplies
32310502*Scientific and technical glassware: from purchased glass
89990900*Scientific consulting
899909*Scientific consulting
76990800*Scientific equipment repair service
769908*Scientific equipment repair service
32290600*Scientific glassware
322906*Scientific glassware
50490106*Scientific instruments
86219907*Scientific membership association
50490107*Scientific recording equipment
87339904*Scientific research agency
38299916*Scintillation detectors
36340510*Scissors, electric
34210203*Scissors, hand
34210200*Scissors, shears, clippers, snips, and similar tools
342102*Scissors, shears, clippers, snips, and similar tools
39490210*Scoops, crab and fish
24999913*Scoops, wood
39440106*Scooters, children's
39930102*Scoreboards, electric
14999916*Scoria mining
20859907*Scotch whiskey
32910100*Scouring abrasive materials
329101*Scouring abrasive materials
229906*Scouring and carbonizing of textile fibers
22990600*Scouring and carbonizing of textile fibers
28419904*Scouring compounds
35590203*Scouring machines (tannery equipment)
22990604*Scouring: wool, mohair, and similar fibers
37110304*Scout cars (motor vehicles), assembly of
37310109*Scows, building and repairing
50930000*Scrap and waste materials
5093*Scrap and Waste Materials
509300*Scrap and waste materials
509399*Scrap and waste materials, nec
50939900*Scrap and waste materials, nec
73891902*Scrap steel cutting
27820200*Scrapbooks, albums, and diaries
278202*Scrapbooks, albums, and diaries
35320408*Scraper loaders, underground
35310511*Scrapers (construction machinery)
35310500*Scrapers, graders, rollers, and similar equipment
353105*Scrapers, graders, rollers, and similar equipment
20139914*Scrapple, from purchased meat
35310415*Screeds and screeding machines
344203*Screen and storm doors and windows
34420300*Screen and storm doors and windows
34420301*Screen doors, metal
34480106*Screen enclosures
27590603*Screen printing
22610103*Screen printing of cotton broadwoven fabrics
23960402*Screen printing on fabric articles
22620106*Screen printing: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics
28939905*Screen process ink
35310707*Screeners, portable
35320306*Screeners, stationary
17999933*Screening contractor: window, door, etc.
35599926*Screening equipment, electric
50840909*Screening machinery and equipment
12310102*Screening plants, anthracite
34960111*Screening, woven wire: made from purchased wire
52110206*Screens, door and window
25119907*Screens, privacy: wood
38619904*Screens, projection
39539906*Screens, textile printing
34420302*Screens, window, metal
35410502*Screw and nut slotting machines
35410500*Screw and thread machines
354105*Screw and thread machines
35499905*Screw downs and boxes
34239923*Screw drivers, pliers, chisels, etc. (hand tools)
35499906*Screw driving machines
34529906*Screw eyes and hooks
34510000*Screw machine products
3451*Screw Machine Products
345100*Screw machine products
35410503*Screw machines, automatic
34529907*Screws, metal
22110813*Scrim, cotton
34439913*Scroll casings
22119921*Scrub cloths
36449904*Scrubbers for CATV systems
79991116*Scuba and skin diving instruction
89990103*Sculptor's studio
14990406*Scythestone quarrying
32910704*Scythstones, artificial
09129911*Sea herring, catching of
09199904*Sea urchins, catching of
20920204*Seafood cakes, frozen
54210102*Seafood markets
20919904*Seafood products: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
581207*Seafood restaurants
58120700*Seafood restaurants
58120702*Seafood shack
20929906*Seafoods, fresh: prepared
20929907*Seafoods, frozen: prepared
09199905*Seal hunting
39530106*Seal presses, notary and hand
36410212*Sealed low-pressure gas lights
28910103*Sealing compounds for pipe threads or joints
28910104*Sealing compounds, synthetic rubber or plastic
22950303*Sealing or insulating tape for pipe: coated fiberglass
28910105*Sealing wax
50851002*Seals, industrial
27520801*Seals, lithographed
27540402*Seals: gravure printing
35480106*Seam welding apparatus, electric
331701*Seamless pipes and tubes
33170100*Seamless pipes and tubes
381206*Search and detection systems and instruments
38120600*Search and detection systems and instruments
38120000*Search and navigation equipment
3812*Search and Navigation Equipment
381200*Search and navigation equipment
381299*Search and navigation equipment, nec
38129900*Search and navigation equipment, nec
89999904*Search and rescue service
70110305*Seasonal hotel
203501*Seasonings and sauces, except tomato and dry
20350100*Seasonings and sauces, except tomato and dry
20990400*Seasonings and spices
209904*Seasonings and spices
20350105*Seasonings, meat sauces (except tomato and dry)
514903*Seasonings, sauces, and extracts
51490300*Seasonings, sauces, and extracts
20350106*Seasonings, seafood sauces (except tomato and dry)
20330105*Seasonings, tomato: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
20350107*Seasonings, vegetable sauces (except tomato and dry)
20990403*Seasonings: dry mixes
50130117*Seat belts
23990404*Seat belts, automobile and aircraft
31990306*Seat belts, leather
22110607*Seat cover cloth, automobile: cotton
50139902*Seat covers
23999910*Seat covers, automobile
37289911*Seat ejector devices, aircraft
25310302*Seats, aircraft
25310303*Seats, automobile
25319906*Seats, miscellaneous public conveyances
25310304*Seats, railroad
24991005*Seats, toilet
09199906*Seaweed, gathering of
01829903*Seaweed, grown under cover
28690314*Sebacic acid
28920200*Secondary high explosives
289202*Secondary high explosives
334101*Secondary lead and zinc
33410100*Secondary lead and zinc
33410000*Secondary nonferrous metals
3341*Secondary Nonferrous Metals
334100*Secondary nonferrous metals
334199*Secondary nonferrous metals, nec
33419900*Secondary nonferrous metals, nec
33410200*Secondary precious metals
334102*Secondary precious metals
354702*Secondary rolling mill equipment
35470200*Secondary rolling mill equipment
82119906*Secondary school, nec
73380000*Secretarial and court reporting
7338*Secretarial and Court Reporting
733800*Secretarial and court reporting
733899*Secretarial and court reporting, nec
73389900*Secretarial and court reporting, nec
73389903*Secretarial and typing service
82449904*Secretarial school
25110505*Secretaries, household: wood
82119907*Sectarian school
62110205*Securities flotation companies
81110215*Securities law
26210203*Securities paper
96510103*Securities regulation commission, government
62*Security and Commodity Brokers, Dealers, Exchanges and Services
628903*Security and commodity clearinghouses
62890300*Security and commodity clearinghouses
62310000*Security and commodity exchanges
6231*Security and Commodity Exchanges
623100*Security and commodity exchanges
623199*Security and commodity exchanges, nec
62319900*Security and commodity exchanges, nec
62890000*Security and commodity service
6289*Security and Commodity Service
628900*Security and commodity service
628999*Security and commodity services, nec, nec
62899900*Security and commodity services, nec, nec
62110000*Security brokers and dealers
62110100*Security brokers and dealers
6211*Security Brokers and Dealers
621100*Security brokers and dealers
621101*Security brokers and dealers
621199*Security brokers and dealers, nec
62119900*Security brokers and dealers, nec
34290206*Security cable locking systems
27549916*Security certificates: gravure printing
27590103*Security certificates: printing, nsk
50659903*Security control equipment and systems
36990502*Security control equipment and systems
62890201*Security custodians
36990500*Security devices
369905*Security devices
50729907*Security devices, locks
62319903*Security exchanges
73810105*Security guard service
62890103*Security holders protective committee
67999902*Security speculators for own account
7382*Security Systems Services
738200*Security systems services
73820000*Security systems services
73829900*Security systems services, nec
738299*Security systems services, nec
628902*Security transfer agents
62890200*Security transfer agents
35320207*Sedimentation machinery, mineral
07119904*Seed bed preparation services
07239902*Seed cleaning
87349908*Seed testing laboratory
07820206*Seeding services, lawn
519103*Seeds and bulbs
51910300*Seeds and bulbs
39999949*Seeds, coated or treated, from purchased seeds
01810302*Seeds, flower: growing of
01810303*Seeds, vegetable: growing of
20689902*Seeds: dried, dehydrated, salted or roasted
51910303*Seeds: field, garden, and flower
22111304*Seersuckers, cotton
32599901*Segment blocks, clay
37310110*Seiners, building and repairing
13829904*Seismograph surveys
14990306*Selenite mining
33399913*Selenium refining (primary)
33419912*Selenium smelting and refining (secondary)
82999914*Self-defense and athletic instruction
39999932*Self-defense sprays
83619905*Self-help group home
83220608*Self-help organization, nec
20450113*Self-rising flour: from purchased flour
65310106*Selling agent, real estate
51599908*Semen, bovine
36740211*Semiconductor circuit networks
50650309*Semiconductor devices
36740100*Semiconductor diodes and rectifiers
367401*Semiconductor diodes and rectifiers
35599927*Semiconductor manufacturing machinery
38250226*Semiconductor test equipment
36740000*Semiconductors and related devices
3674*Semiconductors and Related Devices
367400*Semiconductors and related devices
36749900*Semiconductors and related devices, nec
367499*Semiconductors and related devices, nec
14990109*Semiprecious stones mining, nec
37159903*Semitrailers for missile transportation
37159904*Semitrailers for truck tractors
3263*Semivitreous Table and Kitchenware
326300*Semivitreous table and kitchenware
32630000*Semivitreous table and kitchenware
32639900*Semivitreous table and kitchenware, nec
326399*Semivitreous table and kitchenware, nec
20410111*Semolina flour
83220103*Senior citizens' center or association
386101*Sensitized film, cloth, and paper
38610100*Sensitized film, cloth, and paper
38619905*Sensitometers, photographic
35320208*Separating machinery, mineral
35599928*Separation equipment, magnetic
35690405*Separators for steam, gas, vapor, or air (machinery)
34430116*Separators, industrial process: metal plate
17110201*Septic system construction
76990402*Septic tank cleaning service
50399911*Septic tanks
32720103*Septic tanks, concrete
30890315*Septic tanks, plastics
38220503*Sequencing controls for electric heat
22310103*Serges of wool, mohair, or similar fibers
22210703*Serges, manmade fiber
36290205*Series capacitors
14299912*Serpentine, crushed and broken-quarrying
14119909*Serpentine, dimension-quarrying
82210201*Service academy
17999928*Service and repair of broadcasting stations
23260204*Service apparel (baker, barber, lab, etc.), washable: men's
23399906*Service apparel, washable: women's
73740104*Service bureau, computer
50630215*Service entrance equipment, electrical
50870000*Service establishment equipment
5087*Service Establishment Equipment
508700*Service establishment equipment
508799*Service establishment equipment, nec
50879900*Service establishment equipment, nec
35890000*Service industry machinery, nec
3589*Service Industry Machinery, Nec
358900*Service industry machinery, nec
358999*Service industry machinery, nec, nec
35899900*Service industry machinery, nec, nec
83220609*Service league
15420302*Service station construction
17990300*Service station equipment
179903*Service station equipment
17990302*Service station equipment installation, maint., and repair
76992211*Service station equipment repair
51720205*Service station supplies, petroleum
13819905*Service well drilling
7819*Services Allied To Motion Pictures
781900*Services allied to motion pictures
78190000*Services allied to motion pictures
78199900*Services allied to motion pictures, nec
781999*Services allied to motion pictures, nec
8999*Services, Nec
899900*Services, nec
89990000*Services, nec
89999900*Services, nec, nec
899999*Services, nec, nec
89*Services, Not Elsewhere Classified
35899908*Servicing machines, except dry cleaning, laundry: coin-oper.
13899919*Servicing oil and gas wells
17819902*Servicing, water wells
25149907*Serving carts and tea wagons: metal
36219906*Servomotors, electric
83229903*Settlement house
26310306*Setup boxboard
26520000*Setup paperboard boxes
2652*Setup Paperboard Boxes
265200*Setup paperboard boxes
51130308*Setup paperboard boxes
265299*Setup paperboard boxes, nec
26529900*Setup paperboard boxes, nec
86610127*Seventh Day Adventist Church
358903*Sewage and water treatment equipment
35890300*Sewage and water treatment equipment
38269914*Sewage testing apparatus
35890301*Sewage treatment equipment
49539907*Sewage treatment facility
32719915*Sewer and manhole block, concrete
76990403*Sewer cleaning and rodding
35890302*Sewer cleaning equipment, power
73890211*Sewer inspection service
16230302*Sewer line construction
32590104*Sewer pipe or fittings, clay
33210102*Sewer pipe, cast iron
50320304*Sewer pipe, clay
32720610*Sewer pipe, concrete
32590105*Sewer tile, clay
4952*Sewerage Systems
495200*Sewerage systems
49520000*Sewerage systems
51310210*Sewing accessories
59490200*Sewing and needlework
31720206*Sewing cases
73899946*Sewing contractor
36390200*Sewing equipment
363902*Sewing equipment
79991117*Sewing instruction
39990814*Sewing kits, novelty
25179903*Sewing machine cabinets and cases, wood
76991602*Sewing machine repair shop
57229903*Sewing machines
36390202*Sewing machines and attachments, domestic
35590106*Sewing machines and attachments, industrial, nec
35590100*Sewing machines and hat and zipper making machinery
355901*Sewing machines and hat and zipper making machinery
50649908*Sewing machines, household: electric
50840201*Sewing machines, industrial
59490206*Sewing supplies
51310200*Sewing supplies and notions
513102*Sewing supplies and notions
22840305*Sewing thread
59490000*Sewing, needlework, and piece goods
5949*Sewing, needlework, and piece goods
38290310*Sextans, surveying
22959903*Shade cloth, coated or impregnated
22110608*Shade cloth, window: cotton
25910102*Shade pulls, window
25910100*Shade, curtain, and drapery hardware
259101*Shade, curtain, and drapery hardware
23949905*Shades, canvas: made from purchased materials
39999933*Shades, lamp or candle
14819904*Shaft sinking, nonmetallic minerals
35689905*Shafts, flexible
39490105*Shafts, golf club
38210123*Shakers and stirrers
35230115*Shakers, tree: nuts, fruits, etc.
24290301*Shakes (hand split shingles)
14590107*Shale (common) quarrying
32950216*Shale, expanded
28440104*Shampoos, rinses, conditioners: hair
31310302*Shanks, shoe
22210907*Shantungs, manmade fiber and silk
35539916*Shapers, woodworking machines
33549901*Shapes, extruded aluminum, nec
35450325*Shaping tools (machine tool accessories)
09129912*Shark, catching of
50919909*Sharpeners, sporting goods
39910304*Shaving brushes
35419914*Shaving machines (metalworking)
284404*Shaving preparations
28440400*Shaving preparations
24290200*Shavings and packaging, excelsior
242902*Shavings and packaging, excelsior
50990207*Shavings, wood
22530205*Shawls, knit
35450211*Shear knives
35520114*Shearing machinery
35420103*Shearing machines, power
31110604*Shearling (prepared sheepskin)
50830311*Shears, farm and garden
34210204*Shears, hand
29529903*Sheathing, asphalt saturated
0214*Sheep and Goats
021400*Sheep and goats
02140000*Sheep and goats
07510301*Sheep dipping services
28790110*Sheep dips, chemical
02140202*Sheep feeding farm
02140203*Sheep raising farm
07510300*Sheep services
075103*Sheep services
07510302*Sheep shearing services
35230416*Sheep shears, power
221108*Sheers and other thin, lightweight fabrics: cotton
22110800*Sheers and other thin, lightweight fabrics: cotton
32110402*Sheet glass
34449909*Sheet metal specialties, not stamped
17619903*Sheet metal work, nec
34440000*Sheet metalwork
3444*Sheet Metalwork
344400*Sheet metalwork
344499*Sheet metalwork, nec
34449900*Sheet metalwork, nec
35429918*Sheet metalworking machines
51999922*Sheet music
57369904*Sheet music
33120703*Sheet or strip, steel, cold-rolled: own hot-rolled
33120704*Sheet or strip, steel, hot-rolled
32920203*Sheet, asbestos cement: flat or corrugated
33169903*Sheet, steel, cold-rolled, nec: from purchased hot-rolled
30690206*Sheeting, rubber or rubberized fabric
22110109*Sheets and sheetings, cotton
22110100*Sheets, bedding and table cloths: cotton
221101*Sheets, bedding and table cloths: cotton
33510104*Sheets, copper and copper alloy
26530107*Sheets, corrugated: made from purchased materials
23929903*Sheets, fabric: made from purchased materials
50519908*Sheets, galvanized or other coated
30691008*Sheets, hard rubber
50519909*Sheets, metal
26530207*Sheets, solid fiber: made from purchased materials
50230205*Sheets, textile
50729908*Shelf or light hardware
20489914*Shell crushing, for feed
14999917*Shell mining
28510209*Shellac (protective coating)
20660104*Shelled cacao beans
027302*Shellfish farms
02730200*Shellfish farms
20910200*Shellfish, canned and cured
209102*Shellfish, canned and cured
20929908*Shellfish, fresh: shucked and packed in nonsealed containers
20929909*Shellfish, frozen: prepared
20910210*Shellfish, preserved and cured
20910211*Shellfish: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
83319902*Sheltered workshop
07520204*Shelters, animal
25429903*Shelving angles or slotted bars, except wood
50460105*Shelving, commercial and industrial
34969912*Shelving, made from purchased wire
25429904*Shelving, office and store, except wood
25410203*Shelving, office and store, wood
34790220*Sherardizing of metals or metal products
20240203*Sherbets, dairy based
92210204*Sheriffs' office
44929903*Shifting of floating equipment within harbors
34999920*Shims, metal
242903*Shingle and shingle mills
24290300*Shingle and shingle mills
24110103*Shingle bolts, wood: hewn
24290302*Shingle mill
32920204*Shingles, asbestos cement
50330104*Shingles, except wood
50310102*Shingles, wood
24290303*Shingles, wood: sawed or hand split
76990605*Ship boiler and tank cleaning and repair, contractors
44990202*Ship cleaning
73610103*Ship crew agency
44990402*Ship dismantling
25999904*Ship furniture
44919901*Ship hold cleaning
17519903*Ship joinery
17210304*Ship painting
44999905*Ship registers
76990606*Ship scaling, contractors
34410102*Ship sections, prefabricated metal
35310203*Ship winches
33579907*Shipboard cable, nonferrous
3731*Shipbuilding and Repairing
373100*Shipbuilding and repairing
37310000*Shipbuilding and repairing
37319900*Shipbuilding and repairing, nec
373199*Shipbuilding and repairing, nec
26740100*Shipping and shopping bags or sacks
267401*Shipping and shopping bags or sacks
86110105*Shipping and steamship company association
26740102*Shipping bags or sacks, including multiwall and heavy duty
24499903*Shipping cases and drums, wood: wirebound and plywood
24410203*Shipping cases, wood: nailed or lock corner
24490304*Shipping cases, wood: wirebound
73599907*Shipping container leasing
47319905*Shipping documents preparation
26210807*Shipping sack paper
511301*Shipping supplies
51130100*Shipping supplies
23299902*Shirt and slack suits: men's, youths', and boys'
39110110*Shirt studs, precious and semiprecious metal or stone
72130203*Shirt supply
22110210*Shirting fabrics, cotton
22210203*Shirting fabrics, manmade fiber and silk
22530505*Shirts (outerwear), knit
22540102*Shirts and T-shirts (underwear), knit
56990405*Shirts, custom made
51369901*Shirts, men's and boys'
23319902*Shirts, women's and juniors': made from purchased materials
23610102*Shirts: girls', children's, and infants'
75399905*Shock absorber replacement
37140304*Shock absorbers, motor vehicle
35429919*Shock wave metal forming machines
51399903*Shoe accessories
249902*Shoe and boot products, wood
24990200*Shoe and boot products, wood
23920204*Shoe bags: made from purchased materials
26310202*Shoe board
73891803*Shoe designers
31499904*Shoe dyeing
72510103*Shoe dyeing shop
22110211*Shoe fabrics
31610102*Shoe kits
22410108*Shoe laces, except leather
31110200*Shoe leather
311102*Shoe leather
22599904*Shoe linings, knit
35590204*Shoe making and repairing machinery
50840202*Shoe manufacturing and repairing machinery
39999934*Shoe patterns
28420208*Shoe polish or cleaner
36340511*Shoe polishers, electric
7251*Shoe Repair and Shoeshine Parlors
725100*Shoe repair and shoeshine parlors
72510000*Shoe repair and shoeshine parlors
72519900*Shoe repair and shoeshine parlors, nec
725199*Shoe repair and shoeshine parlors, nec
72510104*Shoe repair shop
72510100*Shoe repair shops
725101*Shoe repair shops
50870402*Shoe repair supplies and equipment
72519902*Shoe shine parlor
39530107*Shoe stamps, hand: rubber or metal
56610000*Shoe stores
5661*Shoe Stores
566100*Shoe stores
566199*Shoe stores, nec
56619900*Shoe stores, nec
24990204*Shoe stretchers
24990205*Shoe trees
56610101*Shoes, custom
39420106*Shoes, doll
56610102*Shoes, orthopedic
30210204*Shoes, plastic soles molded to fabric uppers
30210200*Shoes, rubber or plastic molded to fabric
302102*Shoes, rubber or plastic molded to fabric
30210205*Shoes, rubber or rubber soled fabric uppers
59320402*Shoes, secondhand
39490511*Shooting equipment and supplies, general
799907*Shooting facilities and archery lanes
79990700*Shooting facilities and archery lanes
79990702*Shooting gallery
79990703*Shooting range operation
26740103*Shopping bags: made from purchased materials
76999908*Shopping cart repair
15420105*Shopping center construction
65120204*Shopping center, community (100,000-300,000 sq. ft.)
65120205*Shopping center, neighborhood (30,000-100,000 sq. ft.)
65120201*Shopping center, property operation only
65120203*Shopping center, regional (300,000-1,000,000 sq. ft.)
65120202*Shopping center, super-regional (more than 1,000,000 sq. ft.)
