Append Email Addresses

Expand your email communication reach and communicate more cost-effectively

Expand the communication reach of your business by appending email addresses to your database of consumers or businesses.

Consumer Email Addresses
Through a simple, permission-based process, we can add email addresses to your database of consumer names and postal addresses and/or phone numbers. This can be done online 24/7 within an SL360 account, or with the help of our Data Specialists.

Business Email Addresses
Contact us to add business email addresses to your database. We can match at an individual, address, or business level.

Reverse Email Append
If email addresses are all you have, we can append a variety of information to expand your communication reach and consumer insight including names, postal addresses, phone numbers, demographics, and psychographic data.

To get started or to learn more, contact us at 800.395.7707 or click the button below to complete a brief form.

If you need help, contact a Data Specialist for assistance.