73190204*Shopping news, advertising and distributing service
27410502*Shopping news: publishing and printing
27410503*Shopping news: publishing only, not printed on site
17990505*Shore cleaning and maintenance
17990903*Shoring and underpinning work
20790200*Shortening and other solid edible fats
207902*Shortening and other solid edible fats
51490104*Shortening, vegetable
20460207*Shortenings, corn oil based
35799908*Shorthand machines
23690102*Shorts (outerwear): girls' and children's
23250201*Shorts (outerwear): men's, youths', and boys'
23390203*Shorts (outerwear): women's, misses', and juniors'
22540103*Shorts, briefs, drawers (underwear), knit
22540100*Shorts, shirts, slips, and panties (underwear): knit
225401*Shorts, shirts, slips, and panties (underwear): knit
61530000*Short-term business credit institutions, except agricultural
61539900*Short-term business credit, nec
33989904*Shot peening (treating steel to reduce fatigue)
34829907*Shot, lead
34829908*Shot, steel (ammunition)
34829909*Shotgun ammunition: empty, blank, or loaded
34849908*Shotguns or shotgun parts, 30 mm. and below
51310211*Shoulder pads
23960205*Shoulder straps, for women's underwear
22539904*Shoulderettes, knit
35310611*Shovel loaders
35310612*Shovels, power
34230102*Shovels, spades (hand tools)
73891502*Show card and poster painting
50780103*Show cases, refrigerated
25420210*Showcases (not refrigerated): except wood
25410105*Showcases, except refrigerated: wood
23929904*Shower curtains: made from purchased materials
32720313*Shower receptors, concrete
30889903*Shower stalls, fiberglass and plastics
34310103*Shower stalls, metal
07519903*Showing services, livestock
07520301*Showing services, pet and animal specialties
50879909*Shredders, industrial and commercial
35899909*Shredders, industrial and commercial
09130204*Shrimp, catching of
20929910*Shrimp, fresh: prepared
20929911*Shrimp, frozen: prepared
20910212*Shrimp, preserved and cured
20910213*Shrimp: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
20920205*Shrimpcakes, frozen
22310208*Shrinking cloth: wool, mohair, or similar fibers
22610207*Shrinking cotton cloth
22620206*Shrinking: manmade fiber and silk cloth
01810106*Shrubberies, grown in field nurseries
01810107*Shrubberies, grown under cover (e.g. greenhouse production)
39499910*Shuffleboards and shuffleboard equipment
38250227*Shunts, electrical
38610314*Shutters, camera
34420204*Shutters, door or window: metal
30890316*Shutters, plastics
24260206*Shuttle blocks, hardwood
35320409*Shuttle cars, underground
35520212*Shuttles for textile weaving
63210203*Sick benefit associations, mutual
16110206*Sidewalk construction
17710202*Sidewalk contractor
24210105*Siding (dressed lumber)
17619904*Siding contractor
29520200*Siding materials
295202*Siding materials
32920205*Siding, asbestos cement
50330105*Siding, except wood
29520202*Siding, insulating: impregnated, from purchased materials
30890317*Siding, plastics
32720712*Siding, precast stone
34440403*Siding, sheet metal
50310103*Siding, wood
14790102*Sienna mining
35560213*Sifters, food
35699915*Sifting and screening machines
38270115*Sighting and fire control equipment, optical
45220103*Sightseeing airplane service
44899903*Sightseeing boats
41199905*Sightseeing bus
47259902*Sightseeing tour companies
17999929*Sign installation and maintenance
73891503*Sign painting and lettering shop
73599908*Sign rental
38250228*Signal generators and averagers
36690205*Signaling apparatus, electric
50630504*Signaling equipment, electrical
36120315*Signaling transformers, electric
24991605*Signboards, wood
50859912*Signmaker equipment and supplies
39930000*Signs and advertising specialties
3993*Signs and Advertising Specialties
399300*Signs and advertising specialties
399399*Signs and advertising specialties, nec
39939900*Signs and advertising specialties, nec
50460106*Signs, electrical
50999912*Signs, except electric
39939907*Signs, not made in custom sign painting shops
22110515*Silesia, cotton
28190800*Silica compounds
281908*Silica compounds
28190801*Silica gel
14469909*Silica mining
14469910*Silica sand mining
28190802*Silica, amorphous
33390300*Silicon and chromium
333903*Silicon and chromium
32910507*Silicon carbide abrasive
51699911*Silicon lubricants
33390302*Silicon refining (primary, over 99% pure)
36749909*Silicon wafers, chemically doped
33390303*Silicon, epitaxial (silicon alloy)
33390304*Silicon, pure
32950217*Silicon, ultra high purity: treated
28210107*Silicone resins
28229911*Silicone rubbers
02790102*Silk (raw) production and silkworm farm
22629903*Silk broadwoven fabric finishing
22210308*Silk broadwoven fabrics
23539911*Silk hats
22419910*Silk narrow fabrics
51310116*Silk piece goods, woven
73360105*Silk screen design
35520309*Silk screens for textile industry
22840202*Silk thread
22810304*Silk yarn, spun
51990408*Silk yarns
51590402*Silk, raw
222103*Silks, satins, taffetas and crepes
22210300*Silks, satins, taffetas and crepes
14590205*Sillimanite mining
32720504*Sills, concrete
15420203*Silo construction, agricultural
35230417*Silo fillers and unloaders
32720206*Silo staves, cast stone or concrete
24319903*Silo staves, wood
24210106*Silo stock, wood: sawed
32510209*Silo tile
34480107*Silos, metal
32720207*Silos, prefabricated concrete
33560204*Silver and silver alloy bars, rods, sheets, etc.
33560205*Silver and silver alloy: rolling, drawing, or extruding
10440201*Silver bullion production
28190919*Silver compounds or salts, inorganic
34979909*Silver foil or leaf
50520105*Silver ore
10440202*Silver ore milling
10440000*Silver ores
1044*Silver Ores
104400*Silver ores
104401*Silver ores mining
10440100*Silver ores mining
10440200*Silver ores processing
104402*Silver ores processing
33990106*Silver powder
35599929*Silver recovery equipment
10440203*Silver recovery from tailings
33410203*Silver recovery from used photographic film
33390203*Silver refining (primary)
33410204*Silver smelting and refining (secondary)
32310202*Silvered glass: made from purchased glass
3914*Silverware and Plated Ware
391400*Silverware and plated ware
39140000*Silverware and plated ware
39149900*Silverware and plated ware, nec
391499*Silverware and plated ware, nec
25110207*Silverware chests: wood
50949905*Silverware or plated ware
76991206*Silverware replating and repair
39149907*Silverware, nsk
39140407*Silverware, silver plated
39140108*Silverware, solid silver
39140109*Silverware, sterling silver
86419906*Singing society
79299908*Singing telegram service
152101*Single-family home remodeling, additions, and repairs
15210100*Single-family home remodeling, additions, and repairs
15210000*Single-family housing construction
1521*Single-family Housing Construction
152100*Single-family housing construction
152199*Single-family housing construction, nec
15219900*Single-family housing construction, nec
25410303*Sink tops, plastic laminated
30889904*Sinks, plastics
32610206*Sinks, vitreous china
34310104*Sinks: enameled iron, cast iron, or pressed metal
33129907*Sinter, iron
35850506*Siphons, soda water
36690105*Sirens, electric: vehicle, marine, industrial, and air raid
87429907*Site location consultant
39520115*Sizes, gold and bronze: artists'
76990908*Skate sharpening
59419908*Skateboarding equipment
39499912*Skates and parts, roller
59419909*Skating equipment
79991118*Skating instruction, ice or roller
79990600*Skating rink operation services
799906*Skating rink operation services
79990704*Skeet shooting facility
39520216*Sketching boxes, artists'
24990808*Skewers, wood
23290104*Ski and snow clothing: men's and boys'
23690405*Ski and snow suits: girls' and children's
79991119*Ski instruction
23390307*Ski jackets and pants: women's, misses', and juniors'
37999902*Ski lifts, tows or gondolas
70110201*Ski lodge
34290303*Ski racks, automotive
79991510*Ski rental concession
22530206*Ski suits, knit
35370109*Skid boxes, metal
24110305*Skidding logs
35370110*Skids, metal
24480301*Skids, wood
24480302*Skids, wood and metal combination
24480300*Skids, wood and wood with metal
244803*Skids, wood and wood with metal
37320210*Skiffs, building and repairing
59410302*Skiing equipment
50910202*Skiing equipment
83310103*Skill training center
80510000*Skilled nursing care facilities
8051*Skilled Nursing Care Facilities
805100*Skilled nursing care facilities
805199*Skilled nursing care facilities, nec
80519900*Skilled nursing care facilities, nec
39490601*Skin diving equipment, scuba type
59410501*Skin diving, scuba equipment and supplies
38419905*Skin grafting equipment
51590305*Skins, raw
31110503*Skirting leather
22310104*Skirtings: wool, mohair or similar fibers
22530403*Skirts, knit
23370102*Skirts, separate: women's, misses', and juniors'
23390308*Skirts, tennis
23699907*Skirts: girls', children's, and infants'
73190301*Sky writing
32110303*Skylight glass
17610104*Skylight installation
50310308*Skylights, all materials
34440305*Skylights, sheet metal
33340102*Slabs (primary), aluminum
33310207*Slabs (primary), copper
32720314*Slabs, crossing: concrete
33120304*Slabs, steel
23250202*Slacks, dress: men's, youths', and boys'
23699908*Slacks: girls' and children's
23399907*Slacks: women's, misses', and juniors'
32959904*Slag, crushed or ground
35520213*Slashing machines, textile
328104*Slate products
32810400*Slate products
14299913*Slate, crushed and broken-quarrying
14119910*Slate, dimension-quarrying
20489915*Slaughtering of nonfood animals
07519904*Slaughtering: custom livestock services
39440107*Sleds, children's
251503*Sleep furniture
25150300*Sleep furniture
23999911*Sleeping bags
47890203*Sleeping car and other passenger car services
37430109*Sleeping cars, railroad
22959904*Sleeving, textile: saturated
79910202*Slenderizing salon
35560214*Slicers, commercial, food
22410302*Slide fastener tapes
38299918*Slide rules
34960303*Slings, lifting: made from purchased wire
22980306*Slings, rope
14559906*Slip clay mining
22110609*Slip cover fabrics, cotton
22210603*Slip cover fabrics, manmade fiber and silk
57149903*Slip covers
50230206*Slip covers (furniture)
239206*Slip covers and pads
23920600*Slip covers and pads
23920606*Slip covers: made of fabric, plastic, etc.
22520102*Slipper socks
31429901*Slipper socks, made from purchased socks
51399905*Slippers, house
36210114*Sliprings, for motors or generators
22540104*Slips, knit
23410203*Slips: women's, misses', children's, and infants'
38410103*Slit lamps (ophthalmic goods)
79930403*Slot machine
39991001*Slot machines
79999913*Slot-car race track
22990405*Slubs and nubs
49530303*Sludge disposal sites
35999916*Sludge tables
33559901*Slugs, aluminum
35550307*Slugs, printers'
32510106*Slumped brick
28920217*Slurries (explosive)
46199902*Slurry pipeline operation
3484*Small Arms
348400*Small arms
34840000*Small arms
34820000*Small arms ammunition
3482*Small Arms Ammunition
348200*Small arms ammunition
348299*Small arms ammunition, nec
34829900*Small arms ammunition, nec
34849900*Small arms, nec
348499*Small arms, nec
61599903*Small business investment companies
201504*Small game slaughtering and processing
20150400*Small game slaughtering and processing
35590502*Smelting and refining machinery and equipment
50840513*Smelting machinery and equipment
35679913*Smelting ovens
10310202*Smithsonite mining
23399908*Smocks: women's, misses', and juniors'
36690106*Smoke detectors
34899905*Smoke generators (ordnance)
17919908*Smoke stacks, steel: installation and maintenance
20139915*Smoked meats, from purchased meat
519402*Smokeless tobacco
51940200*Smokeless tobacco
32690402*Smokers' articles, pottery
519907*Smokers' supplies
51990700*Smokers' supplies
39990902*Smokers, bee (beekeepers' supplies)
35560304*Smokers, food processing equipment
34439914*Smokestacks, boiler plate
80930202*Smoking clinic
35560300*Smoking or roasting machinery, including ovens
355603*Smoking or roasting machinery, including ovens
25149908*Smoking stands: metal
25110603*Smoking stands: wood
21319902*Smoking tobacco
519401*Smoking tobacco
51940100*Smoking tobacco
22739905*Smyrna carpets and rugs, machine woven
58120314*Snack bar
51450200*Snack foods
514502*Snack foods
58120315*Snack shop
20139916*Snack sticks, including jerky: from purchased meat
59630207*Snacks, direct sales
20389907*Snacks, incl. onion rings, cheese sticks, etc.
01610204*Snap bean farm (bush and pole)
34210205*Snips, tinners'
58120204*Snow cone stand
24210402*Snow fence lath
24991606*Snow fence, wood
35310812*Snow plow attachments
37110408*Snow plows (motor vehicles), assembly of
39490403*Snow skiing equipment and supplies, except skis
39490404*Snow skis
23390309*Snow suits: women's, misses', and juniors'
76999909*Snowblower repair
35249906*Snowblowers and throwers, residential
35859902*Snowmaking machinery
76991303*Snowmobile repair
28410000*Soap and other detergents
2841*Soap and Other Detergents
284100*Soap and other detergents
284199*Soap and other detergents, nec
28419900*Soap and other detergents, nec
32610104*Soap dishes, vitreous china
39999935*Soap dispensers
26720107*Soap impregnated papers and paper washcloths
28419905*Soap: granulated, liquid, cake, flaked, or chip
14990502*Soapstone mining
79410105*Soccer club
79970404*Soccer club, except professional and semi-professional
39491305*Soccer equipment and supplies
59410705*Soccer supplies
864104*Social associations
86410400*Social associations
83999908*Social change association
86410403*Social club, membership
94410102*Social security administration, government
83220610*Social service center
83999909*Social service information exchange
83*Social Services
832207*Social services for the handicapped
83220700*Social services for the handicapped
83990000*Social services, nec
8399*Social Services, Nec
839900*Social services, nec
839999*Social services, nec, nec
83999900*Social services, nec, nec
511202*Social stationery and greeting cards
51120200*Social stationery and greeting cards
83220611*Social worker
87320202*Sociological research
35450326*Sockets (machine tool accessories)
36430105*Sockets, electric
36799911*Sockets, electronic tube
38420305*Socks, stump
01819902*Sod farms
14749904*Soda ash (natural) mining
28120105*Soda ash, sodium carbonate (anhydrous)
20529915*Soda crackers
58120205*Soda fountain
35850500*Soda fountain and beverage dispensing equipment and parts
358505*Soda fountain and beverage dispensing equipment and parts
50780203*Soda fountain equipment, refrigerated
50460307*Soda fountain fixtures, except refrigerated
35850507*Soda fountains, parts, and accessories
26110103*Soda pulp
07820207*Sodding contractor
28190400*Sodium & potassium compounds, exc. bleaches, alkalies, alum.
281904*Sodium and potassium compounds, exc. bleaches, alkalies, alum.
28120106*Sodium bicarbonate
28999944*Sodium chloride, refined
28190406*Sodium compounds or salts, inorg., ex. refined sod. chloride
28190407*Sodium hyposulfite, sodium hydrosulfite
28340204*Sodium salicylate tablets
28190408*Sodium silicate, water glass
28190409*Sodium sulfate, glauber's salt, salt cake
28190410*Sodium sulfides
28190411*Sodium thiosulfate
25150302*Sofa beds (convertible sofas)
50210204*Sofas and couches
58120206*Soft drink stand
54990203*Soft drinks
51490504*Soft drinks
20860302*Soft drinks: packaged in cans, bottles, etc.
22980205*Soft fiber cordage and twine
39491105*Softball equipment and supplies
28430303*Softeners (textile assistants)
73710302*Software programming applications
82439903*Software training, computer
57340203*Software, business and non-game
57340204*Software, computer games
28610105*Softwood distillates, nec
24360000*Softwood veneer and plywood
2436*Softwood Veneer and Plywood
243600*Softwood veneer and plywood
243699*Softwood veneer and plywood, nec
24369900*Softwood veneer and plywood, nec
87349909*Soil analysis
07119905*Soil chemical treatment services
35310708*Soil compactors: vibratory
28799905*Soil conditioners
95120202*Soil conservation services, government
50399912*Soil erosion control fabrics
33210103*Soil pipe and fittings: cast iron
352302*Soil preparation machinery, except turf and grounds
35230200*Soil preparation machinery, except turf and grounds
0711*Soil Preparation Services
071100*Soil preparation services
07110000*Soil preparation services
07119900*Soil preparation services, nec
071199*Soil preparation services, nec
35239903*Soil sampling machines
28999945*Soil testing kits
07119906*Soil testing services
51919904*Soil, potting and planting
36740306*Solar cells
17110403*Solar energy contractor
34339904*Solar heaters and collectors
52110303*Solar heating equipment
17420204*Solar reflecting insulation film
33569902*Solder: wire, bar, acid core, and rosin core
35489902*Soldering equipment, except hand soldering irons
34230201*Soldering guns or tools, hand: electric
34230202*Soldering irons or coppers
34230200*Soldering tools
342302*Soldering tools
36430306*Solderless connectors (electric wiring devices)
31110202*Sole leather
31310300*Sole parts for shoes
313103*Sole parts for shoes
36250206*Solenoid switches (industrial controls)
34919907*Solenoid valves
36790110*Solenoids for electronic applications
30890402*Soles, boot or shoe: plastics
30690502*Soles, boot or shoe: rubber, composition, or fiber
31310303*Soles, shoe and boot: except rubber, plastics, etc.
32720200*Solid containing units, concrete
327202*Solid containing units, concrete
265302*Solid fiber boxes, partitions, display items, and sheets
26530200*Solid fiber boxes, partitions, display items, and sheets
36749910*Solid state electronic devices, nec
30890403*Soling strips, boot or shoe: plastics
30690503*Soling strips, boot or shoe: rubber, composition, or fiber
28430101*Soluble oils or greases
28349909*Solutions, pharmaceutical
28650208*Solvent naphtha
73899947*Solvents recovery service
28699928*Solvents, organic
38120307*Sonar systems and equipment
899904*Song writings
89990400*Song writings
20240307*Sorbets, non-dairy based
01190404*Sorghum farm
20410112*Sorghum grain flour
20990104*Sorghum syrups, for sweetening
20999916*Sorghum, including custom refining
70410103*Sorority residential house
35799909*Sorters, filing (office)
73590506*Sound and lighting equipment rental
78199901*Sound effects and music production, motion picture
17310303*Sound equipment specialization
50650208*Sound equipment, electronic
38619906*Sound recording and reproducing equipment, motion picture
36510118*Sound reproducing equipment
36990404*Sound signaling devices, electrical
20340101*Soup mixes
20340102*Soup powders
20910106*Soup, fish and seafood: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
51429903*Soup, frozen
203203*Soups and broths, canned, jarred, etc.
20320300*Soups and broths, canned, jarred, etc.
20340103*Soups, dehydrated
51490805*Soups, except frozen
20320306*Soups, except seafood: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
20920102*Soups, fish and seafood: frozen
20389908*Soups, frozen
27520405*Souvenir cards, lithographed
27540305*Souvenir cards: gravure printing
27590704*Souvenir cards: printing, nsk
20350108*Soy sauce
20439913*Soy: prepared as cereal breakfast food
28249914*Soybean fibers
20759902*Soybean flour and grits
20750000*Soybean oil mills
2075*Soybean Oil Mills
207500*Soybean oil mills
207599*Soybean oil mills, nec
20759900*Soybean oil mills, nec
20759903*Soybean oil, cake or meal
20759904*Soybean oil, deodorized
20799909*Soybean oil, refined: not made in soybean oil mills
28210407*Soybean plastics
20759905*Soybean powder
20759906*Soybean protein concentrates and isolates
07220104*Soybean, machine harvesting services
50910504*Spa equipment and supplies
17990104*Spa or hot tub installation or construction
37699906*Space capsules
47899902*Space flight operations, except government
96619901*Space flight operations, government
36340314*Space heaters, electric
34330205*Space heaters, except electric
3764*Space Propulsion Units and Parts
376400*Space propulsion units and parts
37640000*Space propulsion units and parts
50880307*Space propulsion units and parts
37649900*Space propulsion units and parts, nec
376499*Space propulsion units and parts, nec
96619902*Space research and development, government
96610000*Space research and technology
9661*Space Research and Technology
966100*Space research and technology
96610403*Space research and technology, County government
96610401*Space research and technology, Federal government
96610400*Space research and technology, level of government
966104*Space research and technology, level of government
96610404*Space research and technology, Local government
96619900*Space research and technology, nec
966199*Space research and technology, nec
96610402*Space research and technology, State government
36639910*Space satellite communications equipment
34431104*Space simulation chambers, metal plate
38420113*Space suits
37690000*Space vehicle equipment, nec
3769*Space Vehicle Equipment, Nec
376900*Space vehicle equipment, nec
376999*Space vehicle equipment, nec, nec
37699900*Space vehicle equipment, nec, nec
38120308*Space vehicle guidance systems and equipment
37619905*Space vehicles, complete
20389909*Spaghetti and meatballs, frozen
20330106*Spaghetti and other pasta sauce: packaged in cans, jars, etc
20989903*Spaghetti, dry
20320210*Spaghetti: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
22210411*Spandex broadwoven fabrics
32720315*Spanish floor tile, concrete
20320211*Spanish foods: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
58120113*Spanish restaurant
32950107*Spar, ground or otherwise treated
38250108*Spark plug testing equipment, electric
36940207*Spark plugs, for internal combustion engines
32649907*Spark plugs, porcelain
24990809*Spars, wood
59991203*Spas and hot tubs
30699916*Spatulas, rubber
36510119*Speaker monitors
36510120*Speaker systems
73890106*Speakers' bureau
28990114*Spearmint oil
39490211*Spears and spearguns, fishing
35440100*Special dies and tools
354401*Special dies and tools
3544*Special Dies, Tools, Jigs, and Fixtures
354400*Special dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures
35440000*Special dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures
35449900*Special dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures, nec
354499*Special dies, tools, jigs, and fixtures, nec
3559*Special Industry Machinery, Nec
355900*Special industry machinery, nec
35590000*Special industry machinery, nec
35599900*Special industry machinery, nec, nec
355999*Special industry machinery, nec, nec
2429*Special Product Sawmills, Nec
242900*Special product sawmills, nec
24290000*Special product sawmills, nec
17990000*Special trade contractors, nec
1799*Special Trade Contractors, Nec
179900*Special trade contractors, nec
179999*Special trade contractors, nec, nec
17999900*Special trade contractors, nec, nec
4226*Special Warehousing and Storage, Nec
422600*Special warehousing and storage, nec
42260000*Special warehousing and storage, nec
42269900*Special warehousing and storage, nec, nec
422699*Special warehousing and storage, nec, nec
802101*Specialized dental practitioners
80210100*Specialized dental practitioners
81110200*Specialized law offices, attorneys
811102*Specialized law offices, attorneys
811101*Specialized legal services
81110100*Specialized legal services
82310100*Specialized libraries
823101*Specialized libraries
801105*Specialized medical practitioners, except internal
80110500*Specialized medical practitioners, except internal
80420100*Specialized optometrists
804201*Specialized optometrists
15420400*Specialized public building contractors
154204*Specialized public building contractors
37959902*Specialized tank components, military
26310412*Specialty board
22210900*Specialty broadwoven fabrics, including twisted weaves
222109*Specialty broadwoven fabrics, including twisted weaves
284201*Specialty cleaning
28420100*Specialty cleaning
516904*Specialty cleaning and sanitation preparations
51690400*Specialty cleaning and sanitation preparations
821104*Specialty education
82110400*Specialty education
51490604*Specialty food items
80690000*Specialty hospitals, except psychiatric
8069*Specialty Hospitals, Except Psychiatric
806900*Specialty hospitals, except psychiatric
806999*Specialty hospitals, except psychiatric, nec
80699900*Specialty hospitals, except psychiatric, nec
31119902*Specialty leathers, nec
371302*Specialty motor vehicle bodies
37130200*Specialty motor vehicle bodies
262103*Specialty or chemically treated papers
26210300*Specialty or chemically treated papers
8093*Specialty Outpatient Clinics, Nec
809300*Specialty outpatient clinics, nec
80930000*Specialty outpatient clinics, nec
80939900*Specialty outpatient clinics, nec, nec
809399*Specialty outpatient clinics, nec, nec
26210308*Specialty papers
24210300*Specialty sawmill products
242103*Specialty sawmill products
59419910*Specialty sport supplies, nec
361203*Specialty transformers
36120300*Specialty transformers
38269915*Specific ion measuring instruments
32110103*Spectacle glass
38290512*Spectrometers, liquid scintillation and nuclear
38260100*Spectroscopic and other optical properties measuring equip.
382601*Spectroscopic and other optical properties measuring equip.
38250229*Spectrum analyzers
15319903*Speculative builder, multi-family dwellings
15319904*Speculative builder, single-family houses
80939904*Speech defect clinic
80490301*Speech pathologist
80490300*Speech specialist
804903*Speech specialist
80490302*Speech therapist
35669904*Speed changers (power transmission equipment), except auto
35660000*Speed changers, drives, and gears
3566*Speed Changers, Drives, and Gears
356600*Speed changers, drives, and gears
356699*Speed changers, drives, and gears, nec
35669900*Speed changers, drives, and gears, nec
38240302*Speed indicators and recorders, vehicle
55310105*Speed shops, including race car supplies
76992403*Speedometer repair
80999908*Sperm bank
34430117*Spheres, for liquids or gas: metal plate
20139917*Spiced meats, from purchased meat
54999905*Spices and herbs
51490310*Spices and seasonings
20990404*Spices, including grinding
24991006*Spigots, wood
33990203*Spikes, nonferrous metal or wire
33150204*Spikes, steel: wire or cut
01610411*Spinach farm
22410407*Spindle banding
35520115*Spindles, textile
37280211*Spinners, aircraft propeller
35420401*Spinning lathes
35420402*Spinning machines, metal
35520116*Spinning machines, textile
34699915*Spinning metal for the trade
22840306*Spinning thread
22810106*Spinning yarn
354204*Spinning, spline rolling, and winding machines
35420400*Spinning, spline rolling, and winding machines
34960112*Spiral cloth, made from purchased wire
28999946*Spirit duplicating fluid
35420403*Spline rolling machines
38420414*Splints, pneumatic and wood
14799909*Spodumene mining
24990810*Spokes, wood
20510211*Sponge goods, bakery: except frozen
20539909*Sponge goods, bakery: frozen
33120202*Sponge iron
30690700*Sponge rubber and sponge rubber products
306907*Sponge rubber and sponge rubber products
51990904*Sponges (animal)
09199907*Sponges, gathering of
30899919*Sponges, plastics
32910102*Sponges, scouring: metallic
38429918*Sponges, surgical
22310209*Sponging cloth: wool, mohair, or similar fabric
22619903*Sponging cotton broadwoven cloth, for the trade
24260207*Spool blocks and blanks, wood
22829903*Spooling yarn
26550102*Spools, fiber: made from purchased material
24991200*Spools, reels, and pulleys: wood
249912*Spools, reels, and pulleys: wood
35520117*Spools, textile machinery: wood
24991207*Spools, wood
23210202*Sport shirts, men's and boys': from purchased materials
3949*Sporting and athletic Goods, Nec
394900*Sporting and athletic goods, nec
39490000*Sporting and athletic goods, nec
39499900*Sporting and athletic goods, nec, nec
394999*Sporting and athletic goods, nec, nec
5091*Sporting and Recreation Goods
509100*Sporting and recreation goods
50910000*Sporting and recreation goods
50919900*Sporting and recreation goods, nec
509199*Sporting and recreation goods, nec
7032*Sporting and Recreational Camps
703200*Sporting and recreational camps
70320000*Sporting and recreational camps
70329900*Sporting and recreational camps, nec
703299*Sporting and recreational camps, nec
703203*Sporting camps
70320300*Sporting camps
59410000*Sporting goods and bicycle shops
5941*Sporting Goods and Bicycle Shops
594100*Sporting goods and bicycle shops
594199*Sporting goods and bicycle shops, nec
59419900*Sporting goods and bicycle shops, nec
79999914*Sporting goods rental, nec
28920218*Sporting powder (explosive)
56990300*Sports apparel
569903*Sports apparel
7941*Sports Clubs, Managers, and Promoters
794100*Sports clubs, managers, and promoters
79410000*Sports clubs, managers, and promoters
79419900*Sports clubs, managers, and promoters, nec
794199*Sports clubs, managers, and promoters, nec
79410202*Sports field or stadium operator, promoting sports events
79991120*Sports instruction, schools and camps
80110521*Sports medicine specialist, physician
79999915*Sports professionals, nec
79419902*Sports promotion
51360602*Sportswear, men's and boys'
23390310*Sportswear, women's
51370301*Sportswear, women's and children's
35480107*Spot welding apparatus, electric
36470108*Spotlights, motor vehicle
30890318*Spouting, plastics and glass fiber reinforced
34440306*Spouts, sheet metal
30690107*Spray bulbs, rubber
35230304*Sprayers and spraying machines, agricultural
356302*Spraying and dusting equipment
35630200*Spraying and dusting equipment
17999945*Spraying contractor, non-agricultural
35630203*Spraying outfits: metals, paints, and chemicals (compressor)
07820208*Spraying services, lawn
07839903*Spraying services, ornamental bush
07839904*Spraying services, ornamental tree
39990708*Sprays, artificial and preserved
35230305*Spreaders, fertilizer
20220103*Spreads, cheese
20350109*Spreads, garlic
20139918*Spreads, sandwich: meat, from purchased meat
20150907*Spreads, sandwich: poultry
20350110*Spreads, sandwich: salad dressing base
07820209*Sprigging services, lawn
25150205*Spring cushions
34520103*Spring pins, metal
34520202*Spring washers, metal
35420404*Spring winding and forming machines
50130118*Springs, shock absorbers and struts
171103*Sprinkler contractors
17110300*Sprinkler contractors
50870501*Sprinkler systems
34949902*Sprinkler systems, field
35690204*Sprinkler systems, fire: automatic
35680305*Sprockets (power transmission equipment)
07210201*Sprout and twig cultivation services
07210202*Sprout and twig seeding services
07210200*Sprout and twig services
072102*Sprout and twig services
20839905*Sprouts, made in malthouses
13819906*Spudding in oil and gas wells
22979903*Spunbonded fabrics
02599906*Squab farm
56999907*Square dance apparel
79970503*Squash club, membership
79990303*Squash club, non-membership
39490904*Squash equipment and supplies
01619906*Squash farm
28920219*Squibbs, electric
09130205*Squid, catching of
37280114*Stabilizers, aircraft
34999921*Stabilizing bars (cargo), metal
79480302*Stables, racing
50840806*Stackers, industrial
35370213*Stackers, power (industrial truck stackers)
35370214*Stacking machines, automatic
15429905*Stadium construction
794102*Stadium event operator services
79410200*Stadium event operator services
25310400*Stadium furniture
253104*Stadium furniture
25310402*Stadium seating
39999936*Stage hardware and equipment, except lighting
364802*Stage lighting equipment
36480200*Stage lighting equipment
28420108*Stain removers
89990203*Stained glass art
32310108*Stained glass: made from purchased glass
33120802*Stainless steel
50230106*Stainless steel flatware
39140500*Stainless steel ware
391405*Stainless steel ware
28510210*Stains: varnish, oil, or wax
35340102*Stair elevators, motor powered
30690207*Stair treads, rubber
24310503*Staircases and stairs, wood
24310500*Staircases, stairs and railings
243105*Staircases, stairs and railings
344601*Stairs, fire escapes, balconies, railings, and ladders
34460100*Stairs, fire escapes, balconies, railings, and ladders
34460109*Stairs, staircases, stair treads: prefabricated metal
37130211*Stake, platform truck bodies
23960403*Stamping fabric articles
34699916*Stamping metal for the trade
35329901*Stamping mill machinery (mining machinery)
50519912*Stampings, metal
59990503*Stamps (philatelist)
59610400*Stamps, coins, and other collectibles, mail order
59610403*Stamps, mail order
50920103*Stamps, philatelist
38250230*Standard cells
38250231*Standards and calibrating equipment, laboratory
38250232*Standards and calibration equipment for electrical measuring
17310103*Standby or emergency power specialization
38250324*Standing wave ratio measuring equipment
38610315*Stands, camera and projector
35370111*Stands, ground servicing aircraft
25110604*Stands, household, nec: wood
25420211*Stands, merchandise display: except wood
39319906*Stands, music
35799910*Staple removers
50850403*Staplers and tackers
34969913*Staples, made from purchased wire
33990204*Staples, nonferrous metal or wire
33150205*Staples, steel: wire or cut
35790306*Stapling machines (hand or power)
42129911*Star routes, local
28420502*Starch preparations, laundry
20460109*Starch, nsk
02529901*Started pullet farm
36250105*Starter, electric motor
36210115*Starters, for motors
36210303*Starting equipment, street cars
36430203*Starting switches, fluorescent
37249914*Starting vibrators, aircraft engine
6022*State Commercial Banks
602200*State commercial banks
602299*State commercial banks, nec
92119903*State courts
6062*State Credit Unions
606200*State credit unions
606299*State credit unions, nec
94119904*State education department
92210102*State highway patrol
92210103*State police
93110103*State tax commission
36299903*Static elimination equipment, industrial
36790304*Static power supply converters for electronic applications
38229914*Static pressure regulators
729907*Station operation services
72990700*Station operation services
37110108*Station wagons (motor vehicles), assembly of
262106*Stationary, envelope and tablet papers
26210600*Stationary, envelope and tablet papers
32290804*Stationers' glassware: inkwells, clip cups, etc.
30690900*Stationer's rubber sundries
306909*Stationer's rubber sundries
51129909*Stationers, commercial
275407*Stationery and invitation printing, gravure
27540700*Stationery and invitation printing, gravure
5112*Stationery and Office Supplies
511200*Stationery and office supplies
51120000*Stationery and office supplies
51129900*Stationery and office supplies, nec
511299*Stationery and office supplies, nec
32699904*Stationery articles, pottery
39530108*Stationery embossers, personal
2678*Stationery Products
267800*Stationery products
26780000*Stationery products
5943*Stationery Stores
594300*Stationery stores
59430000*Stationery stores
59439900*Stationery stores, nec
594399*Stationery stores, nec
27540704*Stationery: gravure printing
26780302*Stationery: made from purchased materials
27590504*Stationery: printing, nsk
27210203*Statistical reports (periodicals): publishing and printing
27210103*Statistical reports (periodicals): publishing only
32810504*Statuary, marble
32990408*Statuary: gypsum, clay, papier mache, metal, etc.
24110104*Stave bolts, wood: hewn
24290104*Staves, barrel: sawed or split
31310403*Stays, shoe
581208*Steak and barbecue restaurants
58120800*Steak and barbecue restaurants
58120802*Steak restaurant
49610000*Steam and air-conditioning supply
4961*Steam and Air-conditioning Supply
496100*Steam and air-conditioning supply
496199*Steam and air-conditioning supply, nec
49619900*Steam and air-conditioning supply, nec
72990202*Steam bath
17990506*Steam cleaning of building exteriors
35110203*Steam engines
50740305*Steam fittings
34940104*Steam fittings and specialties
35110204*Steam governors
34339905*Steam heating apparatus
49619903*Steam heating systems (suppliers of heat)
30530206*Steam or other packing
38229915*Steam pressure controls, residential or commercial type
40119903*Steam railroads
49619904*Steam supply systems, including geothermal
34919908*Steam traps
35110103*Steam turbine generator set units, complete
35110205*Steam turbines
44990305*Steamship leasing
47290104*Steamship ticket offices
28990206*Stearic acid
28690315*Stearic acid salts
20770302*Stearin, animal: inedible
20790202*Stearin, vegetable
14990503*Steatite mining
32950108*Steatite, ground or otherwise treated
33999904*Steel balls
15419910*Steel building construction
50510220*Steel decking
3325*Steel Foundries, Nec
332500*Steel foundries, nec
33250000*Steel foundries, nec
33259900*Steel foundries, nec, nec
332599*Steel foundries, nec, nec
42129912*Steel hauling, local
3324*Steel Investment Foundries
332400*Steel investment foundries
33240000*Steel investment foundries
33249900*Steel investment foundries, nec
332499*Steel investment foundries, nec
27960203*Steel line engraving, for the printing trade
33170000*Steel pipe and tubes
3317*Steel Pipe and Tubes
331700*Steel pipe and tubes
35470209*Steel rolling machinery
32910304*Steel shot abrasive
3493*Steel Springs, Except Wire
349300*Steel springs, except wire
34930000*Steel springs, except wire
22960104*Steel tire cords and tire cord fabrics
33150000*Steel wire and related products
3315*Steel Wire and Related Products
331500*Steel wire and related products
32910305*Steel wool
17999930*Steeple jacks
20460404*Steepwater concentrate
37140305*Steering mechanisms, motor vehicle
26310502*Stencil board
26750303*Stencil board, die-cut: made from purchased materials
26750304*Stencil cards, die-cut: made from purchased materials
28999947*Stencil correction compounds
39539907*Stencil machines (marking devices)
39550102*Stencil paper, for typewriters
39550103*Stencil paper, gelatin or spirit process
267503*Stencils and lettering materials: die-cut
26750300*Stencils and lettering materials: die-cut
39539908*Stencils, painting and marking
733802*Stenographic services
73380200*Stenographic services
36790501*Step positioners, for transmitting equipment
22540105*Step-ins, knit
24990303*Stepladders, wood
32720316*Steps, prefabricated concrete
25179904*Stereo cabinets, wood
59329906*Stereo equipment, secondhand
39999937*Stereographs, photographic
76220302*Stereophonic equipment repair
27969907*Stereotype plates
35559904*Stereotyping machines
39990109*Sterilizers, barber and beauty shop
38430118*Sterilizers, dental
38429919*Sterilizers, hospital and surgical
34431105*Sterilizing chambers, metal plate
38419906*Stethoscopes and stethographs
20920103*Stews, fish and seafood: frozen
20910107*Stews, fish and seafood: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
32919902*Sticks, abrasive
35550308*Sticks, printers'
39499913*Sticks: hockey, lacrosse, etc.
73359904*Still and slide file production
73360202*Still film producer
29110306*Still oil
34430118*Stills, pressure: metal plate
31990107*Stirrups, wood or metal
729908*Stitching services
72990800*Stitching services
72990802*Stitching, custom
62110106*Stock brokers and dealers
79480104*Stock car racing
27549917*Stock certificates: gravure printing
27590104*Stock certificates: printing, nsk
62319904*Stock exchanges
20480111*Stock feeds, dry
62110107*Stock option dealers
62319905*Stock option exchanges
62899902*Stock quotation service
30899920*Stock shapes, plastics
48229904*Stock ticker service
62890202*Stock transfer agents
24260107*Stock, chair, hardwood: turned, shaped, or carved
38429920*Stockinette, surgical
22599905*Stockinettes, knit
56999908*Stockings: men's, women's, and children's
242603*Stocks: gun, handle, vehicle, etc.
24260300*Stocks: gun, handle, vehicle, etc.
47899903*Stockyards, not primarily for fattening or selling livestock
34330107*Stokers, mechanical: domestic or industrial
17419907*Stone masonry
35310709*Stone pulverizers, portable
35599930*Stone tumblers
35599931*Stone working machinery
32720713*Stone, cast concrete
32*Stone, Clay, Glass, and Concrete Products
50329908*Stone, crushed or broken
32819903*Stone, quarrying and processing of own stone products
34239924*Stonecutters' hand tools
32910204*Stones, abrasive
59991502*Stones, crystalline: rough
14590108*Stoneware clay mining
32699905*Stoneware pottery products
25999905*Stools with casters (not household or office), metal
25990102*Stools, factory
25140205*Stools, household, padded or plain: metal
25110208*Stools, household: wood
25220103*Stools, office: except wood
25210103*Stools, office: wood
32720317*Stools, precast terrazzo
34940105*Stop cocks
249915*Stoppers and plugs, wood
24991500*Stoppers and plugs, wood
32550203*Stoppers, glasshouse: clay
30690108*Stoppers, rubber
24991505*Stoppers, wood
3691*Storage Batteries
369100*Storage batteries
36910000*Storage batteries
50630602*Storage batteries, industrial
36919900*Storage batteries, nec
369199*Storage batteries, nec
36210116*Storage battery chargers, motor and engine generator type
25110605*Storage chests, household: wood
42269905*Storage of goods at foreign trade zones
17919909*Storage tanks, metal: erection
42229902*Storage, frozen or refrigerated goods
49229902*Storage, natural gas
254101*Store and office display cases and fixtures
25410100*Store and office display cases and fixtures
50460107*Store equipment
17519904*Store fixture installation
50460108*Store fixtures
50460100*Store fixtures and display equipment
504601*Store fixtures and display equipment
59320502*Store fixtures and equipment, secondhand
25410106*Store fixtures, wood
15429906*Store front construction
34429901*Store fronts, prefabricated, metal
25410107*Store fronts, prefabricated: wood
50469908*Store machines
73599909*Stores and yards equipment rental
34420303*Storm doors or windows, metal
24310204*Storm windows, wood
20829906*Stout (alcoholic beverage)
34449910*Stove boards, sheet metal
32599902*Stove lining, clay
76991603*Stove repair shop
36310105*Stoves, disk
57229904*Stoves, household, nec
34339906*Stoves, wood and coal burning
50749903*Stoves, wood burning
35370215*Straddle carriers, mobile
39650204*Straight pins: steel or brass
35470210*Straightening machinery (rolling mill equipment)
36749911*Strain gages, solid state
24939903*Strandboard, oriented
31110105*Strap leather
22410408*Strapping webs
34999922*Strapping, metal
30699923*Strapping, rubber
31990307*Straps, leather
39990815*Straw goods
01719909*Strawberry farm
26560104*Straws, drinking: made from purchased material
32290501*Straws, glass
411102*Street and trolley car transportation
41110200*Street and trolley car transportation
37110409*Street flushers, assembly of
36480110*Street lighting fixtures
49530204*Street refuse systems
37110410*Street sprinklers and sweepers (motor vehicles), assembly of
39910102*Street sweeping brooms, hand or machine
36479907*Streetcar lighting fixtures
41110201*Streetcar operation
37430203*Streetcars and car equipment
321102*Strengthened or reinforced glass
323104*Strengthened or reinforced glass
32310400*Strengthened or reinforced glass
32110200*Strengthened or reinforced glass
50879910*Stress reducing equipment, electric
38290406*Stress, strain, and flaw detecting/measuring equipment
22119922*Stretch fabrics, cotton
35429920*Stretching machines
39490304*Striking (punching) bags
57369905*String instruments
39310200*String instruments and parts
393102*String instruments and parts
39990816*Stringing beads
39310208*Strings, musical instrument
39310122*Strings, piano
39490905*Strings, tennis racket
27619905*Strip forms (manifold business forms)
12319903*Strip mining, anthracite
12210103*Strip mining, bituminous
12210104*Strip mining, lignite
33510105*Strip, copper and copper alloy
50519910*Strip, metal
33160101*Strip, steel, cold-rolled, nec: from purchased hot-rolled,
33160102*Strip, steel, flat bright, cold-rolled: purchased hot-rolled
33160103*Strip, steel, razor blade, cold-rolled: purchased hot-rolled
36480202*Strobe lighting systems
39440703*Strollers, baby (vehicle)
28190920*Strontium compounds or salts, inorganic
14790404*Strontium mineral mining
33120400*Structural and rail mill products
331204*Structural and rail mill products
50390104*Structural assemblies, prefabricated: non-wood
50319910*Structural assemblies, prefabricated: wood
325101*Structural brick and blocks
32510100*Structural brick and blocks
52119910*Structural clay products
3259*Structural Clay Products, Nec
325900*Structural clay products, nec
32590000*Structural clay products, nec
32599900*Structural clay products, nec, nec
325999*Structural clay products, nec, nec
325102*Structural clay tile
32510200*Structural clay tile
87110404*Structural engineering
32110304*Structural glass
24919904*Structural lumber and timber, treated wood
35470211*Structural mills (rolling mill equipment)
33120405*Structural shapes and pilings, steel
50510217*Structural shapes, iron or steel
33550402*Structural shapes, rolled, aluminum
17910000*Structural steel erection
1791*Structural Steel Erection
179100*Structural steel erection
179199*Structural steel erection, nec
17919900*Structural steel erection, nec
39440317*Structural toy sets
2439*Structural Wood Members, Nec
243900*Structural wood members, nec
24390000*Structural wood members, nec
24399900*Structural wood members, nec, nec
243999*Structural wood members, nec, nec
28330215*Strychnine and derivatives
17420105*Stucco work, interior
17710100*Stucco, gunite, and grouting contractors
177101*Stucco, gunite, and grouting contractors
36749912*Stud bases or mounts for semiconductor devices
82999915*Student exchange program
61119906*Student Loan Marketing Association
25150303*Studio couches
36639911*Studio equipment, radio and television broadcasting
78190403*Studio property rental, motion picture
34449911*Studs and joists, sheet metal
39650105*Studs, shirt, except precious/semiprecious metal or stone
20640105*Stuffed dates
39429901*Stuffed toys, including animals
24119904*Stumping for turpentine or powder manufacturing
24110209*Stumps, wood
36790205*Styli, phonograph record cutting
73890409*Styling of fashions, apparel, furniture, textiles, etc.
73890410*Styling, wigs
39519909*Stylographic pens and parts
28210217*Styrene resins, nec
28210218*Styrene-acrylonitile resins
28220103*Styrene-butadiene rubbers, (over 50% butadiene), SBR, GRS
6552*Subdividers and Developers, Nec
655200*Subdividers and developers, nec
65520000*Subdividers and developers, nec
65529900*Subdividers and developers, nec, nec
655299*Subdividers and developers, nec, nec
35310613*Subgraders (construction equipment)
65199904*Sub-lessors of real estate
37310205*Submarine tenders, building and repairing
37310206*Submarines, building and repairing
37319906*Submersible marine robots, manned or unmanned
35449904*Subpresses, metalworking
73899958*Subscription fulfillment services: magazine, newspaper, etc.
48419906*Subscription television services
35310813*Subsoiler attachments, tractor mounted
809301*Substance abuse clinics (outpatient)
80930100*Substance abuse clinics (outpatient)
83220800*Substance abuse counseling
832208*Substance abuse counseling
80690100*Substance abuse hospitals
806901*Substance abuse hospitals
36479908*Subway car lighting fixtures
16290203*Subway construction
41110403*Subway operation
38410418*Suction therapy apparatus
22610208*Sueding cotton broadwoven goods
22620207*Sueding: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics
01339901*Sugar beet farm
07220305*Sugar crops, machine harvesting services
20990601*Sugar grinding
35569908*Sugar plant machinery
20990602*Sugar powdered, from purchased ingredients
20630106*Sugar syrup, from sugar beets
20529916*Sugar wafers
20870103*Sugar, burnt (food coloring)
514910*Sugar, honey, molasses, and syrups
51491000*Sugar, honey, molasses, and syrups
20990603*Sugar, industrial maple
51599909*Sugar, raw
51491003*Sugar, refined
0133*Sugarcane and Sugar Beets
013300*Sugarcane and sugar beets
01330000*Sugarcane and sugar beets
01339900*Sugarcane and sugar beets, nec
013399*Sugarcane and sugar beets, nec
01339902*Sugarcane farm
20640106*Sugared dates
30899921*Suitcase shells, plastics
22110212*Suiting fabrics, cotton
22210204*Suiting fabrics, manmade fiber and silk
22310105*Suitings: wool, mohair, or similar fibers
38420114*Suits, firefighting (asbestos)
22530506*Suits, knit
56119906*Suits, men's
51360501*Suits, men's and boys'
23110103*Suits, men's and boys': made from purchased materials
23699909*Suits: girls' and children's
51370604*Suits: women's, children's, and infants'
23370103*Suits: women's, misses', and juniors'
28330107*Sulfa drugs
26110104*Sulfite pulp
28430102*Sulfonated oils, fats, or greases
28191012*Sulfur chloride
28191013*Sulfur dioxide
28191014*Sulfur hexafluoride gas
28191015*Sulfur, recovered or refined, incl. from sour natural gas
28190207*Sulfuric acid, oleum
39440704*Sulkies, baby (vehicle)
14790304*Sulphur mining
70320203*Summer camp, except day and sports instructional
79220306*Summer theater
75490202*Sun roof installation, automotive
37140306*Sun roofs, motor vehicle
23699910*Sun suits: girls', children's, and infants'
36489907*Sun tanning equipment, incl. tanning beds
01190303*Sunflower farm
34480108*Sunrooms, prefabricated metal
28440504*Suntan lotions and oils
50649909*Suntanning equipment and supplies
57229905*Suntanning equipment and supplies
54110104*Supermarkets, 55,000 - 65,000 square feet (superstore)
54110105*Supermarkets, 66,000 - 99,000 square feet
54110101*Supermarkets, chain
54110102*Supermarkets, greater than 100,000 square feet (hypermarket)
54110103*Supermarkets, independent
28740105*Superphosphates, ammoniated or not ammoniated
91990104*Supply agency, government
38420415*Supports: abdominal, ankle, arch, kneecap, etc.
6351*Surety Insurance
635100*Surety insurance
63510000*Surety insurance
63510100*Surety insurance bonding
635101*Surety insurance bonding
635199*Surety insurance, nec
63519900*Surety insurance, nec
51699912*Surface active agents
2843*Surface Active Agents
284300*Surface active agents
28430000*Surface active agents
28439900*Surface active agents, nec
284399*Surface active agents, nec
38269916*Surface area analyzers
38220606*Surface burner controls, temperature
12210105*Surface mining, bituminous, nec
12210106*Surface mining, lignite, nec
35310416*Surfacers, concrete grinding
35539917*Surfacers, woodworking machines
161102*Surfacing and paving
16110200*Surfacing and paving
50910102*Surfing equipment and supplies
59410502*Surfing equipment and supplies
79991411*Surfing equipment rental
79991121*Surfing instruction
07830203*Surgery services, ornamental bush
07830204*Surgery services, ornamental tree
3841*Surgical and Medical Instruments
384100*Surgical and medical instruments
38410000*Surgical and medical instruments
38419900*Surgical and medical instruments, nec
384199*Surgical and medical instruments, nec
3842*Surgical Appliances and Supplies
384200*Surgical appliances and supplies
38429922*Surgical appliances and supplies
38420000*Surgical appliances and supplies
38429900*Surgical appliances and supplies, nec
384299*Surgical appliances and supplies, nec
50470108*Surgical equipment and supplies
22110905*Surgical fabrics, cotton
76990702*Surgical instrument repair
384104*Surgical instruments and apparatus
38410400*Surgical instruments and apparatus
38410419*Surgical knife blades and handles
38410420*Surgical lasers
38410421*Surgical stapling devices
38450207*Surgical support systems: heart-lung machine, exc. iron lung
53999905*Surplus and salvage stores
35699916*Surveillance ovens for aging and testing powder
87320109*Survey service: marketing, location, etc.
38290300*Surveying and drafting equipment
382903*Surveying and drafting equipment
76990108*Surveying instrument repair
38290312*Surveying instruments and accessories
8713*Surveying Services
871300*Surveying services
87130000*Surveying services
87139900*Surveying services, nec
871399*Surveying services, nec
13890205*Surveying wells
50490108*Surveyor's instruments
24990811*Surveyors' stakes, wood
47850203*Surveyors, marine cargo
82999916*Survival school
58120114*Sushi bar
38429923*Sutures, absorbable and non-absorbable
13890305*Swabbing wells
38420205*Swabs, sanitary cotton
35999917*Swage blocks
35420104*Swaging machines
27899903*Swatches and samples
23960306*Sweat bands, hat and cap: made from purchased materials
31110407*Sweatband leather
22530207*Sweaters and sweater coats, knit
23290209*Sweaters and sweater jackets, men's and boys'
51369902*Sweaters, men's and boys'
51379904*Sweaters, women's and children's
38250233*Sweep generators
38250326*Sweep oscillators
28420109*Sweeping compounds, oil or water absorbent, clay or sawdust
49590102*Sweeping service: road, airport, parking lot, etc.
07230303*Sweet potato curing services
01390202*Sweet potato farm
28690506*Sweeteners, synthetic
79970203*Swimming club, membership
79991122*Swimming instruction
73899948*Swimming pool and hot tub service and maintenance
51699913*Swimming pool and spa chemicals
59991204*Swimming pool chemicals, equipment, and supplies
17990105*Swimming pool construction
35890303*Swimming pool filter and water conditioning systems
36489908*Swimming pool lighting fixtures
79991412*Swimming pool, non-membership
59991205*Swimming pools, above ground
50910103*Swimming pools, equipment and supplies
39490608*Swimming pools, except plastic
59991200*Swimming pools, hot tubs, and sauna equipment and supplies
599912*Swimming pools, hot tubs, and sauna equipment and supplies
39490603*Swimming pools, plastic
51370302*Swimsuits: women's, children's, and infants'
23950205*Swiss loom embroideries
36440104*Switch boxes, electric
36130211*Switchboard apparatus, except instruments
73891003*Switchboard operation, private branch exchanges
32810402*Switchboard panels, slate
36130212*Switchboards and parts, power
36619906*Switchboards, telephone or telegraph
36250207*Switches, electric power
36130103*Switches, electric power except snap, push button, etc.
36250208*Switches, electronic applications
50630217*Switches, except electronic, nec
38220204*Switches, pneumatic positioning remote
36749913*Switches, silicon control
36790502*Switches, stepping
38220205*Switches, thermostatic
17310104*Switchgear and related devices installation
36130000*Switchgear and switchboard apparatus
3613*Switchgear and Switchboard Apparatus
361300*Switchgear and switchboard apparatus
361399*Switchgear and switchboard apparatus, nec
36139900*Switchgear and switchboard apparatus, nec
36130213*Switchgear and switchgear accessories, nec
40130000*Switching and terminal services
4013*Switching and Terminal Services
401300*Switching and terminal services
401399*Switching and terminal services, nec
40139900*Switching and terminal services, nec
36610106*Switching equipment, telephone
37430305*Switching locomotives and parts, electric and nonelectric
14239903*Syenite, crushed and broken-quarrying
14110206*Syenite, dimension-quarrying
79290111*Symphony orchestra
38290111*Synchronizers, aircraft engine
36210207*Synchronous condensers, electric
62110206*Syndicate shares (real estate, entertainment, equip.) sales
39310123*Synthesizers, music
329105*Synthetic abrasives
32910500*Synthetic abrasives
51310117*Synthetic fabrics, nec
35599932*Synthetic filament extruding machines
61119907*Synthetic Fuels Corporation
49250107*Synthetic natural gas from naphtha
30890612*Synthetic resin finished products, nec
516908*Synthetic resins, rubber, and plastic materials
51690800*Synthetic resins, rubber, and plastic materials
51690804*Synthetic rubber
2822*Synthetic Rubber
282200*Synthetic rubber
28220000*Synthetic rubber
28229900*Synthetic rubber, nec
282299*Synthetic rubber, nec
32999905*Synthetic stones, for gem stones and industrial use
20870208*Syrups, drink
51491004*Syrups, except for fountain use
20879907*Syrups, flavoring (except drink)
51450102*Syrups, fountain
20820103*Syrups, malt
28340405*Syrups, pharmaceutical
874804*Systems analysis and engineering consulting services
87480400*Systems analysis and engineering consulting services
87480401*Systems analysis or design
87480402*Systems engineering consultant, ex. computer or professional
73730102*Systems engineering, computer related
73730200*Systems integration services
737302*Systems integration services
737301*Systems software development services
73730100*Systems software development services
34210100*Table and food cutlery, including butchers'
342101*Table and food cutlery, including butchers'
22110110*Table cover fabrics, cotton
72130101*Table cover supply
34210106*Table cutlery, except with handles of metal
22111005*Table damask, cotton
36459907*Table lamps
23920405*Table mats, plastic and textile
25410304*Table or counter tops, plastic laminated
32920105*Table pads and padding, asbestos
24990704*Table pads: rattan, reed, and willow
24260108*Table slides, for extension tables: wood
799904*Table sports parlor operation
79990400*Table sports parlor operation
32810104*Table tops, marble
34690305*Table tops, porcelain enameled
239204*Tablecloths and table settings
23920400*Tablecloths and table settings
23920406*Tablecloths: made from purchased materials
39520217*Tables, drawing, artists'
25140206*Tables, household: metal
25110209*Tables, household: wood
35370112*Tables, lift: hydraulic
50210205*Tables, occasional
25220402*Tables, office: except wood
25210302*Tables, office: wood
26210607*Tablet paper
26780200*Tablets and pads
267802*Tablets and pads
26780203*Tablets and pads, book and writing: from purchased materials
34999923*Tablets, bronze or other metal
26780204*Tablets, correspondence type: made from purchased materials
28349910*Tablets, pharmaceutical
32290106*Tableware, glass or glass ceramic
32639905*Tableware, household and commercial: semivitreous
30890216*Tableware, plastics
32629904*Tableware, vitreous china
26750208*Tabulating and time cards, die-cut: purchased paperboard
73749906*Tabulating service
51129910*Tabulation cards
38250235*Tachometer generators
38240304*Tachometer, centrifugal
34290404*Tackle blocks, metal
24991208*Tackle blocks, wood
33990205*Tacks, nonferrous metal or wire
33150206*Tacks, steel: wire or cut
38120404*Taffrail logs
275207*Tag, ticket, and schedule printing: lithographic
27520700*Tag, ticket, and schedule printing: lithographic
26790400*Tags and labels, paper
267904*Tags and labels, paper
27520702*Tags, lithographed
26790402*Tags, paper (unprinted): made from purchased paper
27590902*Tags: printing, nsk
36470109*Taillights, motor vehicle
72190104*Tailor shop, except custom or merchant tailor
23110104*Tailored dress and sport coats: men's and boys'
23110100*Tailored suits and formal jackets
231101*Tailored suits and formal jackets
50870400*Tailors' and shoe repair supplies
508704*Tailors' and shoe repair supplies
24990106*Tailors' pressing blocks, wood
50870403*Tailors' supplies
149905*Talc mining
14990500*Talc mining
32950109*Talc, ground or otherwise treated
79220106*Talent agent, theatrical
20770303*Tallow rendering, inedible
20769908*Tallow, vegetable
38240210*Tally counters
38240112*Tallying meters
20320212*Tamales: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
35310512*Tampers, powered
26760203*Tampons, sanitary: made from purchased paper
01749905*Tangelo grove
01749906*Tangerine grove
76990303*Tank and boiler cleaning service
32550204*Tank blocks, glasshouse: clay
37430110*Tank freight cars and car equipment
37959903*Tank recovery vehicles
76990201*Tank repair
76990200*Tank repair and cleaning services
769902*Tank repair and cleaning services
34430119*Tank towers, metal plate
37130212*Tank truck bodies
76990202*Tank truck cleaning service
38240113*Tank truck meters
37310111*Tankers, building and repairing
37950000*Tanks and tank components
50880201*Tanks and tank components
3795*Tanks and Tank Components
379500*Tanks and tank components
379599*Tanks and tank components, nec
37959900*Tanks and tank components, nec
34430120*Tanks for tank trucks, metal plate
32720104*Tanks, concrete
34430121*Tanks, lined: metal plate
37959904*Tanks, military, including factory rebuilding
38610208*Tanks, photographic developing, fixing, and washing
50859914*Tanks, pressurized
35850508*Tanks, soda water
34430122*Tanks, standard or custom fabricated: metal plate
50849913*Tanks, storage
24490305*Tanks, wood: coopered
31110311*Tanneries, leather
50840203*Tannery machines
35590205*Tannery machines
28690316*Tannic acid
28199904*Tanning agents, synthetic inorganic
28699929*Tanning agents, synthetic organic
72990105*Tanning salon
50999914*Tanning salon equipment and supplies
10619906*Tantalite mining
10619907*Tantalum ore mining
33399914*Tantalum refining
35770202*Tape cleaners, magnetic: computer
39999938*Tape measures
50640204*Tape players and recorders
36510121*Tape players, household use
35770203*Tape print units, computer
73790103*Tape recertification service
76220303*Tape recorder repair
57319908*Tape recorders and players
35720201*Tape recorders for computers
36510122*Tape recorders: cassette, cartridge or reel: household use
73899949*Tape slitting
35720202*Tape storage units, computer
38429924*Tape, adhesive: medicated or non-medicated
32920106*Tape, asbestos
39659904*Tape, hook-and-eye, and snap fastener
26720207*Tape, pressure sensitive: made from purchased materials
30691602*Tape, pressure sensitive: rubber
51310212*Tape, textile
22950202*Tape, varnished: plastic, and other coated (except magnetic)
50990503*Tapes and cassettes, prerecorded
50659904*Tapes, audio and video recording
22110610*Tapestry fabrics, cotton
22210604*Tapestry fabrics, manmade fiber and silk
50840514*Tapping attachments
35410504*Tapping machines
35450212*Taps, machine tool
31310304*Taps, shoe
29110507*Tar or residuum
26210913*Tar paper, building/roofing
29520105*Tar paper, roofing
26720108*Tar paper: made from purchased materials
13110303*Tar sands mining
28650400*Tar, coal tar, and related chemicals
286504*Tar, coal tar, and related chemicals
33120111*Tar, from chemical recovery coke ovens
37280502*Target drones
34999924*Target drones, for use by ships: metal
39490512*Target shooting equipment
17999942*Target systems installation
39490513*Targets, archery and rifle shooting
37280503*Targets, trailer type: aircraft
22110111*Tarlatan, cotton
23940203*Tarpaulins, fabric: made from purchased materials
28690317*Tartaric acid and metallic salts
22840307*Tatting thread
72990106*Tattoo parlor
58130105*Tavern (drinking places)
62110108*Tax certificate dealers
60999910*Tax certificate sale and redemption agencies
73891311*Tax collection agency
67999903*Tax liens: holding, buying and selling
72991002*Tax refund discounting
72910000*Tax return preparation services
7291*Tax Return Preparation Services
729100*Tax return preparation services
73891312*Tax title dealers
93110104*Taxation department, government
81110216*Taxation law
50469909*Taxi meters
73190103*Taxicab card advertising
37110109*Taxicabs, assembly of
50879911*Taxidermist tools and equipment
34239925*Taxidermist tools and equipment
86410103*Taxpayer association
51490903*Tea bagging
23939904*Tea bags, fabric: made from purchased materials
20999917*Tea blending
25110606*Tea wagons: wood
20860103*Tea, iced: packaged in cans, bottles, etc.
08310108*Teaberries gathering
94119905*Teacher certification bureau
73610104*Teachers' agency
36990303*Teaching machines and aids, electronic
50469910*Teaching machines, electronic
36340117*Teakettles, electric
39491300*Team sports equipment
59410700*Team sports equipment
394913*Team sports equipment
594107*Team sports equipment
39999939*Tear gas devices and equipment
22610304*Teaseling cotton broadwoven goods
22620303*Teaseling: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics
50470310*Technical aids for the handicapped
38420417*Technical aids for the handicapped
59990907*Technical aids for the handicapped
82229903*Technical institute
274106*Technical manual and paper publishing
27410600*Technical manual and paper publishing
89999905*Technical manual preparation
27410601*Technical manuals: publishing and printing
27410602*Technical manuals: publishing only, not printed on site
27410603*Technical papers: publishing and printing
27410604*Technical papers: publishing only, not printed on site
89990306*Technical writing
56219903*Teenage apparel
38430212*Teeth, artificial (not made in dental laboratories)
30690806*Teething rings, rubber
76299905*Telecommunication equipment repair (except telephones)
87480302*Telecommunications consultant
73891004*Teleconferencing services
72990606*Telegram service, personal
48220204*Telegram services
48220000*Telegraph and other communications
4822*Telegraph and Other Communications
482200*Telegraph and other communications
482299*Telegraph and other communications, nec
48229900*Telegraph and other communications, nec
36610200*Telegraph and related apparatus
366102*Telegraph and related apparatus
48220205*Telegraph cable services, land or submarine
50650102*Telegraph equipment
36610202*Telegraph office switching equipment
36610203*Telegraph or telephone carrier and repeater equipment
48220206*Telegraph services
36610204*Telegraph station equipment and parts, wire
26790602*Telegraph tape, paper: made from purchased material
26790600*Telegraph, teletype, and adding machine paper
267906*Telegraph, teletype, and adding machine paper
73891005*Telemarketing services
36639912*Telemetering equipment, electronic
38230417*Telemetering instruments, industrial process type
59990600*Telephone and communication equipment
599906*Telephone and communication equipment
16230203*Telephone and communication line construction
27410300*Telephone and other directory publishing
274103*Telephone and other directory publishing
36610000*Telephone and telegraph apparatus
3661*Telephone and Telegraph Apparatus
366100*Telephone and telegraph apparatus
366199*Telephone and telegraph apparatus, nec
36619900*Telephone and telegraph apparatus, nec
50630306*Telephone and telegraph wire and cable
50650100*Telephone and telegraphic equipment
506501*Telephone and telegraphic equipment
17310304*Telephone and telephone equipment installation
36610107*Telephone answering machines
73891001*Telephone answering service
73499904*Telephone booth cleaning and maintenance
25419903*Telephone booths, wood
25429905*Telephone booths: except wood
48139901*Telephone cable service, land or submarine
36610108*Telephone central office equipment, dial or manual
48130000*Telephone communication, except radio
4813*Telephone Communication, Except Radio
481300*Telephone communication, except radio
481399*Telephone communication, except radio, nec
48139900*Telephone communication, except radio, nec
48139904*Telephone communications broker
36619907*Telephone cords, jacks, adapters, etc.
83220612*Telephone counseling service
36610109*Telephone dialing devices, automatic
73891006*Telephone directory distribution, contract or fee basis
50650103*Telephone equipment
59990603*Telephone equipment and systems
738910*Telephone services
73891000*Telephone services
76290302*Telephone set repair
36610110*Telephone sets, all types except cellular radio
73891007*Telephone solicitation service
25110607*Telephone stands: wood
36610111*Telephone station equipment and parts, wire
48139903*Telephone/video communications
36610100*Telephones and telephone apparatus
366101*Telephones and telephone apparatus
36610112*Telephones, sound powered (no battery)
36610113*Telephones, underwater
48220102*Telephoto services
35750103*Teleprinters (CRT), multistation
38270117*Telescopes: elbow, panoramic, sighting, fire control, etc.
38270118*Telescopic sights
50650104*Teletype equipment
26790603*Teletypewriter paper, rolls with carbon
48220207*Teletypewriter services
73130102*Television and radio time sales
78220400*Television and video tape distribution
782204*Television and video tape distribution
48999906*Television antenna construction and rental
36630204*Television antennas (transmitting) and ground equipment
36630200*Television broadcasting and communications equipment
366302*Television broadcasting and communications equipment
4833*Television Broadcasting Stations
483300*Television broadcasting stations
48330000*Television broadcasting stations
48339900*Television broadcasting stations, nec
483399*Television broadcasting stations, nec
25190304*Television cabinets, plastic
25179905*Television cabinets, wood
36630205*Television closed circuit equipment
78120110*Television film production
36630206*Television monitors
79220403*Television program, including commercial producers
50650406*Television receiving and transmitting tubes
36510201*Television receiving sets
73590705*Television rental
76220304*Television repair shop
27210204*Television schedules: publishing and printing
27210104*Television schedules: publishing only, not printed on site
50640205*Television sets
57319909*Television sets
78220401*Television tape distribution
48339901*Television translator station
36710102*Television tubes
59619920*Television, home shopping
48220208*Telex services
33399915*Tellurium refining (primary)
38220206*Temperature controls, automatic
38230103*Temperature instruments: industrial process type
38230100*Temperature measurement instruments, industrial
382301*Temperature measurement instruments, industrial
38220304*Temperature sensors for motor windings
38290701*Temperature sensors, except industrial process and aircraft
32110202*Tempered glass
32310406*Tempered glass: made from purchased glass
33989905*Tempering of metal
38510110*Temples and fronts, ophthalmic
73630103*Temporary help service
83220307*Temporary relief service
79339903*Ten pin center
86410504*Tenant association
73899967*Tenant screening service
37320106*Tenders (small motor craft), building and repairing
39440705*Tenders, baby (vehicle)
37430306*Tenders, locomotive
37310112*Tenders, ships: building and repairing
79970504*Tennis club, membership
79990101*Tennis club, non-membership
16290303*Tennis court construction
79990102*Tennis courts, outdoor/indoor: non-membership
39490906*Tennis equipment and supplies
59410303*Tennis goods and equipment
79990103*Tennis professional
79990100*Tennis services and professionals
799901*Tennis services and professionals
35539918*Tenoners, woodworking machines
38290407*Tensile strength testing equipment
73599910*Tent and tarpaulin rental
76990909*Tent repair shop
23949906*Tents: made from purchased materials
37929906*Tent-type camping trailers
36440203*Terminal boards
50450104*Terminals, computer
50320305*Terra cotta
09199908*Terrapins, catching of
32720318*Terrazzo products, precast, nec
17439903*Terrazzo work
17430000*Terrazzo, tile, marble and mossaic work
174300*Terrazzo, tile, marble and mossaic work
1743*Terrazzo, Tile, Marble, Mosaic Work
174399*Terrazzo, tile, marble, mosaic work, nec
17439900*Terrazzo, tile, marble, mosaic work, nec
22110408*Terry woven fabrics, cotton
14810103*Test boring for nonmetallic minerals
12410103*Test boring, anthracite mining
12410104*Test boring, bituminous or lignite mining
10810104*Test boring, metal mining
87480101*Test development and evaluation service
382502*Test equipment for electronic and electric measurement
38250200*Test equipment for electronic and electric measurement
38250236*Test equipment for electronic and electrical circuits
38250109*Test sets, ignition harness
38290112*Testers for checking hydraulic controls on aircraft
35699917*Testing chambers for altitude, temperature, ordnance, power
50150202*Testing equipment, electrical, used: automotive
50130203*Testing equipment, electrical: automotive
50130204*Testing equipment, engine
38290408*Testing equipment: abrasion, shearing strength, etc.
807101*Testing laboratories
8734*Testing Laboratories
873400*Testing laboratories
87340000*Testing laboratories
80710100*Testing laboratories
87349900*Testing laboratories, nec
873499*Testing laboratories, nec
87480102*Testing service, educational or personnel
87480100*Testing services
874801*Testing services
13890200*Testing, measuring, surveying, and analysis services
138902*Testing, measuring, surveying, and analysis services
28699930*Tetraethyl lead
26210408*Text paper
27320203*Textbooks: printing and binding, not publishing
27310204*Textbooks: publishing and printing
27310104*Textbooks: publishing only, not printed on site
738904*Textile and apparel services
73890400*Textile and apparel services
508402*Textile and leather machinery
50840200*Textile and leather machinery
2393*Textile Bags
239300*Textile bags
23930000*Textile bags
23939900*Textile bags, nec
239399*Textile bags, nec
51310213*Textile converters
73890411*Textile designers
28430202*Textile finishing agents
73890412*Textile folding and packing services
22990000*Textile goods, nec
2299*Textile Goods, Nec
229900*Textile goods, nec
229999*Textile goods, nec, nec
22999900*Textile goods, nec, nec
32699906*Textile guides, porcelain
3552*Textile Machinery
355200*Textile machinery
35520000*Textile machinery
242604*Textile machinery accessories, hardwood
24260400*Textile machinery accessories, hardwood
50840204*Textile machinery and equipment
355299*Textile machinery, nec
35529900*Textile machinery, nec
39530109*Textile marking stamps, hand: rubber or metal
22*Textile Mill Products
229904*Textile mill waste and remnant processing
22990400*Textile mill waste and remnant processing
22219904*Textile mills, broadwoven: silk and manmade, also glass
50859915*Textile printers' supplies
27599917*Textile printing rolls: engraving
28430304*Textile processing assistants
76999910*Textile roll covering
28419906*Textile soap
42269906*Textile warehousing
22219905*Textile warping, on a contract basis
50930104*Textile waste
73890413*Textiles, sponging or shrinking
51310118*Textiles, woven, nec
22829904*Textured yarn
28249915*Textured yarns, non-cellulosic
58120115*Thai restaurant
65120302*Theater building, ownership and operation
25319907*Theater furniture
59999925*Theater programs
50210110*Theater seats
78290101*Theatrical booking agency, motion picture
79220300*Theatrical companies
792203*Theatrical companies
23890303*Theatrical costumes
50499907*Theatrical equipment and supplies
59999926*Theatrical equipment and supplies
792204*Theatrical producers
79220400*Theatrical producers
79220000*Theatrical producers and services
7922*Theatrical Producers and Services
792200*Theatrical producers and services
792299*Theatrical producers and services, nec
79229900*Theatrical producers and services, nec
79220200*Theatrical production services
792202*Theatrical production services
792205*Theatrical rental services
79220500*Theatrical rental services
39999940*Theatrical scenery
792201*Theatrical talent and booking agencies
79220100*Theatrical talent and booking agencies
79969903*Theme park, amusement
82210202*Theological seminary
38449910*Therapeutic X-ray apparatus and tubes
50470311*Therapy equipment
38260702*Thermal analysis instruments, laboratory type
38230418*Thermal conductivity instruments, industrial process type
36749914*Thermionic devices, solid state
36769902*Thermistors, except temperature sensors
38230104*Thermistors, industrial process type
38230105*Thermocouples, industrial process type
38220305*Thermocouples, vacuum: glass
36749915*Thermoelectric devices, solid state
36290107*Thermo-electric generators
30890613*Thermoformed finished plastics products, nec
38260703*Thermogravimetric analyzers
38299920*Thermomagnetic oxygen analyzer
30690807*Thermometer cases, rubber
382907*Thermometers and temperature sensors
38290700*Thermometers and temperature sensors
38230106*Thermometers, filled system: industrial process type
38290703*Thermometers, including digital: clinical
38290704*Thermometers, liquid-in-glass and bimetal type
26719905*Thermoplastic coated paper for packaging
26720109*Thermoplastic coated paper: made from purchased materials
28210200*Thermoplastic materials
282102*Thermoplastic materials
30839904*Thermoplastics laminates: rods, tubes, plates, and sheet
30839905*Thermosetting laminates: rods, tubes, plates, and sheet
28210100*Thermosetting materials
282101*Thermosetting materials
76990304*Thermostat repair
38220300*Thermostats and other environmental sensors
382203*Thermostats and other environmental sensors
38220306*Thermostats, except built-in
37140407*Thermostats, motor vehicle
36740212*Thin film circuits
28191016*Thiocyanates, inorganic
37149908*Third axle attachments or six wheel units for motor vehicles
80110522*Thoracic physician
10999906*Thorium ore mining
79480406*Thoroughbred horse racing
35450213*Thread cutting dies
228401*Thread from manmade fibers
22840100*Thread from manmade fibers
22840200*Thread from natural fibers
228402*Thread from natural fibers
35520118*Thread making machines, spinning machinery
2284*Thread Mills
228400*Thread mills
22840000*Thread mills
22849900*Thread mills, nec
228499*Thread mills, nec
35420405*Thread rolling machines
32920604*Thread, asbestos
22410204*Thread, elastic: fabric covered
30699917*Thread, rubber
22849901*Thread: bleaching, dyeing, and finishing
22990303*Thread: linen, hemp or ramie
50840515*Threading tools
35450214*Threading tools (machine tool accessories)
07220105*Threshing service
32720319*Thresholds, precast terrazzo
22820000*Throwing and winding mills
2282*Throwing and Winding Mills
228200*Throwing and winding mills
228299*Throwing and winding mills, nec
22829900*Throwing and winding mills, nec
22829905*Throwing yarn
38290113*Thrust power indicators, aircraft engine
28340105*Thyroid preparations
79229904*Ticket agency, theatrical
35799911*Ticket counting machines
47290105*Ticket offices, transportation, nec
79999916*Ticket sales office for sporting events, contract
27520703*Tickets, lithographed
27549918*Tickets: gravure printing
27590903*Tickets: printing, nsk
37140124*Tie rods, motor vehicle
56119907*Tie shops
22410303*Tie tapes, woven or braided
35999918*Ties, form: metal
23230103*Ties, handsewn: made from purchased materials
32720320*Ties, railroad: concrete
22520200*Tights and leg warmers
225202*Tights and leg warmers
22520202*Tights, except women's
22519903*Tights, women's
32550300*Tile and brick refractories, except plastic
325503*Tile and brick refractories, except plastic
50320300*Tile and clay products
503203*Tile and clay products
17439904*Tile installation, ceramic
35599933*Tile making machines
52110507*Tile, ceramic
50320306*Tile, clay or other ceramic, excluding refractory
32550305*Tile, clay refractory
34699917*Tile, floor, or wall: stamped metal
39969902*Tile, floor: supported plastic
32720321*Tile, precast terrazzo or concrete
30690208*Tile, rubber
32990202*Tile, sand lime
50320307*Tile, structural clay
30819903*Tile, unsupported plastics
32920702*Tile, vinyl asbestos
24990505*Tiles, cork
08519904*Timber cruising services
08519905*Timber estimating services
50990208*Timber products, rough
16290404*Timber removal
08110000*Timber tracts
0811*Timber Tracts
081100*Timber tracts
08119902*Timber tracts, hardwood
08119900*Timber tracts, nec
081199*Timber tracts, nec
08119903*Timber tracts, softwood
42120302*Timber trucking, local
08519906*Timber valuation services
24119905*Timber, cut at logging camp
24399902*Timbers, structural: laminated lumber
35799912*Time clocks and time recording devices
38250237*Time code generators
38230419*Time cycle and program controllers, industrial process type
38210404*Time interval measuring equipment, electric (lab type)
34290205*Time locks
763101*Time piece repair services
76310100*Time piece repair services
38220107*Time program controls, air-conditioning systems
39530110*Time stamps, hand: rubber or metal
50630219*Time switches
36130104*Time switches, electrical switchgear apparatus
38739907*Timers for industrial use, clockwork mechanism only
73891408*Time-share condominium exchange
65310402*Time-sharing real estate sales, leasing and rentals
36259917*Timing devices, electronic
36219907*Timing motors, synchronous, electric
01390105*Timothy farm
28190921*Tin (stannic/stannous) compounds or salts, inorganic
33560501*Tin and tin alloy bars, pipe, sheets, etc.
33560502*Tin and tin alloy: rolling, drawing, or extruding
50510405*Tin and tin base metals, shapes, forms, etc., nec
34119906*Tin cans
34979910*Tin foil
10999907*Tin ore mining
50510406*Tin plate
50510407*Tin plate bars
33399916*Tin refining (primary)
33419913*Tin smelting and refining (secondary)
33399917*Tin-base alloys (primary)
28340805*Tinctures, pharmaceutical
33129908*Tin-free steel
34239926*Tinners' hand tools, except snips
76991207*Tinsmithing, repair work
23960404*Tip printing and stamping on fabric
31310503*Tips, shoe
30110300*Tire and inner tube materials and related products
301103*Tire and inner tube materials and related products
50149903*Tire and tube repair materials
34960202*Tire chains
2296*Tire Cord and Fabrics
229600*Tire cord and fabrics
22960000*Tire cord and fabrics
23999912*Tire covers
35590701*Tire grooving machines
35630101*Tire inflators, hand or compressor operated
75349902*Tire recapping
75349903*Tire repair shop
75340000*Tire retreading and repair shops
753400*Tire retreading and repair shops
7534*Tire Retreading and Repair Shops
753499*Tire retreading and repair shops, nec
75349900*Tire retreading and repair shops, nec
35590702*Tire retreading machinery and equipment
35590703*Tire shredding machinery
75349904*Tire studding and restudding
30110302*Tire sundries or tire repair materials, rubber
37140701*Tire valve cores
3011*Tires and Inner Tubes
301100*Tires and inner tubes
30110000*Tires and inner tubes
30119900*Tires and inner tubes, nec
301199*Tires and inner tubes, nec
50140000*Tires and tubes
5014*Tires and Tubes
501400*Tires and tubes
501499*Tires and tubes, nec
50149900*Tires and tubes, nec
30119901*Tires, cushion or solid rubber
30899922*Tires, plastics
30119902*Tires, semi-pneumatic
50149904*Tires, used
50159901*Tires, used: retail only
30110303*Tiring, continuous lengths: rubber, with metal core
30110304*Tiring, continuous lengths: rubber, without metal core
30890217*Tissue dispensers, plastics
26210107*Tissue paper
10990502*Titaniferous-magnetite mining
33560601*Titanium and titanium alloy bars, sheets, strip, etc.
33560602*Titanium and titanium alloy: rolling, drawing, or extruding
10990500*Titanium and zirconium ores mining
33699905*Titanium castings, except die-casting
33649902*Titanium die-castings
28160105*Titanium dioxide, anatase or rutile (pigments)
33399918*Titanium metal, sponge and granules
10990503*Titanium ore mining
6541*Title abstract Offices
654100*Title abstract offices
65410000*Title abstract offices
65419900*Title abstract offices, nec
654199*Title abstract offices, nec
65419901*Title and trust companies
63610000*Title insurance
6361*Title Insurance
636100*Title insurance
64110306*Title insurance agents
63619900*Title insurance, nec
636199*Title insurance, nec
65419902*Title reconveyance companies
65419903*Title search companies
28920220*TNT and DNT, trinitrotoluene and dinitrotoluene
36340118*Toasters, electric: household
5194*Tobacco and Tobacco Products
519400*Tobacco and tobacco products
51940000*Tobacco and tobacco products
51590601*Tobacco auctioning and warehousing
22110814*Tobacco cloths
35230116*Tobacco curers
51590600*Tobacco distributors and products
515906*Tobacco distributors and products
07230109*Tobacco grading services
24210403*Tobacco hogshead stock
24490205*Tobacco hogsheads
39990509*Tobacco pipes, pipestems, and bits
31729904*Tobacco pouches
21*Tobacco Products
35599934*Tobacco products machinery
21419901*Tobacco redrying
73899950*Tobacco sheeting service
21419902*Tobacco stemming
21410000*Tobacco stemming and redrying
2141*Tobacco Stemming and Redrying
214100*Tobacco stemming and redrying
214199*Tobacco stemming and redrying, nec
21419900*Tobacco stemming and redrying, nec
5993*Tobacco Stores and Stands
599300*Tobacco stores and stands
59930000*Tobacco stores and stands
59939900*Tobacco stores and stands, nec
599399*Tobacco stores and stands, nec
21419903*Tobacco thrashing (mechanical stemming)
42219903*Tobacco warehousing and storage
51590602*Tobacco, leaf
07220306*Tobacco, machine harvesting services
31310504*Toe caps, leather or metal
20240308*Tofu desserts, frozen
20999918*Tofu, except frozen desserts
51220203*Toilet articles
39910305*Toilet brushes
30889905*Toilet fixtures, plastics
32610207*Toilet fixtures, vitreous china
31720207*Toilet kits and cases
26760104*Toilet paper: made from purchased paper
28440000*Toilet preparations
28449905*Toilet preparations
51220204*Toilet preparations
59991303*Toilet preparations
2844*Toilet Preparations
284400*Toilet preparations
284499*Toilet preparations, nec
28449900*Toilet preparations, nec
51220205*Toilet soap
26210108*Toilet tissue stock
39140207*Toilet ware, nickle silver
39149908*Toilet ware, nsk
39140307*Toilet ware, pewter
39140408*Toilet ware, plated (all metals)
39140110*Toilet ware, silver
39140507*Toilet ware, stainless steel
599913*Toiletries, cosmetics, and perfumes
59991300*Toiletries, cosmetics, and perfumes
50999915*Toilets, portable
30899923*Toilets, portable chemical: plastics
38290602*Toll booths, automatic
47850101*Toll bridge operation
47850100*Toll operations
478501*Toll operations
47850102*Toll road operation
36610114*Toll switching equipment, telephone
20330107*Tomato cocktails: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
01619907*Tomato farm
20330108*Tomato juice: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
20330109*Tomato paste: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
20330100*Tomato products, packaged in cans, jars, etc.
203301*Tomato products, packaged in cans, jars, etc.
20330110*Tomato purees: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
20330111*Tomato sauce: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
01820105*Tomatoes, grown under cover
73899951*Tombstone engraving
32810505*Tombstones, cut stone (not finishing or lettering only)
32720322*Tombstones, precast terrazzo or concrete
38610603*Toners, prepared photographic (not made in chemical plants)
38429925*Tongue depressors
31310404*Tongues, shoe and boot, leather
28440105*Tonics, hair
38410214*Tonometers, medical
50840516*Tool and die makers equipment
33120803*Tool and die steel
33120800*Tool and die steel and alloys
331208*Tool and die steel and alloys
24410301*Tool chests, wood
24990812*Tool handles, wood
35450327*Tool holders
50840517*Tool holders (e.g., chucks, turrets)
73599911*Tool rental
76992300*Tool repair services
769923*Tool repair services
76299906*Tool repair, electric
25990103*Tool stands, factory
35450328*Tools and accessories for machine tools
50130205*Tools and equipment, automotive
50150203*Tools and equipment, used: automotive
59619921*Tools and hardware, mail order
34239927*Tools or equipment for use with sporting arms
52510103*Tools, hand
50850604*Tools, nec
52510104*Tools, power
36340512*Toothbrushes, electric
51220206*Toothbrushes, except electric
39910306*Toothbrushes, except electric
28440203*Toothpastes or powders, dentifrices
24991007*Toothpicks, wood
7532*Top and Body Repair and Paint Shops
753200*Top and body repair and paint shops
75320000*Top and body repair and paint shops
75329900*Top and body repair and paint shops, nec
753299*Top and body repair and paint shops, nec
30690504*Top lift sheets, rubber
31310205*Top lifts, shoe and boot
30691304*Top roll covering, for textile mill machinery: rubber
52610205*Top soil
14599908*Topaz (nongem) mining
51450103*Toppings, soda fountain
75320405*Tops (canvas or plastic), installation or repair: automotive
229907*Tops and top processing, manmade or other fiber
22990700*Tops and top processing, manmade or other fiber
34659905*Tops, automobile: stamped metal
22990702*Tops, combing and converting
22990703*Tops, manmade fiber
37140307*Tops, motor vehicle
30890218*Tops: dispenser, shaker, etc.: plastics
34839913*Torpedoes and parts (ordnance)
75390203*Torque converter repair, automotive
35669905*Torque converters, except auto
36219908*Torque motors, electric
34930105*Torsion bar springs
38290409*Torsion testing equipment
20960202*Tortilla chips
20999919*Tortillas, fresh or refrigerated
20320213*Tortillas: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
38240114*Totalizing meters, consumption registering
799916*Tour and guide services
79991600*Tour and guide services
4725*Tour Operators
472500*Tour operators
47250000*Tour operators
47259900*Tour operators, nec
472599*Tour operators, nec
47249901*Tourist agency arranging transport, lodging and car rental
79991511*Tourist attraction, commercial
79991500*Tourist attractions, amusement park concessions and rides
799915*Tourist attractions, amusement park concessions and rides
70110202*Tourist camps, cabins, cottages, and courts
79991603*Tourist guide
73899952*Tourist information bureau
47259903*Tours, conducted
35350104*Tow conveyors
37280504*Tow targets
22990704*Tow to top mills
37310113*Towboats, building and repairing
32610105*Towel bar holders, vitreous china
72130102*Towel supply
28449906*Towelettes, premoistened
26210109*Toweling tissue (paper)
22110305*Towels and toweling, cotton
22990507*Towels and towelings, linen and linen-and-cotton mixtures
23920500*Towels, dishcloths and dust cloths
239205*Towels, dishcloths and dust cloths
221103*Towels, dishcloths and washcloths: cotton
22110300*Towels, dishcloths and washcloths: cotton
23920504*Towels, fabric and nonwoven: made from purchased materials
22590202*Towels, knit
26760100*Towels, napkins, and tissue paper products
267601*Towels, napkins, and tissue paper products
51130205*Towels, paper
26760105*Towels, paper: made from purchased paper
26210100*Towels, tissues and napkins; paper and stock
262101*Towels, tissues and napkins; paper and stock
225902*Towels, washcloths, and dishcloths: knit
22590200*Towels, washcloths, and dishcloths: knit
17999931*Tower bell installation and repair
34419908*Tower sections, radio and television transmission
34430123*Towers (bubble, cooling, fractionating, etc.): metal plate
75210102*Tow-in parking lots
4492*Towing and Tugboat Service
449200*Towing and tugboat service
44920000*Towing and tugboat service
44929900*Towing and tugboat service, nec
449299*Towing and tugboat service, nec
37990104*Towing bars and systems
75490301*Towing service, automotive
75490300*Towing services
754903*Towing services
75490302*Towing, mobile homes
91210204*Town council
15219903*Townhouse construction
15319905*Townhouse developers
495903*Toxic or hazardous waste cleanup
49590300*Toxic or hazardous waste cleanup
28360500*Toxins, viruses, and similar substances, including venom
283605*Toxins, viruses, and similar substances, including venom
394404*Toy guns
39440400*Toy guns
39440500*Toy musical instruments
394405*Toy musical instruments
509203*Toy novelties and amusements
50920300*Toy novelties and amusements
39440600*Toy trains, airplanes, and automobiles
394406*Toy trains, airplanes, and automobiles
36120316*Toy transformers
50920200*Toys and games
59450200*Toys and games
509202*Toys and games
594502*Toys and games
59619922*Toys and games (including dolls and models), mail order
50920000*Toys and hobby goods and supplies
5092*Toys and Hobby Goods and Supplies
509200*Toys and hobby goods and supplies
509299*Toys and hobby goods and supplies, nec
50929900*Toys and hobby goods and supplies, nec
50920208*Toys, nec
30699918*Toys, rubber
28799906*Trace elements (agricultural chemicals)
39529902*Tracing cloth (drafting material)
22110815*Tracing cloth, cotton
39499914*Track and field athletic equipment
50510219*Track spikes
50820103*Tracklaying equipment
37430204*Trackless trolley buses
38429926*Traction apparatus
76991402*Tractor repair
50829908*Tractor-mounting equipment
50830312*Tractors, agricultural
50820308*Tractors, construction
35310614*Tractors, construction
35310615*Tractors, crawler
35239904*Tractors, farm
50840606*Tractors, industrial
35310616*Tractors, tracklaying
35370216*Tractors, used in plants, docks,terminals, etc.: industrial
861101*Trade associations
86110100*Trade associations
27890306*Trade binding services
96119905*Trade commission, government
27210205*Trade journals: publishing and printing
27210105*Trade journals: publishing only, not printed on site
824901*Trade school
82490100*Trade school
73890309*Trade show arrangement
86319904*Trade union
62110109*Traders, security
59479903*Trading cards: baseball or other sports, entertainment, etc.
73890310*Trading stamp promotion and redemption
27529907*Trading stamps, lithographed
27549919*Trading stamps: gravure printing
27599919*Trading stamps: printing, nsk
87480204*Traffic consultant
36690206*Traffic signals, electric
79991604*Trail guide
37159905*Trailer bodies
37929907*Trailer coaches, automobile
37990105*Trailer hitches
55310106*Trailer hitches, automotive
37149909*Trailer hitches, motor vehicle
75490104*Trailer maintenance
42139911*Trailer or container on flat car (TOFC/COFC)
70339904*Trailer park
70330000*Trailer parks and campsites
7033*Trailer Parks and Campsites
703300*Trailer parks and campsites
703399*Trailer parks and campsites, nec
70339900*Trailer parks and campsites, nec
50139903*Trailer parts and accessories
50159902*Trailer parts and accessories, used
75199901*Trailer rental
75399906*Trailer repair
37990100*Trailers and trailer equipment
379901*Trailers and trailer equipment
35239905*Trailers and wagons, farm
50120307*Trailers for passenger vehicles
50120205*Trailers for trucks, new and used
37159906*Trailers or vans for transporting horses
50840607*Trailers, industrial
37430111*Train cars and equipment, freight or passenger
87420206*Training and development consultant
59991702*Training materials, electronic
78120111*Training motion picture production
83610203*Training school for delinquents
07520302*Training services, horses (except racing horses)
07520303*Training services, pet and animal specialties (not horses)
39440603*Trains and equipment, toy: electric and mechanical
79999917*Trampoline operation
39499915*Trampolines and equipment
59410402*Trampolines and equipment
50910505*Trampolines and equipment
28340205*Tranquilizers or mental drug preparations
38450208*Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS)
38250238*Transducers for volts, amperes, watts, vars, frequency, etc.
36790111*Transducers, electrical
26720110*Transfer paper, gold or silver: from purchased materials
27520603*Transfers, decalcomania or dry: lithographed
26310413*Transformer board
35480108*Transformers (separate), for arc welders
50630100*Transformers and transmission equipment
506301*Transformers and transmission equipment
36770104*Transformers power supply, electronic type
50630104*Transformers, electric
50650310*Transformers, electronic
36120000*Transformers, except electric
36129900*Transformers, except electric, nec
38250239*Transformers, portable: instrument
731901*Transit advertising services
73190100*Transit advertising services
96219904*Transit system or authority: government, nonoperating
38290314*Transits, surveyors'
73899953*Translation services
36120110*Transmission and distribution voltage regulators
31990308*Transmission belting, leather
30520301*Transmission belting, rubber
29920104*Transmission fluid: made from purchased materials
37140211*Transmission housings or parts, motor vehicle
49119903*Transmission, electric power
37140212*Transmissions, motor vehicle
36710200*Transmittal, industrial and special purpose electron tubes
367102*Transmittal, industrial and special purpose electron tubes
36630111*Transmitter-receivers, radio
38230420*Transmitters of process variables, stand. signal conversion
36639913*Transmitting apparatus, radio or television
16230204*Transmitting tower (telecommunication) construction
32110100*Transparent optical glass, except lenses
321101*Transparent optical glass, except lenses
47319906*Transport clearinghouse
37310207*Transport vessels, troop: building and repairing
44490104*Transportation (freight) on bays and sounds of the ocean
47310100*Transportation agents and brokers
473101*Transportation agents and brokers
45*Transportation by Air
87420410*Transportation consultant
96219905*Transportation department: government, nonoperating
37*Transportation Equipment
5088*Transportation Equipment and Supplies
508800*Transportation equipment and supplies
50880000*Transportation equipment and supplies
50889900*Transportation equipment and supplies, nec
508899*Transportation equipment and supplies, nec
3799*Transportation Equipment, Nec
379900*Transportation equipment, nec
37990000*Transportation equipment, nec
37999900*Transportation equipment, nec, nec
379999*Transportation equipment, nec, nec
478502*Transportation inspection services
47850200*Transportation inspection services
47*Transportation Services
4789*Transportation Services, Nec
478900*Transportation services, nec
47890000*Transportation services, nec
47899900*Transportation services, nec, nec
478999*Transportation services, nec, nec
366902*Transportation signaling devices
36690200*Transportation signaling devices
47290100*Transportation ticket offices
472901*Transportation ticket offices
48229905*Transradio press service
39490514*Trap racks (clay targets)
14290103*Trap rock, crushed and broken-quarrying
14110303*Trap rock, dimension-quarrying
34969914*Traps, animal and fish
79990705*Trapshooting facility, non-membership
26730202*Trash bags (plastic film): made from purchased materials
36390103*Trash compactors, household
34430124*Trash racks, metal plate
4724*Travel Agencies
472400*Travel agencies
47240000*Travel agencies
47249900*Travel agencies, nec
472499*Travel agencies, nec
82499906*Travel agent school
86999910*Travel club
37929908*Travel trailer chassis
37920000*Travel trailers and campers
3792*Travel Trailers and Campers
379200*Travel trailers and campers
379299*Travel trailers and campers, nec
37929900*Travel trailers and campers, nec
55610102*Travel trailers: automobile, new and used
75199902*Travel, camping or recreational trailer rental
83229904*Travelers' aid
60999911*Travelers' checks issuance
31610104*Traveling bags
36710215*Traveling wave tubes
14229906*Travertine, crushed and broken-quarrying
14110106*Travertine, dimension-quarrying
22980206*Trawl twine
37310114*Trawlers, building and repairing
39140208*Trays, nickle silver
39149909*Trays, nsk
39140308*Trays, pewter
38610209*Trays, photographic printing and processing
30890219*Trays, plastics
39140409*Trays, plated (all metals)
30699919*Trays, rubber
39140111*Trays, silver
39140508*Trays, stainless steel
36340208*Trays, warming
24991008*Trays: wood, wicker, and bagasse
30110305*Tread rubber, camelback for tire retreading
93110205*Treasurers' office, government
72180102*Treated equipment supply: mats, rugs, mops, cloths, etc.
39999941*Treating clock and watch dials with luminous material
08119904*Tree farm
07230500*Tree nut crops market preparation services
072305*Tree nut crops market preparation services
0173*Tree Nuts
017300*Tree nuts
01730000*Tree nuts
07230504*Tree nuts (general) hulling and shelling services
07220204*Tree nuts, machine harvesting services
01739900*Tree nuts, nec
017399*Tree nuts, nec
07210104*Tree orchards, cultivation of
08319903*Tree seeds extracting
08310109*Tree seeds gathering
07830105*Tree trimming services for public utility lines
24310703*Trellises, wood
16299906*Trenching contractor
24910204*Trestles, treated wood
22580204*Tricot fabrics
50310104*Trim, sheet metal
24310603*Trim, wood
22990213*Trimming felts, except woven
23960206*Trimming, fabric, nsk
31310505*Trimmings (leather), shoe
39110304*Trimmings for canes, umbrellas, etc.: precious metal
51310215*Trimmings, apparel
39990307*Trimmings, feather
22410109*Trimmings, textile
20139919*Tripe, from purchased meat
38270119*Triplet magnifying instruments, optical
38610316*Tripods, camera and projector
14999918*Tripoli mining
36120317*Tripping transformers
37430205*Trolley bus poles
35350105*Trolley conveyors
36439906*Trolley line material, overhead
41110202*Trolley operation
37430206*Trolley retrievers
37430207*Trolley shoes
39310405*Trombones and parts
59999927*Trophies and plaques
34990404*Trophies, metal, except silver
39140209*Trophies, nickle silver
39149910*Trophies, nsk
39140309*Trophies, pewter
39140410*Trophies, plated (all metals)
39140112*Trophies, silver
39140509*Trophies, stainless steel
24999914*Trophy bases, wood
59991105*Tropical fish
51990306*Tropical fish
02730104*Tropical fish farm
36999912*Trouble lights
34430804*Troughs, industrial: metal plate
36340513*Trouser pressers, electric
22110213*Trouserings, cotton
22310106*Trouserings: wool, mohair, or similar fibers
23250203*Trousers, dress (separate): men's, youths', and boys'
51360502*Trousers, men's and boys'
02730105*Trout farm
35969907*Truck (motor vehicle) scales
15419911*Truck and automobile assembly plant construction
3713*Truck and Bus Bodies
371300*Truck and bus bodies
37130000*Truck and bus bodies
37110200*Truck and tractor truck assembly
371102*Truck and tractor truck assembly
37130101*Truck beds
50120206*Truck bodies
37130102*Truck bodies (motor vehicles)
37130100*Truck bodies and parts
371301*Truck bodies and parts
37130103*Truck cabs, for motor vehicles
37929909*Truck campers (slide-in)
36259918*Truck controls, industrial battery
73639909*Truck driver services
82990402*Truck driving training
75380104*Truck engine repair, except industrial
55310107*Truck equipment and parts
01619908*Truck farm
61590205*Truck finance leasing
75139901*Truck leasing, without drivers
30110107*Truck or bus inner tubes
30110207*Truck or bus tires, pneumatic
75320203*Truck painting and lettering
50130119*Truck parts and accessories
751300*Truck rental and leasing, no drivers
75130000*Truck rental and leasing, no drivers
75139900*Truck rental and leasing, no drivers, nec
751399*Truck rental and leasing, no drivers, nec
7513*Truck Rental and Leasing, Without Drivers
42129913*Truck rental with drivers
75139902*Truck rental, without drivers
72120103*Truck route, laundry and drycleaning
55419903*Truck stops
50149905*Truck tires and tubes
37130104*Truck tops
50120207*Truck tractors
37110202*Truck tractors for highway use, assembly of
37159907*Truck trailer chassis
37150000*Truck trailers
3715*Truck Trailers
371500*Truck trailers
371599*Truck trailers, nec
37159900*Truck trailers, nec
35370217*Truck trailers, used in plants, docks, terminals, etc.
47310104*Truck transportation brokers
75429903*Truck wash
42310000*Trucking terminal facilities
4231*Trucking Terminal Facilities
423100*Trucking terminal facilities
4213*Trucking, Except Local
421300*Trucking, except local
42130000*Trucking, except local
42139900*Trucking, except local, nec
421399*Trucking, except local, nec
35320410*Trucks (dollies), mining
50120208*Trucks, commercial
50840608*Trucks, industrial
50120103*Trucks, noncommercial
35310617*Trucks, off-highway
37110203*Trucks, pickup, assembly of
55119903*Trucks, tractors, and trailers: new and used
55219904*Trucks, tractors, and trailers: used
35370200*Trucks, tractors, loaders, carriers, and similar equipment
353702*Trucks, tractors, loaders, carriers, and similar equipment
35370218*Trucks: freight, baggage, etc.: industrial, except mining
01820106*Truffles, grown under cover
39310406*Trumpets and parts
24410302*Trunk slats, wood
59489903*Trunks (luggage)
34439915*Truss plates, metal
34480203*Trusses and framing, prefabricated metal
24399903*Trusses, except roof: laminated lumber
38420418*Trusses, orthopedic and surgical
24399904*Trusses, wooden roof
67339901*Trusts, except educational, religious, charity: management
67330000*Trusts, nec
6733*Trusts, Nec
673300*Trusts, nec
673399*Trusts, nec, nec
67339900*Trusts, nec, nec
67320000*Trusts: educational, religious, etc.
6732*Trusts: Educational, Religious, Etc.
673200*Trusts: educational, religious, etc.
673299*Trusts: educational, religious, etc., nec
67329900*Trusts: educational, religious, etc., nec
22530103*T-shirts and tops, knit
23319903*T-shirts and tops, women's: made from purchased materials
23610103*T-shirts and tops: girls', children's, and infants'
56990406*T-shirts, custom printed
33540202*Tube blooms, extruded, aluminum
34989907*Tube fabricating (contract bending and shaping)
34699918*Tube fins, stamped metal
36799912*Tube retainers, electronic
36799913*Tube spacers, mica
26211005*Tube stock
38250240*Tube testers
36799914*Tube transformer assemblies used in firing electronic tubes
33540203*Tube, extruded or drawn, aluminum
80690301*Tuberculosis hospital
36710216*Tubes for operating above the X-ray spectrum
36410110*Tubes, electric light
26550103*Tubes, fiber or paper: made from purchased material
26550104*Tubes, for chemical or electrical uses: paper or fiber
30691009*Tubes, hard rubber
26550303*Tubes, mailing: made from purchased paper fiber
32649908*Tubes, porcelain
33170102*Tubes, seamless steel
33120602*Tubes, steel and iron
30829902*Tubes, unsupported plastics
33539903*Tubes, welded, aluminum
33170204*Tubes, wrought: welded or lock joint
32920500*Tubing and piping, asbestos and asbestos cement
329205*Tubing and piping, asbestos and asbestos cement
32999906*Tubing for electrical purposes, quartz
32920504*Tubing, asbestos
33510203*Tubing, copper and copper alloy
35990203*Tubing, flexible metallic
32290502*Tubing, glass
33170103*Tubing, mechanical or hypodermic sizes: cold drawn stainless
50519911*Tubing, metal
30699920*Tubing, rubber
22110112*Tubing, seamless: cotton
22959905*Tubing, textile: varnished
30889906*Tubs (bath, shower, and laundry), plastics
30890111*Tubs, plastics (containers)
24490206*Tubs, wood: coopered
23950402*Tucking: for the trade
17419908*Tuckpointing or restoration
44929904*Tugboat service
37310115*Tugboats, building and repairing
30890220*Tumblers, plastics
34710209*Tumbling (cleaning and polishing) of machine parts
20910336*Tuna fish, preserved and cured
20910337*Tuna fish: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
09129913*Tuna, catching of
75399907*Tune-up service, automotive
01739907*Tung nut grove
20769909*Tung oil
32910508*Tungsten carbide abrasive
33139902*Tungsten carbide powder
28190702*Tungsten carbide powder, except abrasive or metallurgical
10610400*Tungsten ores mining
106104*Tungsten ores mining
33569903*Tungsten, basic shapes
16229903*Tunnel construction
36740108*Tunnel diodes
34430602*Tunnel lining, metal plate
47859902*Tunnel operation, vehicular
35310618*Tunnelling machinery
38230308*Turbidity instruments, industrial process type
34620202*Turbine engine forgings, ferrous
38230309*Turbine flow meters, industrial process type
38240115*Turbine meters
35110100*Turbines and turbine generator set units, complete
351101*Turbines and turbine generator set units, complete
3511*Turbines and Turbine Generator Sets
351100*Turbines and turbine generator sets
35110000*Turbines and turbine generator sets
35110200*Turbines and turbine generator sets and parts
351102*Turbines and turbine generator sets and parts
37249915*Turbines, aircraft type
35640204*Turbo-blowers, industrial
37249916*Turbo-superchargers, aircraft
35230500*Turf and grounds equipment
352305*Turf and grounds equipment
35230503*Turf equipment, commercial
07820210*Turf installation services, except artificial
02539901*Turkey egg farm
02539902*Turkey farm
20150800*Turkey processing and slaughtering
201508*Turkey processing and slaughtering
20150801*Turkey, processed, nsk
20150802*Turkey, processed: canned
20150803*Turkey, processed: cooked
20150804*Turkey, processed: fresh
20150805*Turkey, processed: frozen
20150806*Turkey, slaughtered and dressed
02530000*Turkeys and turkey eggs
0253*Turkeys and Turkey Eggs
025300*Turkeys and turkey eggs
025399*Turkeys and turkey eggs, nec
02539900*Turkeys and turkey eggs, nec
72990203*Turkish bath
24260109*Turnings, furniture: wood
73730301*Turnkey vendors, computer systems
38290603*Turnstiles, equipped with counting mechanisms
38299921*Turntable indicator testers
08310204*Turpentine and rosin distillation (in forest, on farm)
28610106*Turpentine, pine oil
14990110*Turquoise mining
35410403*Turret lathes
37280405*Turret test fixtures, aircraft
37280406*Turrets and turret drives, aircraft
09199909*Turtles, catching of
82990202*Tutoring school
72990903*Tuxedo rental
23110105*Tuxedos: made from purchased materials
50650408*TV parts and accessories, nec
78190302*TV tape services: editing, transfers, etc.
32290503*TV tube blanks, glass
22110516*Twills, cotton
22110500*Twills, drills, denims and other ribbed fabrics: cotton
221105*Twills, drills, denims and other ribbed fabrics: cotton
22210704*Twills, manmade fiber
229802*Twine, cord and cordage
22980200*Twine, cord and cordage
22980207*Twine, nec
32920600*Twisted asbestos fiber products
329206*Twisted asbestos fiber products
22829906*Twisting yarn
355505*Type and type making machinery and equipment
35550500*Type and type making machinery and equipment
35550309*Type cases, printers'
35550501*Type casting, founding, or melting machines
35550502*Type, foundry (for printing)
30699921*Type, rubber
35550503*Type: lead, steel, brass, copper faced, etc.
35559905*Typesetting machines: linotype, monotype, intertype, etc.
27919901*Typesetting, computer controlled
27919900*Typesetting, nec
279199*Typesetting, nec
50440300*Typewriter and dictation equipment
504403*Typewriter and dictation equipment
76999911*Typewriter repair, including electric
22111216*Typewriter ribbon cloth
22210908*Typewriter ribbon cloth, manmade fiber
59991400*Typewriters and business machines
599914*Typewriters and business machines
35790201*Typewriters and parts
35790200*Typing and word processing machines
357902*Typing and word processing machines
27910104*Typographic composition, for the printing trade
35559906*Typographic numbering machines
43110000*U.s. postal service
4311*U.S. Postal Service
431100*U.s. postal service
39310209*Ukuleles and parts
38430119*Ultrasonic dental equipment
38419907*Ultrasonic medical cleaning equipment
38450120*Ultrasonic medical equipment, except cleaning
35419915*Ultrasonic metal cutting machine tools
38450121*Ultrasonic scanning devices, medical
38299922*Ultrasonic testing equipment
35429921*Ultrasonically assisted metal forming machines
80719901*Ultrasound laboratory
38260115*Ultraviolet analytical instruments
36489909*Ultraviolet lamp fixtures
36410211*Ultraviolet lamps
36740402*Ultra-violet sensors, solid state
14790103*Umber mining
22119923*Umbrella cloth, cotton
76999912*Umbrella repair shop
39990600*Umbrellas, canes, and parts
399906*Umbrellas, canes, and parts
39990603*Umbrellas, garden or wagon
51360405*Umbrellas, men's and boys'
25119908*Unassembled or unfinished furniture, household: wood
26219904*Uncoated paper
75499905*Undercoating/rustproofing cars
28510109*Undercoatings, paint
10210103*Underground copper ore mining
10410103*Underground gold mining
10110103*Underground iron ore mining
12319904*Underground mining, anthracite
12229901*Underground mining, semianthracite
12229902*Underground mining, semibituminous
12229903*Underground mining, subbituminous
10440103*Underground silver mining
16239906*Underground utilities contractor
36489910*Underwater lighting fixtures
36990405*Underwater sound equipment
22110214*Underwear fabrics, cotton
22210205*Underwear fabrics, manmade fiber and silk
22549903*Underwear, knit
51360203*Underwear, men's and boys'
23229902*Underwear, men's and boys': made from purchased materials
51370204*Underwear: women's, children's, and infants'
62110207*Underwriters, security
44929905*Undocking of ocean vessels
94410103*Unemployment insurance office, government
50219907*Unfinished furniture
57129906*Unfinished furniture
235301*Uniform hats and caps
23530100*Uniform hats and caps
23219902*Uniform shirts: made from purchased materials
72130204*Uniform supply
238902*Uniforms and vestments
23890200*Uniforms and vestments
569901*Uniforms and work clothing
56990100*Uniforms and work clothing
23390311*Uniforms, athletic: women's, misses', and juniors'
23379901*Uniforms, except athletic: women's, misses', and juniors'
51360603*Uniforms, men's and boys'
51379905*Uniforms, women's and children's
63710200*Union funds
637102*Union funds
22540106*Union suits, knit
63710201*Union trust funds
63710202*Union welfare, benefit, and health funds
56519902*Unisex clothing stores
72319902*Unisex hair salons
353501*Unit handling conveying systems
35350100*Unit handling conveying systems
34330206*Unit heaters, domestic
67269906*Unit investment trusts
17419909*Unit paver installation
27619906*Unit sets (manifold business forms)
50630105*Unit substations
12210202*Unit train loading facility, bituminous or lignite
83999910*United Fund councils
97219907*United Nations
92220104*United States attorneys' office
43*United States Postal Service
37110305*Universal carriers, military, assembly of
37140213*Universal joints, motor vehicle
86410202*University club
44910103*Unloading vessels
3081*Unsupported Plastics Film and Sheet
308100*Unsupported plastics film and sheet
30810000*Unsupported plastics film and sheet
30819900*Unsupported plastics film and sheet, nec
308199*Unsupported plastics film and sheet, nec
3082*Unsupported Plastics Profile Shapes
308200*Unsupported plastics profile shapes
30820000*Unsupported plastics profile shapes
30829900*Unsupported plastics profile shapes, nec
308299*Unsupported plastics profile shapes, nec
2512*Upholstered Household Furniture
251200*Upholstered household furniture
25120000*Upholstered household furniture
25129900*Upholstered household furniture, nec
251299*Upholstered household furniture, nec
50879912*Upholsterers' equipment and supplies
75320101*Upholstery and trim shop, automotive
72170102*Upholstery cleaning on customer premises
22110611*Upholstery fabrics, cotton
22210605*Upholstery fabrics, manmade fiber and silk
22310305*Upholstery fabrics, wool
51310119*Upholstery fabrics, woven
22990108*Upholstery filling, textile
31119903*Upholstery leather
57149904*Upholstery materials
34959903*Upholstery springs, unassembled
764101*Upholstery work
76410100*Upholstery work
22110600*Upholstery, tapestry and wall coverings: cotton
221106*Upholstery, tapestry and wall coverings: cotton
222106*Upholstery, tapestry, and wall covering fabrics
22210600*Upholstery, tapestry, and wall covering fabrics
31110203*Upper leather
35429922*Upsetters (forging machines)
10949905*Uranium ore mining, nec
10940000*Uranium-radium-vanadium ores
1094*Uranium-radium-vanadium Ores
109400*Uranium-radium-vanadium ores
109499*Uranium-radium-vanadium ores, nec
10949900*Uranium-radium-vanadium ores, nec
953200*Urban and community development
9532*Urban and Community Development
95320000*Urban and community development
95320403*Urban and community development, County government
95320401*Urban and community development, Federal government
95320400*Urban and community development, level of government
953204*Urban and community development, level of government
95320404*Urban and community development, Local government
95329900*Urban and community development, nec
953299*Urban and community development, nec
95320402*Urban and community development, State government
87480200*Urban planning and consulting services
874802*Urban planning and consulting services
95320201*Urban planning and development commission, government
95320202*Urban renewal agency, government
95320200*Urban renewal and development
953202*Urban renewal and development
28210108*Urea resins
30691010*Urinals, rubber
32610208*Urinals, vitreous china
34310105*Urinals: enameled iron, cast iron or pressed metal
80710105*Urinalysis laboratory
32810204*Urns, cut stone
36340119*Urns, electric: household
55210000*Used car dealers
5521*Used Car Dealers
552100*Used car dealers
552199*Used car dealers, nec
55219900*Used car dealers, nec
59320000*Used merchandise stores
5932*Used Merchandise Stores
593200*Used merchandise stores
593299*Used merchandise stores, nec
59329900*Used merchandise stores, nec
73639910*Usher service
336501*Utensils, cast aluminum
33650100*Utensils, cast aluminum
34690103*Utensils, household: metal, except cast
34690203*Utensils, household: porcelain enameled
26560105*Utensils, paper: made from purchased material
26790206*Utensils, pressed and molded pulp: from purchased material
73729907*Utility computer software
75190000*Utility trailer rental
7519*Utility Trailer Rental
751900*Utility trailer rental
751999*Utility trailer rental, nec
75199900*Utility trailer rental, nec
55999905*Utility trailers
37130213*Utility truck bodies
30530207*U-valve packing, leather
67330103*Vacation funds for employees
70110200*Vacation lodges
701102*Vacation lodges
07519905*Vaccinating services, livestock
07529903*Vaccinating services, pet and animal specialties
28360300*Vaccines and other immunizing products
283603*Vaccines and other immunizing products
35630103*Vacuum (air extraction) systems, industrial
34299913*Vacuum bottles or jugs
37140503*Vacuum brakes, motor vehicle
26749906*Vacuum cleaner bags: made from purchased materials
30520204*Vacuum cleaner hose, plastic
30520108*Vacuum cleaner hose, rubber
76290303*Vacuum cleaner repair
59630405*Vacuum cleaner sales, house-to-house
57220208*Vacuum cleaners
35890207*Vacuum cleaners and sweepers, electric: industrial
50649910*Vacuum cleaners, household
50649911*Vacuum cleaners, nec
50870305*Vacuum cleaning systems
07239903*Vacuum cooling
35679914*Vacuum furnaces and ovens
35650206*Vacuum packaging machinery
35630102*Vacuum pumps, except laboratory
38210125*Vacuum pumps, laboratory
36250209*Vacuum relays
36710217*Vacuum tubes
34431001*Vacuum tunnels, metal plate
49590103*Vacuuming of airport runways
72120104*Valet apparel service
72991105*Valet parking
73730302*Value-added resellers, computer systems
76990508*Valve repair, industrial
50850303*Valves and fittings
3494*Valves and Pipe Fittings, Nec
349400*Valves and pipe fittings, nec
34940000*Valves and pipe fittings, nec
34949900*Valves and pipe fittings, nec, nec
349499*Valves and pipe fittings, nec, nec
35920101*Valves, aircraft
34910102*Valves, automatic control
35920102*Valves, engine
30691011*Valves, hard rubber
34920102*Valves, hydraulic, aircraft
34919909*Valves, nuclear
50850300*Valves, pistons, and fittings
508503*Valves, pistons, and fittings
31310507*Vamps, leather
37130214*Van bodies
75320301*Van conversion
10949906*Vanadium ore mining, nec
28690507*Vanillin, synthetic
24349901*Vanities, bathroom: wood
31720208*Vanity cases
39610203*Vanity cases, except precious metal and leather
39110403*Vanity cases, precious metal
25110108*Vanity dressers: wood
41199906*Vanpool operation
50120209*Vans, commercial
55119904*Vans, new and used
50120104*Vans, noncommercial
38229916*Vapor heating controls
36340406*Vaporizers, electric: household
36740109*Variable capacitance diodes
20150908*Variety meats (fresh edible organs), poultry
20119908*Variety meats, fresh edible organs
51999923*Variety store merchandise
53310000*Variety stores
5331*Variety Stores
533100*Variety stores
39910203*Varnish brushes
28510403*Varnish removers
22950300*Varnished glass and coated fiberglass fabrics
229503*Varnished glass and coated fiberglass fabrics
28510211*Varnishes, nec
34790221*Varnishing of metal products
22959906*Varnishing of textiles
32990409*Vases and urns, gypsum and papier mache
32810205*Vases, cut stone
32290107*Vases, glass
32690403*Vases, pottery
34430125*Vats, metal plate
34440512*Vats, sheet metal
24490207*Vats, wood: coopered
79220307*Vaudeville company
59999928*Vaults and safes
50449903*Vaults and safes
30520401*V-belts, plastic
30520302*V-belts, rubber
20110103*Veal, from meat slaughtered on site
24490104*Vegetable crates, wood: wirebound
07230300*Vegetable crops market preparation services
072303*Vegetable crops market preparation services
018201*Vegetable crops, grown under cover
01820100*Vegetable crops, grown under cover
07230304*Vegetable drying services
20340302*Vegetable flour, meal, and powder
07230305*Vegetable grading services
20330405*Vegetable juices: concentrated, hot pack
20330406*Vegetable juices: fresh
20330407*Vegetable juices: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
20760000*Vegetable oil mills, nec
2076*Vegetable Oil Mills, Nec
207600*Vegetable oil mills, nec
207699*Vegetable oil mills, nec, nec
20769900*Vegetable oil mills, nec, nec
28330217*Vegetable oils, medicinal grade: refined or concentrated
28990115*Vegetable oils, vulcanized or sulfurized
07230306*Vegetable packing services
20330408*Vegetable pastes: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
20330409*Vegetable pie mixes and fillings: in cans, jars, etc.
07230307*Vegetable precooling services
20330410*Vegetable purees: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
20799910*Vegetable refined oils (except corn oil)
20790203*Vegetable shortenings (except corn oil)
07230308*Vegetable sorting services
54319902*Vegetable stands or markets
01610000*Vegetables and melons
0161*Vegetables and Melons
016100*Vegetables and melons
07229902*Vegetables and melons, machine harvesting services
01619900*Vegetables and melons, nec
016199*Vegetables and melons, nec
203304*Vegetables and vegetable products, in cans, jars, etc.
20330400*Vegetables and vegetable products, in cans, jars, etc.
20350210*Vegetables, brined
20340303*Vegetables, dried or dehydrated (except freeze-dried)
20340304*Vegetables, freeze-dried
51480202*Vegetables, fresh
51420104*Vegetables, frozen
20999920*Vegetables, peeled for the trade
20350211*Vegetables, pickled
20370104*Vegetables, quick frozen & cold pack, excl. potato products
20340305*Vegetables, sulphured
20330411*Vegetables: packaged in cans, jars, etc.
829904*Vehicle driving school
82990400*Vehicle driving school
25310300*Vehicle furniture
253103*Vehicle furniture
38240300*Vehicle instruments
382403*Vehicle instruments
24919905*Vehicle lumber, treated wood
24260303*Vehicle stock, hardwood
38240116*Vehicle tank meters
50920209*Vehicles, children's
36470000*Vehicular lighting equipment
3647*Vehicular Lighting Equipment
364700*Vehicular lighting equipment
364799*Vehicular lighting equipment, nec
36479900*Vehicular lighting equipment, nec
23960405*Veils and veiling: bridal, funeral, etc.
31110605*Vellum leather
22110411*Velvets, cotton
22210804*Velvets, manmade fiber and silk
73590202*Vending machine rental
76992503*Vending machine repair
50879913*Vending machines and supplies
50460203*Vending machines, coin-operated
24110306*Veneer logs
35539919*Veneer mill machines
24359904*Veneer stock, hardwood
24369903*Veneer stock, softwood
24991106*Veneer work, inlaid
76992601*Venetian blind repair shop
24310403*Venetian blind slats, wood
22410304*Venetian blind tapes
25910204*Venetian blinds
50230303*Venetian blinds
57190401*Venetian blinds
50750111*Ventilating equipment and supplies
35640205*Ventilating fans: industrial or commercial
17110404*Ventilation and duct work contractor
34440205*Ventilators, sheet metal
67999904*Venture capital companies
14299914*Verde' antique, crushed and broken-quarrying
14119911*Verde' antique, dimension-quarrying
35770402*Verifiers, punch card
20989904*Vermicelli, dry
14990204*Vermiculite mining
32950218*Vermiculite, exfoliated
35450109*Verniers (machinists' precision tools)
57190402*Vertical blinds
50230304*Vertical blinds
35410109*Vertical turning and boring machines (metalworking)
34430126*Vessels, process or storage (from boiler shops): metal plate
23290210*Vests (suede, leatherette, etc.), sport: men's and boys'
23110203*Vests: made from purchased materials
86419907*Veterans' organization
07429902*Veterinarian, animal specialties
07419902*Veterinarian, livestock
50479902*Veterinarians' equipment and supplies
38410300*Veterinarians' instruments and apparatus
384103*Veterinarians' instruments and apparatus
28369901*Veterinary biological products
28359912*Veterinary diagnostic substances
28349911*Veterinary pharmaceutical preparations
07410000*Veterinary services for livestock
0741*Veterinary Services For Livestock
074100*Veterinary services for livestock
074199*Veterinary services for livestock, nec
07419900*Veterinary services for livestock, nec
07420000*Veterinary services, specialties
0742*Veterinary Services, Specialties
074200*Veterinary services, specialties
074299*Veterinary services, specialties, nec
07429900*Veterinary services, specialties, nec
87349910*Veterinary testing
16229904*Viaduct construction
32219906*Vials, glass
38299923*Vibration meters, analyzers, and calibrators
35310417*Vibrators for concrete construction
39990110*Vibrators, electric: designed for barber and beauty shops
36129903*Vibrators, interrupter
35599942*Vibratory parts handling equipment
50990500*Video and audio equipment
509905*Video and audio equipment
50640207*Video camera-audio recorders (camcorders)
36510202*Video camera-audio recorders, household use
57310201*Video cameras and accessories
57310200*Video cameras, recorders, and accessories
573102*Video cameras, recorders, and accessories
73590706*Video cassette recorder and accessory rental
50640206*Video cassette recorders and accessories
36510203*Video cassette recorders/players and accessories
50990504*Video cassettes, accessories and supplies
57350100*Video discs and tapes, prerecorded
573501*Video discs and tapes, prerecorded
57350101*Video discs, prerecorded
78419902*Video disk/tape rental to the general public
50650409*Video equipment, electronic
79930302*Video game arcade
39440203*Video game machines, except coin-operated
50920210*Video games
781202*Video production
78120200*Video production
57310202*Video recorders, players, disc players, and accessories
36950203*Video recording tape, blank
76220305*Video repair
78190201*Video tape or disk reproduction
78120202*Video tape production
78410000*Video tape rental
7841*Video Tape Rental
784100*Video tape rental
784199*Video tape rental, nec
78419900*Video tape rental, nec
57310203*Video tapes, blank
57350102*Video tapes, prerecorded
78220402*Video tapes, recorded: wholesale
36510204*Video triggers (remote control TV devices)
36790503*Video triggers, except remote control TV devices
20130305*Vienna sausage, from purchased meat
58120116*Vietnamese restaurant
22210412*Vinal broadwoven fabrics
22820208*Vinal filament yarn: throwing, twisting, winding, spooling
22810211*Vinal yarn, spun: made from purchased staple
07210105*Vines, cultivation of
07629903*Vineyard management and maintenance services
28690318*Vinyl acetate
28510212*Vinyl coatings, strippable
28249916*Vinyl fibers
30810106*Vinyl film and sheet
57139905*Vinyl floor covering
17529907*Vinyl floor tile and sheet installation
28210219*Vinyl resins, nec
22210413*Vinyon broadwoven fabrics
22820209*Vinyon filament yarn: throwing, twisting, winding, spooling
22810212*Vinyon yarn, spun: made from purchased staple
39310210*Violas and parts
39310211*Violins and parts
72990607*Visa procurement service
28239906*Viscose fibers, bands, strips, and yarn
38299924*Viscosimeters, except industrial process type
38230310*Viscosimeters, industrial process type
35450329*Vises, machine (machine tool accessories)
27590203*Visiting cards (including business): printing, nsk
27520303*Visiting cards, lithographed
27540202*Visiting cards: gravure printing
80829902*Visiting nurse service
36699902*Visual communication systems
78199902*Visual effects production
80420105*Visual training specialist optometrist
54990103*Vitamin food stores
28340702*Vitamin preparations
28340700*Vitamin, nutrient, and hematinic preparations for human use
283407*Vitamin, nutrient, and hematinic preparations for human use
51220310*Vitamins and minerals
28330109*Vitamins, natural or synthetic: bulk, uncompounded
32620000*Vitreous china table and kitchenware
3262*Vitreous China Table and Kitchenware
326200*Vitreous china table and kitchenware
326299*Vitreous china table and kitchenware, nec
32629900*Vitreous china table and kitchenware, nec
32610000*Vitreous plumbing fixtures
3261*Vitreous Plumbing Fixtures
326100*Vitreous plumbing fixtures
82490102*Vocational apprentice training
82999917*Vocational counseling
82119909*Vocational high school, nec
83319903*Vocational rehabilitation agency
82490000*Vocational schools, nec
8249*Vocational Schools, Nec
824900*Vocational schools, nec
824999*Vocational schools, nec, nec
82499900*Vocational schools, nec, nec
83310104*Vocational training agency
20859908*Vodka (alcoholic beverage)
36799915*Voice controls
82990304*Voice lessons
48130104*Voice telephone communications
17310305*Voice, data, and video wiring contractor
22110816*Voiles, cotton
22219906*Voiles, manmade fiber and silk
14999919*Volcanic ash mining
14290104*Volcanic rock, crushed and broken-quarrying
14110304*Volcanic rock, dimension-quarrying
38250327*Volt meters
36120111*Voltage regulating transformers, electric power
36940105*Voltage regulators, automotive
36120112*Voltage regulators, transmission and distribution
38250328*Volt-ohm milliammeters
50879914*Voting machines
35799913*Voting machines
30890614*Vulcanized fiber plates, sheets, rods, or tubes
28229912*Vulcanized oils
75349905*Vulcanizing tires and tubes
39490604*Wading pools, plastic coated fabric
22990109*Wads and wadding
34829910*Wads, ammunition: 30 mm. and below
36740213*Wafers (semiconductor devices)
22119924*Waffle cloth, cotton
36340120*Waffle irons, electric
20389910*Waffles, frozen
96510204*Wage control agency, government
39440109*Wagons: coaster, express, and play: children's
30699922*Wainscoting, rubber
24310604*Wainscots, wood
23960207*Waistbands, trouser
39440706*Walkers, baby (vehicle)
35349903*Walkways, moving
32720714*Wall and ceiling squares, concrete
32720323*Wall base, precast terrazzo
32599903*Wall coping, clay
22210606*Wall covering fabrics, manmade fiber and silk
36340315*Wall heaters, electric: household
34330207*Wall heaters, except electric
36459908*Wall lamps
32530203*Wall tile, ceramic
26790705*Wall tile, enameled masonite: made from purchased material
24930305*Wall tile, fiberboard
52110106*Wallboard (composition) and paneling
26790803*Wallboard, decorated: made from purchased material
24930102*Wallboard, except gypsum
32750103*Wallboard, gypsum
25220203*Wallcases, office: except wood
17210400*Wallcovering contractors
172104*Wallcovering contractors
30690209*Wallcoverings, rubber
26219905*Wallpaper (hanging paper)
35599935*Wallpaper trimmers
26790301*Wallpaper, embossed plastic: made on textile backing
26790302*Wallpaper: made from purchased paper
01739908*Walnut grove
07230505*Walnut hulling and shelling services
20769910*Walnut oil
39520116*Walnut oil, artists'
39999942*Walnut shell flour
26730102*Wardrobe bags (closet accessories): from purchased materials
31610105*Wardrobe bags (luggage)
78190404*Wardrobe rental for motion picture film production
72990904*Wardrobe service, except theatrical
25110109*Wardrobes, household: wood
53999906*Warehouse club stores
15419912*Warehouse construction
42229903*Warehousing, cold storage or refrigerated
42259903*Warehousing, self storage
38120502*Warfare counter-measure equipment
50750000*Warm air heating and air conditioning
5075*Warm Air Heating and Air Conditioning
507500*Warm air heating and air conditioning
17110405*Warm air heating and air conditioning contractor
507502*Warm air heating equipment and supplies
50750200*Warm air heating equipment and supplies
225301*Warm weather knit outerwear, including beachwear
22530100*Warm weather knit outerwear, including beachwear
23699911*Warm-up, jogging, and sweat suits: girls' and children's
22580200*Warp and flat knit products
225802*Warp and flat knit products
35520119*Warping machines, textile
63999902*Warranty insurance, automobile
63519906*Warranty insurance, home
63999903*Warranty insurance, product; except automobile
32720324*Wash foundations, precast terrazzo
24990107*Washboards, wood and part wood
23920505*Washcloths and bath mitts: made from purchased materials
22590203*Washcloths, knit
50729909*Washers (hardware)
35320209*Washers, aggregate and sand
30530108*Washers, leather
34520203*Washers, metal
38610210*Washers, photographic print and film
30890319*Washers, plastics
30691506*Washers, rubber
75429904*Washing and polishing, automotive
50640106*Washing machines
36330103*Washing machines, household: including coin-operated
35820103*Washing machines, laundry: commercial, incl. coin-operated
769904*Waste cleaning services
76990400*Waste cleaning services
50840910*Waste compactors
16290504*Waste disposal plant construction
951102*Waste management agencies
95110200*Waste management agencies
95110202*Waste management program administration, government
49539906*Waste materials, disposal at sea
50930105*Waste paper
50930100*Waste paper and cloth materials
509301*Waste paper and cloth materials
50930106*Waste rags
16290505*Waste water and sewage treatment plant construction
26559904*Wastebaskets, fiber: made from purchased material
32319906*Watch crystals, glass
35599936*Watch rate recorders
76310102*Watch repair
31729905*Watch straps, except metal
7631*Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Repair
763100*Watch, clock, and jewelry repair
76310000*Watch, clock, and jewelry repair
39610107*Watchbands, base metal
39110111*Watchbands, precious metal
50940304*Watches and parts
38739909*Watches and parts, except crystals and jewels
38730000*Watches, clocks, watchcases, and parts
3873*Watches, Clocks, Watchcases, and Parts
387300*Watches, clocks, watchcases, and parts
387399*Watches, clocks, watchcases, and parts, nec
38739900*Watches, clocks, watchcases, and parts, nec
162303*Water and sewer line construction
16230300*Water and sewer line construction
32210103*Water bottles, glass
30690109*Water bottles, rubber
39520117*Water colors, artists'
95110203*Water control and quality agency, government
49719902*Water distribution or supply systems for irrigation
35890304*Water filters and softeners, household type
28920221*Water gels (explosive)
38229917*Water heater controls
50740100*Water heaters and purification equipment
507401*Water heaters and purification equipment
50640107*Water heaters, electric
50740101*Water heaters, except electric
35999919*Water leak detectors
16230303*Water main construction
38240117*Water meters
44890000*Water passenger transportation
4489*Water Passenger Transportation
448900*Water passenger transportation
448999*Water passenger transportation, nec, nec
44899900*Water passenger transportation, nec, nec
33210104*Water pipe, cast iron
95110204*Water pollution control agency, government
36340407*Water pulsating devices, electric
37140125*Water pump, motor vehicle
50840807*Water pumps (industrial)
50740102*Water purification equipment
59999929*Water purification equipment
35890305*Water purification equipment, household type
38230506*Water quality monitoring and control systems
22610209*Water repellency finishing of cotton broadwoven fabrics
39490605*Water skiing equipment and supplies, except skis
39490606*Water skis
50910104*Water slides (recreation park)
73899954*Water softener service
50740103*Water softeners
59410500*Water sport equipment
594105*Water sport equipment
394906*Water sports equipment
39490600*Water sports equipment
49410000*Water supply
4941*Water Supply
494100*Water supply
34430127*Water tanks, metal plate
44899904*Water taxis
38290114*Water temperature gauges, motor vehicle
38260308*Water testing apparatus
87349911*Water testing laboratory
44*Water Transportation
449902*Water transportation cleaning services
44990200*Water transportation cleaning services
44490000*Water transportation of freight
4449*Water Transportation of Freight
444900*Water transportation of freight
444999*Water transportation of freight, nec, nec
44499900*Water transportation of freight, nec, nec
44990000*Water transportation services,
449900*Water transportation services,
4499*Water Transportation Services, Nec
449999*Water transportation services, nec, nec
44999900*Water transportation services, nec, nec
44249903*Water transportation to noncontiguous territories, freight
28999948*Water treating compounds
35890306*Water treatment equipment, industrial
35230418*Water troughs
962103*Water vessels and port regulating agencies
96210300*Water vessels and port regulating agencies
17810000*Water well drilling
1781*Water Well Drilling
178100*Water well drilling
35339904*Water well drilling equipment
178199*Water well drilling, nec
17819900*Water well drilling, nec
34919910*Water works valves
51490505*Water, distilled
20860202*Water, pasteurized: packaged in cans, bottles, etc.
16230000*Water, sewer, and utility lines
1623*Water, Sewer, and Utility Lines
162300*Water, sewer, and utility lines
162399*Water, sewer, and utility lines, nec
16239900*Water, sewer, and utility lines, nec
28349912*Water, sterile: for injections
54990205*Water: distilled mineral or spring
25110110*Waterbed frames: wood
57120103*Waterbeds and accessories
44910204*Waterfront terminal operation
30890221*Watering pots, plastics
01610104*Watermelon farm
26750104*Waterproof cardboard: made from purchased materials
23850000*Waterproof outerwear
2385*Waterproof Outerwear
238500*Waterproof outerwear
238599*Waterproof outerwear, nec
23859900*Waterproof outerwear, nec
26210309*Waterproof paper
28999949*Waterproofing compounds
22950106*Waterproofing fabrics, except rubberizing
79991512*Waterslide operation
509101*Watersports equipment and supplies
50910100*Watersports equipment and supplies
16290113*Waterway construction
38250329*Watt-hour and demand meters, combined
38250330*Watt-hour and time switch meters, combined
38250331*Watt-hour meters, electrical
79991513*Wave pool operation
38250241*Waveform measuring and/or analyzing equipment, nec
36999913*Waveguide pressurization equipment
36790112*Waveguides and fittings
79991514*Wax museum, commercial
28420110*Wax removers
39520118*Wax, artists'
38430213*Wax, dental
50919910*Wax, sports
26719906*Waxed paper: made from purchased material
28420209*Waxes for wood, leather, and other materials
51690504*Waxes, except petroleum
29990202*Waxes, petroleum: not produced in petroleum refineries
22959907*Waxing of cloth
89990502*Weather forecasting
89990503*Weather modification
89990500*Weather related services
899905*Weather related services
34420503*Weather strip, metal
30690702*Weather strip, sponge rubber
24310304*Weather strip, wood
17990210*Weather stripping
38290219*Weather tracking equipment
35999920*Weather vanes
59490207*Weaving goods and supplies
22319907*Weaving mill, broadwoven fabrics: wool or similar fabric
22810107*Weaving yarn, spun
22820105*Weaving yarn, throwing and twisting
22410400*Webbing, braids and belting
224104*Webbing, braids and belting
22990508*Webbing, jute
22410409*Webbing, woven
24990705*Webbing: cane, reed, and rattan
72990503*Wedding chapel, privately operated
72990504*Wedding consultant
23350102*Wedding gowns and dresses
07210410*Weed control services, after planting
07119907*Weed control services, before planting
35230203*Weeding machines, agricultural
2257*Weft Knit Fabric Mills
225700*Weft knit fabric mills
22570000*Weft knit fabric mills
22579900*Weft knit fabric mills, nec
225799*Weft knit fabric mills, nec
35969908*Weighing machines and apparatus
47850204*Weighing services connected with transportation
73899955*Weighing, food and commodity
80939905*Weight loss clinic, with medical staff
79910200*Weight reducing clubs
799102*Weight reducing clubs
73899956*Welcoming services
87340103*Welded joint radiographing
33170200*Welded pipe and tubes
331702*Welded pipe and tubes
33150305*Welded steel wire fabric
31519904*Welders' gloves
38420115*Welders' hoods
31990205*Welders' jackets, leggings, and sleeves: leather
35489903*Welding and cutting apparatus and accessories, nec
35480000*Welding apparatus
3548*Welding Apparatus
354800*Welding apparatus
354899*Welding apparatus, nec
35489900*Welding apparatus, nec
76992212*Welding equipment repair
50840518*Welding machinery and equipment
36990203*Welding machines and equipment, ultrasonic
17999932*Welding on site
35440202*Welding positioners (jigs)
7692*Welding Repair
769200*Welding repair
76920000*Welding repair
76929900*Welding repair, nec
769299*Welding repair, nec
33569904*Welding rods
50859916*Welding supplies
59999931*Welding supplies
34999925*Welding tips, heat resistant: metal
35489904*Welding wire, bare and coated
63710102*Welfare pensions
34940106*Well adapters
33170205*Well casing, wrought: welded, lock joint, or heavy riveted
33129909*Well casings, iron and steel: made in steel mills
32720611*Well curbing, concrete
13899920*Well logging
35339905*Well logging equipment
13890107*Well plugging and abandoning, oil and gas
28920222*Well shooting torpedoes (explosive)
35339906*Well surveying equipment
35319910*Wellpoint systems
50820406*Wellpoints (drilling equipment)
34449912*Wells, light: sheet metal
31110204*Welting leather
31310305*Welting, cut stock and finding
23999913*Welts: made from purchased materials
56990304*Western apparel
2046*Wet Corn Milling
204600*Wet corn milling
20460000*Wet corn milling
51491103*Wet corn milling products
26319904*Wet machine board
30690311*Wet suits, rubber
09190101*Whale fishing
09190100*Whale fishing and whale products
091901*Whale fishing and whale products
09190102*Whale meat production
09190103*Whale oil production, crude
20770207*Whale oil, refined
25119909*Whatnot shelves: wood
20529917*Wheat crackers
20439914*Wheat flakes: prepared as cereal breakfast food
20410113*Wheat flour
20419909*Wheat germ
20460111*Wheat gluten
20839906*Wheat malt
20419910*Wheat mill feed
20460112*Wheat starch
07220106*Wheat, machine harvesting services
75390105*Wheel alignment, automotive
76999913*Wheel and caster repair
35590305*Wheel balancing equipment, automotive
37140702*Wheel rims, motor vehicle
35450215*Wheel turning equipment, diamond point or other
59990908*Wheelchair lifts
39999945*Wheelchair lifts
32910403*Wheels, abrasive
37280307*Wheels, aircraft
32910705*Wheels, grinding: artificial
33120902*Wheels, locomotive and car: iron and steel
37140703*Wheels, motor vehicle
50130120*Wheels, motor vehicle
50159903*Wheels, used: motor vehicle
35110207*Wheels, water
34999926*Wheels: wheelbarrow, stroller, etc.: disc, stamped metal
24119906*Wheelstock, hewn
14990407*Whetstone quarrying
32910706*Whetstones, artificial
20219905*Whey butter
20220104*Whey, raw or liquid
20239912*Whipped topping, dry mix
20269905*Whipped topping, except frozen or dry mix
20389911*Whipped topping, frozen
36340209*Whippers, electric: household
31990108*Whips, leather
59991206*Whirlpool baths
38429927*Whirlpool baths, hydrotherapy equipment
39910103*Whisk brooms
42260103*Whiskey warehousing
33690102*White metal castings (lead, tin, antimony), except die
28160100*White pigments
281601*White pigments
50440208*Whiteprinting equipment
32639906*Whiteware, fine type semivitreous table or kitchen articles
14229907*Whiting mining, crushed and broken-quarrying
09129914*Whiting, catching of
38290513*Whole body counters, nuclear
50*Wholesale Trade - Durable Goods
51*Wholesale Trade - Nondurable Goods
32920605*Wick, asbestos
25190200*Wicker and rattan furniture
251902*Wicker and rattan furniture
25190206*Wicker furniture: padded or plain
57199908*Wicker, rattan, or reed home furnishings
22119925*Wignan, cotton
39990207*Wigs, including doll wigs, toupees, or wiglets
56990202*Wigs, toupees, and wiglets
51530106*Wild rice
95120100*Wildlife conservation agencies
951201*Wildlife conservation agencies
09719902*Wildlife management
81110217*Will, estate and trust law
10310203*Willemite mining
24990706*Willow ware, except furniture
22730404*Wilton carpets
344310*Wind and vacuum tunnels
34431000*Wind and vacuum tunnels
95120203*Wind and water erosion control agency, government
39990818*Wind chimes
37140308*Wind deflectors, motor vehicle
38290220*Wind direction indicators
57369906*Wind instruments
50830313*Wind machines (frost protection equipment)
34431002*Wind tunnels
23299903*Windbreakers: men's, youths', and boys'
35520120*Winders, textile machinery
22829907*Winding yarn
35239906*Windmills for pumping water, agricultural
36219909*Windmills, electric generating
17510202*Window and door (prefabricated) installation
34420100*Window and door frames
344201*Window and door frames
175102*Window and door installation and erection
17510200*Window and door installation and erection
25419904*Window backs, store or lunchroom, prefabricated: wood
73499905*Window blind cleaning
76992600*Window blind repair services
769926*Window blind repair services
25910200*Window blinds
259102*Window blinds
73499906*Window cleaning
28420111*Window cleaning preparations
50230305*Window covering parts and accessories
30890320*Window frames and sash, plastics
50310306*Window frames, all materials
24310205*Window frames, wood
502303*Window furnishings
571904*Window furnishings
50230300*Window furnishings
57190400*Window furnishings
32110305*Window glass, clear and colored
24310206*Window sashes, wood
30890321*Window screening, plastics
24310207*Window screens, wood frame
25910103*Window shade rollers and fittings
25910300*Window shades
50230306*Window shades
259103*Window shades
57190403*Window shades, nec
30839906*Window sheeting, plastics
24310208*Window shutters, wood
32720505*Window sills, cast stone
34420103*Window spacers
39999943*Window squeegees
17990610*Window treatment installation
24310209*Window trim, wood
73890311*Window trimming service
243102*Windows and window parts and trim, wood
24310200*Windows and window parts and trim, wood
30890322*Windows, plastics
52110207*Windows, storm: wood or metal
24310210*Windows, wood
37140309*Windshield frames, motor vehicle
37140408*Windshield wiper systems, motor vehicle
32310407*Windshields, glass: made from purchased glass
30899924*Windshields, plastics
59410503*Windsurfing and sailboarding equipment
39490607*Windsurfing boards (sailboards) and equipment
592101*Wine and beer
59210100*Wine and beer
51820000*Wine and distilled beverages
5182*Wine and Distilled Beverages
518200*Wine and distilled beverages
518299*Wine and distilled beverages, nec
51829900*Wine and distilled beverages, nec
58130106*Wine bar
20849901*Wine cellars, bonded: engaged in blending wines
20840101*Wine coolers (beverages)
51820102*Wine coolers, alcoholic
51499909*Wine makers' equipment and supplies
20840000*Wines, brandy, and brandy spirits
2084*Wines, Brandy, and Brandy Spirits
208400*Wines, brandy, and brandy spirits
208499*Wines, brandy, and brandy spirits, nec
20849900*Wines, brandy, and brandy spirits, nec
37280115*Wing assemblies and parts, aircraft
37149910*Winter fronts, motor vehicle
39490400*Winter sports equipment
394904*Winter sports equipment
28990116*Wintergreen oil
37140409*Wipers, windshield, motor vehicle
72180103*Wiping towel supply
50630300*Wire and cable
506303*Wire and cable
50930203*Wire and cable scrap
331503*Wire and fabricated wire products
33150300*Wire and fabricated wire products
33150306*Wire carts: grocery, household, and industrial
349602*Wire chain
34960200*Wire chain
34960100*Wire cloth and woven wire products
349601*Wire cloth and woven wire products
35440109*Wire drawing and straightening dies
349603*Wire fasteners
34960300*Wire fasteners
50399913*Wire fence, gates, and accessories
33150307*Wire products, ferrous/iron: made in wiredrawing plants
33120505*Wire products, steel or iron
22989901*Wire rope centers
50510106*Wire screening
34950000*Wire springs
3495*Wire Springs
349500*Wire springs
349599*Wire springs, nec
34959900*Wire springs, nec
48139902*Wire telephone
34969915*Wire winding
33550103*Wire, aluminum: made in rolling mills
33519907*Wire, copper and copper alloy
33150308*Wire, ferrous/iron
33160104*Wire, flat, cold-rolled strip: not made in hot-rolled mills
50510107*Wire, nec
33150309*Wire, steel: insulated or armored
35490102*Wiredrawing and fabricating machinery and equipment, ex. die
36729902*Wiring boards
50630220*Wiring devices
10610402*Wolframite mining
14999921*Wollastonite mining
5632*Women's Accessory and Specialty Stores
563200*Women's accessory and specialty stores
56320000*Women's accessory and specialty stores
56329900*Women's accessory and specialty stores, nec
563299*Women's accessory and specialty stores, nec
513704*Women's and children's accessories
51370400*Women's and children's accessories
51370000*Women's and children's clothing
5137*Women's and Children's Clothing
513700*Women's and children's clothing
513799*Women's and children's clothing, nec
51379900*Women's and children's clothing, nec
51370600*Women's and children's dresses, suits, skirts, and blouses
513706*Women's and children's dresses, suits, skirts, and blouses
513702*Women's and children's lingerie and undergarments
51370200*Women's and children's lingerie and undergarments
234101*Women's and children's nightwear
23410100*Women's and children's nightwear
513701*Women's and children's outerwear
51370100*Women's and children's outerwear
51370300*Women's and children's sportswear and swimsuits
513703*Women's and children's sportswear and swimsuits
23410200*Women's and children's undergarments
234102*Women's and children's undergarments
2341*Women's and Children's Underwear
234100*Women's and children's underwear
23410000*Women's and children's underwear
23390100*Women's and misses' accessories
233901*Women's and misses' accessories
233903*Women's and misses' athletic clothing and sportswear
23390300*Women's and misses' athletic clothing and sportswear
23310000*Women's and misses' blouses and shirts
2331*Women's and Misses' Blouses and Shirts
233100*Women's and misses' blouses and shirts
233199*Women's and misses' blouses and shirts, nec
23319900*Women's and misses' blouses and shirts, nec
23370200*Women's and misses' capes and jackets
233702*Women's and misses' capes and jackets
233902*Women's and misses' culottes, knickers and shorts
23390200*Women's and misses' culottes, knickers and shorts
23390400*Women's and misses' jackets and coats, except sportswear
233904*Women's and misses' jackets and coats, except sportswear
2339*Women's and Misses' Outerwear, Nec
233900*Women's and misses' outerwear, nec
23390000*Women's and misses' outerwear, nec
23399900*Women's and misses' outerwear, nec, nec
233999*Women's and misses' outerwear, nec, nec
2337*Women's and Misses' Suits and Coats
233700*Women's and misses' suits and coats
23370000*Women's and misses' suits and coats
23379900*Women's and misses' suits and coats, nec
233799*Women's and misses' suits and coats, nec
233701*Women's and misses' suits and skirts
23370100*Women's and misses' suits and skirts
59619923*Women's apparel, mail order
56619905*Women's boots
94410203*Women's bureau, government
56210000*Women's clothing stores
5621*Women's Clothing Stores
562100*Women's clothing stores
562199*Women's clothing stores, nec
56219900*Women's clothing stores, nec
56320200*Women's dancewear, hosiery, and lingerie
563202*Women's dancewear, hosiery, and lingerie
31440000*Women's footwear, except athletic
3144*Women's Footwear, Except athletic
314400*Women's footwear, except athletic
314499*Women's footwear, except athletic, nec
31449900*Women's footwear, except athletic, nec
31710000*Women's handbags and purses
3171*Women's Handbags and Purses
317100*Women's handbags and purses
317199*Women's handbags and purses, nec
31719900*Women's handbags and purses, nec
22510000*Women's hosiery, except socks
2251*Women's Hosiery, Except Socks
225100*Women's hosiery, except socks
225199*Women's hosiery, except socks, nec
22519900*Women's hosiery, except socks, nec
56619906*Women's shoes
56210100*Women's specialty clothing stores
562101*Women's specialty clothing stores
56210104*Women's sportswear
2335*Women's, Junior's, and Misses' Dresses
233500*Women's, junior's, and misses' dresses
23350000*Women's, junior's, and misses' dresses
23359900*Women's, junior's, and misses' dresses, nec
233599*Women's, junior's, and misses' dresses, nec
59899902*Wood (fuel)
50990200*Wood and wood by-products
509902*Wood and wood by-products
25110100*Wood bedroom furniture
251101*Wood bedroom furniture
57190302*Wood burning stoves
51990212*Wood carvings
50990209*Wood chips
24210203*Wood chips, produced at mill
24119907*Wood chips, produced in the field
24490000*Wood containers, nec
2449*Wood Containers, Nec
244900*Wood containers, nec
244999*Wood containers, nec, nec
24499900*Wood containers, nec, nec
25110500*Wood desks, bookcases, and magazine racks
251105*Wood desks, bookcases, and magazine racks
286101*Wood distillation products
28610100*Wood distillation products
28610200*Wood extract products
286102*Wood extract products
28510302*Wood fillers or sealers
17529908*Wood floor installation and refinishing
50230405*Wood flooring
24991305*Wood flour
25110400*Wood game room furniture
251104*Wood game room furniture
31310206*Wood heel blocks
25110000*Wood household furniture
2511*Wood Household Furniture
251100*Wood household furniture
251199*Wood household furniture, nec
25119900*Wood household furniture, nec
24340000*Wood kitchen cabinets
2434*Wood Kitchen Cabinets
243400*Wood kitchen cabinets
243499*Wood kitchen cabinets, nec
24349900*Wood kitchen cabinets, nec
25110700*Wood lawn and garden furniture
251107*Wood lawn and garden furniture
252101*Wood office chairs, benches and stools
25210100*Wood office chairs, benches and stools
25210300*Wood office desks and tables
252103*Wood office desks and tables
252102*Wood office filing cabinets and bookcases
25210200*Wood office filing cabinets and bookcases
25210000*Wood office furniture
2521*Wood Office Furniture
252100*Wood office furniture
252199*Wood office furniture, nec
25219900*Wood office furniture, nec
24480000*Wood pallets and skids
2448*Wood Pallets and Skids
244800*Wood pallets and skids
2541*Wood Partitions and Fixtures
254100*Wood partitions and fixtures
25410000*Wood partitions and fixtures
25419900*Wood partitions and fixtures, nec
254199*Wood partitions and fixtures, nec
2491*Wood Preserving
249100*Wood preserving
24910000*Wood preserving
24919900*Wood preserving, nec
249199*Wood preserving, nec
24919906*Wood products, creosoted
24990000*Wood products, nec
2499*Wood Products, Nec
249900*Wood products, nec
249999*Wood products, nec, nec
24999900*Wood products, nec, nec
34529908*Wood screws
28510213*Wood stains
25110600*Wood stands and chests, except bedside stands
251106*Wood stands and chests, except bedside stands
2517*Wood Television and Radio Cabinets
251700*Wood television and radio cabinets
25170000*Wood television and radio cabinets
25179900*Wood television and radio cabinets, nec
251799*Wood television and radio cabinets, nec
251201*Wood upholstered chairs and couches
25120100*Wood upholstered chairs and couches
24290202*Wood wool, excelsior
27590803*Woodcuts for use in printing illustrations, posters, etc.
24110100*Wooden bolts, hewn
241101*Wooden bolts, hewn
241103*Wooden logs
24110300*Wooden logs
24991009*Woodenware, kitchen and household
393103*Woodwind instruments and parts
39310300*Woodwind instruments and parts
24310605*Woodwork, interior and ornamental, nec
50840305*Woodworking machinery
3553*Woodworking Machinery
355300*Woodworking machinery
35530000*Woodworking machinery
35539900*Woodworking machinery, nec
355399*Woodworking machinery, nec
42219904*Wool and mohair warehousing
51590400*Wool and silk
515904*Wool and silk
35520310*Wool and worsted finishing machines
22319908*Wool broadwoven fabrics
22990214*Wool felts, pressed or needle loom
22419911*Wool narrow woven goods
02140204*Wool production
39999944*Wool pulling
22990406*Wool shoddy
51590403*Wool tops
22990705*Wool tops, combing and converting
22990407*Wool waste processing
22810305*Wool yarn, spun
22820303*Wool yarn: twisting, winding, or spooling
51590404*Wool, raw
51310120*Woolen and worsted piece goods, woven
51990410*Woolen and worsted yarns
20350111*Worcestershire sauce
73729908*Word processing computer software
50459907*Word processing equipment
35790202*Word processing equipment
57340205*Word processing equipment and supplies
73790104*Word processing equipment maintenance
73389904*Word processing service
232602*Work apparel, except uniforms
23260200*Work apparel, except uniforms
25990104*Work benches, factory
56990103*Work clothing
72180206*Work clothing supply
51360604*Work clothing, men's and boys'
83310105*Work experience center
23260205*Work garments, except raincoats: waterproof
22590105*Work gloves, knit
30899925*Work gloves, plastics
23260206*Work pants
23260207*Work shirts: men's, youths', and boys'
31439905*Work shoes, men's
23260100*Work uniforms
232601*Work uniforms
73599912*Work zone traffic equipment (flags, cones, barrels, etc.)
63319909*Workers' compensation insurance
61530100*Working capital financing
94410104*Workmens' compensation office, government
38210201*Worktables, laboratory
027901*Worm farms
02790100*Worm farms
22999911*Worsted combing
22310210*Worsted fabrics, broadwoven
34960113*Woven wire products, nec
275404*Wrapper and seal printing, gravure
27540400*Wrapper and seal printing, gravure
27520800*Wrapper and seal printing, lithographic
275208*Wrapper and seal printing, lithographic
24290203*Wrappers, excelsior
27520802*Wrappers, lithographed
26790706*Wrappers, paper (unprinted): made from purchased material
27540403*Wrappers: gravure printing
27590705*Wrappers: printing, nsk
26210800*Wrapping and packaging papers
262108*Wrapping and packaging papers
35650207*Wrapping machines
26210808*Wrapping paper
26719907*Wrapping paper, waterproof or coated
39990709*Wreaths, artificial
37110411*Wreckers (tow truck), assembly of
1795*Wrecking and Demolition Work
179500*Wrecking and demolition work
17950000*Wrecking and demolition work
17959900*Wrecking and demolition work, nec
179599*Wrecking and demolition work, nec
34239928*Wrenches, hand tools
36339902*Wringers, domestic industry
22539905*Wristlets, knit
89990305*Writing for publication
51120103*Writing ink
51120100*Writing instruments and supplies
511201*Writing instruments and supplies
26210608*Writing paper
51119903*Writing paper
26780303*Writing paper and envelopes: made from purchased materials
59439904*Writing supplies
10610403*Wulfenite mining
14999920*Wurtzilite mining
3844*X-ray Apparatus and Tubes
384400*X-ray apparatus and tubes
38440000*X-ray apparatus and tubes
38449900*X-ray apparatus and tubes, nec
384499*X-ray apparatus and tubes, nec
76990703*X-ray equipment repair
38610113*X-ray film
50479903*X-ray film and supplies
38449911*X-ray generators
87340104*X-ray inspection service, industrial
80719902*X-ray laboratory, including dental
50470109*X-ray machines and tubes
38610114*X-ray plates, sensitized
38250242*X-Y recorders (plotters), except computer peripheral equip.
39310510*Xylophones and parts
44939903*Yacht basins
73891705*Yacht brokers
79970204*Yacht club, membership
37329905*Yachts, building and repairing
51310121*Yard goods, woven
24990602*Yard sticks, wood
22810000*Yarn spinning mills
2281*Yarn Spinning Mills
228100*Yarn spinning mills
228199*Yarn spinning mills, nec
22819900*Yarn spinning mills, nec
35520121*Yarn texturizing machines
32920606*Yarn, asbestos
32290403*Yarn, fiberglass
22990304*Yarn, metallic, ceramic, or paper fibers
22990305*Yarn: flax, jute, hemp, and ramie
22119926*Yarn-dyed fabrics, cotton
22990300*Yarns and thread, made from non-fabric materials
229903*Yarns and thread, made from non-fabric materials
22410205*Yarns, elastic: fabric covered
51990411*Yarns, nec
22950203*Yarns, plastic coated: made from purchased yarns
22990306*Yarns, specialty and novelty
27419908*Yearbooks: publishing and printing
20510212*Yeast goods, sweet: except frozen
20539910*Yeast goods, sweet: frozen
70110306*YMCA/YMHA hotel
79991123*Yoga instruction
20240205*Yogurt desserts, frozen
20239913*Yogurt mix
703202*Youth camps
70320200*Youth camps
83220205*Youth center
86410300*Youth organizations
864103*Youth organizations
83220206*Youth self-help agency
70110307*YWCA/YWHA hotel
36740110*Zener diodes
33560103*Zinc and zinc alloy bars, plates, sheets, etc.
33560104*Zinc and zinc alloy: rolling, drawing, or extruding
33690103*Zinc and zinc-base alloy castings, except die-castings
33640202*Zinc and zinc-base alloy die-castings
28190922*Zinc chloride
34979911*Zinc foil
28340606*Zinc ointment
50520106*Zinc ore
103102*Zinc ores mining
10310200*Zinc ores mining
28160106*Zinc pigments: zinc oxide, zinc sulfide
33390103*Zinc refining (primary), including slabs & dust
33390104*Zinc smelting (primary), including zinc residue
33410102*Zinc smelting and refining (secondary)
10310204*Zinc-blende (sphalerite) mining
10310205*Zincite mining
35590107*Zipper making machinery
22410305*Zipper tape
33560701*Zirconium and zirconium alloy bars, sheets, strip, etc.
33560702*Zirconium and zirconium alloy: rolling, drawing,or extruding
33399919*Zirconium metal, sponge and granules
10990504*Zirconium ore mining
39310212*Zithers and parts
95329902*Zoning board or commission, government
79991515*Zoological garden, commercial
84220103*Zoological garden, noncommercial